The Scare Factor Review

The Devils Attic

The Devils Attic Score: 9.21/10

Review Date: October 11, 2019

There’s a place in Louisville, Kentucky that’s said to contain the most evil and wicked souls in the . . . Devil’s entire collection… (We know; he told us so himself!). A place that emanates with the creepy sounds of screams, moans and growls in the middle of the night… (You know ‘cuz they scare people and stuff).
The rumors are true, and that place is called The Devil’s Attic!
DA is known by its fans for having movie-quality scenes (of horror movies, ironically) and a top-notch cast of creatures that’ll tickle the fear bones of even the most avid haunt enthusiasts. 2019 continues that trend and raises the ante with some brand-new monsters and designs for you to get scared by.
But beware; you might be turned to stone if you’re not careful, and the intensity only increases the further you dive into… The Devil’s Attic!

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