Top 31 Must See Haunts 2016

Top 31 Voted “Must-See” Haunts List Well, here it is… the list you’ve all been waiting for! You, the haunt enthusiasts, submitted over 80,000 votes over the past few months and we’ve finally made heads or tails of it all. The competition was fierce and the going got tough with our first attempt at keeping […]

Best Haunted Houses of 2015

Top Haunts Ever wonder who our “Top Haunts” are? This list contains some of the scariest, most high-tech, unique, creative and thrilling haunted houses our reviewers have seen! Each year, our Scream Teams visit and review hundreds of haunted attractions from across the country! that means… yes, we have actually been to all of the […]

New Haunted Houses in 2016

2016 New Haunted Houses Here’s our list of New Haunted Houses for the 2016 Haunt Season! Colorado Nightmare City Haunted House – Greely, CO The masterminds behind NCHH ran a home haunt for 4 years before they decided to relocate to a new building and become a larger attraction. Website – Facebook Florida Chamber of […]

Have You Heard of These 13 UNIQUE Haunted Attractions?

13 Haunts: Have You Heard of These UNIQUE Attractions? If you’re reading this, chances are you’ve been to a haunted house at least once. Maybe it was years ago and you haven’t been back since after they (literally) scared the crap outta you! Maybe you go to a bunch of haunts every season, or maybe […]

13 Haunted House Attractions that are REALLY Haunted!

13 Haunts: Haunted House Attractions that are REALLY Haunted 13 Haunted House Attractions that are REALLY Haunted! Written by: Team Zombillies, The Scare Factor Every avid Halloween enthusiast loves a good scare every once in a while. Like us, some of you even go to as many haunted attractions as you can during September and […]

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