The Scare Factor Review

Fables Fright Nights Warehouse X

Fables Fright Nights Warehouse X Score: 8.64/10

Review Date: October 21, 2017

Are you looking for something totally unique in a haunted attraction? Are you searching for . . . something that has a very high fright and fun factor? Well if you’re in the Chicago area, you need not look any further than Fabels Fright Nights “Warehouse X.” This attraction combines the fear elements of a haunted house and the excitement factor of a laser battle. This is a haunt where you are totally immersed in the action, much like a real-life video game in which you have to shoot the monsters before they “get you.” Our visit here was one of the biggest surprises of the season, one in which our entire review team admitted to being “one of the most fun experiences we have ever had at a haunted attraction!”

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