The Scare Factor Review

Niles Scream Park

Niles Scream Park Score: 8.16/10

Review Date: September 24, 2021

Niles Scream Park, in its 48th season, continues to be the backbone of the local community. Despite . . . all the struggles everyone continues to deal with, Niles Scream Park manages to provide good quality scares while also contributing to many Michiana charities. While it was not our first time visiting, it had been several years since we had last swung by and we were excited to see how it had changed in the intervening period. We came away surprised at how much the quality of the scenes has improved since our last visit. Niles Scream Park offers an amazing value for the ticket price. As it was, we spent nearly an entire evening enjoying six different attractions, only forgoing the escape rooms and the midway games. Hooded, especially, was a standout attraction that our team thoroughly enjoyed and would recommend to everyone (18+ and looking for a more interactive experience). Having our vision almost completely taken away from us and allowing the actors to touch us led to some of the most fun we have ever had in any haunted house experience. However, Hooded is not to take anything away from the labyrinthine Haunted House, a staple attraction with multiple routes to provide a different experience each time you go through. It’s a real marvel of set design and construction and it is no wonder why it is their most popular and longest-running attraction. There is no doubt in our minds that Niles Scream Park is worth the visit for all fans of haunted houses.

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