The Scare Factor Review

Midnight Terror Haunted House

Midnight Terror Haunted House Score: 8.55/10

Review Date: October 14, 2017

Midnight Terror Haunted House (MT) is a fairly new attraction making it’s way into the haunt scene . . . with 2017 being their second season. Formerly, the attraction was operated as a home haunt before moving to their current location and their growth has spread like wildfire. This year, MT is offering guests more than 60 rooms of terror spread across 26,000 square feet!
MT consists of two attractions: “Black Oak Grove: The Following” and “Factory of Malum,” as well as a small finale maze called “Chainsaw Alley.” This was our first trip to Midnight Terror, so we weren’t sure what to expect. All we knew was that their website looked awesome and so did many of their character pictures! We knew we would be in the area, visiting a couple of other haunts, so we thought, “Hey, why not?” Boy, were we in for a surprise!
Both haunts were absolutely packed with highly-energetic actors, unsuspecting frights and we even found some impressive scenery! If you’re planning on visiting these guys this season, it’d be best to put your big girl pants on and leave your purse at home (or at least in the car).

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