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We manually search the web to make sure we list as many haunts as possible…
But, we do miss some every once in a while.

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*New for 2017*

Add your haunt to another State’s listings and map!

Prices and details pending:
For a separate fee, you can add your attraction to a different State’s map and directory. After we get everything finalized, we’ll update the table below with the appropriate information. Stay tuned!

Package Name Includes Price Comments
“Blackout” 180×180 Banner occupies the left 1/4 of your listing. Larger text for increased listing visibility. $10-$40/yr.
(Varies by State)
Requires 180×180 image.
“Graveyard” “Blackout” Package, plus:
406×52 Banner at the top of your State’s Directory Page.
(Price & availability varies by State)
Requires 180×180 and 406×52 images.
Can buy neighboring States at discounted price (if available).
“Maze” “Graveyard” Package, plus:
Black background and red border with large, contrasting font for increased listing visibility.
“Haunt Advisor” sponsorship included.
(Price & availability varies by State)
Requires 180×180 and 406×52 images.
“Extreme” “Maze” Package, plus:
406×52 Banner at the top of our ‘Home’ Page.
$155-$200/yr. SOLD OUT!
(Price & availability varies)
Requires 180×180 and 406×52 images.
“Full Contact” “Extreme” plus: 406×52 ‘Main Directory’ and ‘Search Results’ Page Banners $275-$320/yr. -$60 due to “Extreme” package sold out
(Price & availability varies)
Requires 180×180 and 406×52 images.
3 Main Directory spots and 3 Search Results spots left!

We’re sure you have questions, so here’s a few things you should know about how we handle our advertisements:

1. Images. All of our ads require a graphic, image or some form of digital artwork. Depending on what you’re interested in, the image will either serve as your primary ad or accompany your directory listing. You may e-mail your image(s) to As long as your Ad(s) have not reached their expiration date, you may change or update your image(s) at any time and as often as you like. Image size requirements are noted in the above table. If you are unable to provide artwork with the exact dimensions needed for your ad(s), we will modify them to fit in the allotted space. Of course, we will do our best to maintain as much of the original quality as possible… we want your Ad to succeed just as much as you do!

2. Payments. Payments will be accepted via PayPal or major credit card. Upon receipt of your Ad Request, we’ll send you an invoice through PayPal that will allow you to purchase your Ad(s) with your preferred method. If you don’t have PayPal or a major credit card, contact us and we’ll try to make other arrangements for you.

3. Duration. All of our ads are priced at a one (1) year term. Your expiration date will be 365 days from your Ad’s “go live” date, which is usually within 1-2 days of when your payment is received AND all of your artwork is made available to us (whichever comes last).

4. Stats. Various stats are recorded for each of your Ads. “Impressions” and “Clicks” are two very important performance numbers that let you know just how well your ad(s) are doing on our website. This information will be made available to you upon request.

The specifics of your Ad(s) will be communicated in the “Terms/Conditions” section of your PayPal invoice. Of course, if you have any other questions about your purchase or one of your existing Ads, just ask!

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