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HellsGate Haunted House

HellsGate Haunted House Score: 9.25/10

Review Date: October 14, 2017

Deep within the seemingly desolate woods of Lockport, Illinois is a trail. A trail overrun by swift, . . . flesh-eating zombies and unexplainable creatures. But this isn’t an ordinary trail at all. It’s the beginning of something amazing.
The rumors are true! IF you are daring and fast-footed enough to escape the heathens along this wooded path, this trail will lead you onward to a haunted house where you can get your money back, and yes… it even has secret passageways and a slide that’ll send you plummeting into the basement, but that is FAR from all that it has.
If you manage to stumble upon this beautiful, haunted-looking mansion, don’t let its awe-inspiring looks fool you, for within these walls are some of the most demonic entities we have ever encountered. Inside, “the darkness” has taken over and the Captain has opened a gate… Hell’s gate. Its malevolence has covered the walls, the attic, the basement… it’s everywhere and, once you enter the property, there’s no hiding from it anymore.
Going into only their second season, HellsGate is really establishing themselves as one of Chicagoland’s finest attractions. Last season was their first and, although they started out on a bit of a rough, zombie-bitten foot, they asked their customers what they wanted to see improved and they listened. There is a whole new section of frights on the trail, a plethora of new and expanded scenes in the mansion and a fearsome new flock of ferocious fiends that you must go back and experience first hand, especially if you visited last year. For those who haven’t been, this place is definitely a “must-see” right out of the gate! (pun intended)

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