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HellsGate Haunted House

HellsGate Haunted House Score: 9.49/10

Review Date: October 19, 2018

Out in the small town of Lockport, Illinois lies a haunt that has been the brain child of the Zombie . . . Army Production team for the last three years. As the story goes, prior to 2016, the haunt was held back from being unleashed for ten years as the creators had the mentality of, “If we’re gonna do this, we’re gonna do this right!”
HellsGate (HG) has been open for a short period of time. We (as fans of haunts) have been every year since their reveal and we can say for a fact that HG has consistently raised the bar each year. The entire visit to HG (as their website states) is an adventure. Splitting the haunt into two parts (three if you include the bus ride) left us in a state of disbelief for our entire trip.
Unfortunately, another team from The Scare Factor (Team Zombillies) was unable to make the trip to HG this year due to their already overwhelming schedule. They (fortunately for us) bestowed the opportunity to review such an overwhelming wonder of a haunt, and we could not be more thrilled to report on our trip, as we have much to share!
Final score
Trail: 9.44
Mansion: 9.54

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