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The Scare Factor

Top 31 Voted “Must-See” Haunts List

Well, here it is… the list you’ve all been waiting for! You, the haunt enthusiasts, submitted over 80,000 votes over the past few months and we’ve finally made heads or tails of it all. The competition was fierce and the going got tough with our first attempt at keeping tabs on a voting competition, but we made it through by the skin of our teeth and we live to fight another day! So without further ado, BEHOLD… Our Top 31 “Must-See” Haunts as voted by YOU, the fans! Happy Haunting!!

#31: TIE between Nightmare on Edgewood

Nightmare on Edgewood

Indianapolis, IN

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NOE consists of multiple attractions all at one location. When you visit, be prepared for a possible hands-on experience!

AND: Menifee Haunted Hills

Menifee Haunted Hills

Frenchburg, KY

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MHH is in their 4th season for 2016 and they are “geared up and ready to run!”

#30: Kitsap Haunted Fairgrounds

Kitsap Haunted Fairgrounds

Bremerton, WA

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The Haunted Fairgrounds are well under way into their 2016 planning! They will be announcing this year’s theme soon so be on the lookout! “Will you be ready?”

#29: Factory of Horror

Factory of Horror

Berger, MO

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The team behind FOH has over 35 years of combined experience working in the haunt industry. Their goal is “to make your experience amazing so you will come back for more!”

#28: Haunted Web of Horrors

Haunted Web of Horrors

Cordova, TN

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Check out Their Video!

Haunted Web of Horrors offers multiple haunts at one location!

#27: Terror in the Trees Haunted Trail

Terror in the Trees

Lucasville, OH

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Terror in the Trees is a haunted trail where you can “face your Nyctohylophobia (fear of dark, wooded areas and forests at night)!”

#26: Wicked World Scare Grounds

Wicked World Scaregrounds

Nicholasville, KY

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WW consists of 3 haunted attractions all at one location!

#25: The Forest of Fear

The Forest of Fear

Tuxedo Park, NY

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For 2016, Forest of Fear will be presenting the “ultimate frightmare: SEVEN terrifying attractions for one admission price!”

#24: 3rd Street Asylum

3rd Street Asylum

Bonner Springs, KS

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“Are you ready to schedule an appointment with the doctors” at 3rd Street Asylum? They are ready for you!

#23: Haunted Hornet

Haunted Hornet

Alameda, CA

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This attraction truly takes place on the decommissioned USS Hornet aircraft carrier! “Are you ready to experience a ship load of fear?”

#22: The Haunted Barn

The Haunted Barn

Stoughton, WI

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Taking place in a haunted barn, this attraction closed in 2013 but made it’s resurrection in 2015. Now in 2016, they are more prepared than ever increase the numbers on their wetters and quitters chart!

#21: Psycho Path Haunted Attraction

Psycho Path Haunt

Sperry, OK

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“Psycho Path Haunted Attraction is a multi-event haunted attraction located fifteen minutes north of Tulsa.“

#20: 7th Street Haunt

7th Street Haunt

Louisville, KY

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7th Street Haunt consists of 2 haunted attractions, Ft. Harmony’s Revenge and The Experiment! This corrupted town has many new things to show you this season, “can you unravel the mystery… break the curse?”

#19: Frightmare Farms

Frightmare Farms

Fulton, NY

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Frightmare Farms consists of multiple haunted attractions all at one location! “Hear the screams in 2016!”

#18: NecroManor Haunted House

NecroManor Haunted House

Bossier City, LA

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NecroManor is celebrating their 3rd season in 2016 by bringing you new frights!

#17: Haunted Angelus Scream Park

Haunted Angelus Scream Park

Hudson, FL

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Want to know something unique about this attraction? It is known as “The World’s largest fully handicap accessible haunted attraction!” The Haunted Angelus Scream Park also offers “20 acres of spine tingling terror” to all of their patrons brave enough to enter!

#16: Fallsburg Haunted House

Fallsburg Fearplex

Louisa, KY


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Fallsburg is made up of 5 differently-themed haunted attractions all at one location!

#15: Grim Trails

Grim Trails

Louisville, KY

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This haunted attraction “takes you deep into the land of dark fairy tales!” Yes you read that right… Fairy Tales! The editors of this article have traversed this haunted trail several years in a row now and we must say, we’ve never seen anything else quite like it!

#14: Smith’s Sinister Sanctuary

Smiths Sinister Sanctuary

Lake Park, GA

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A non-profit haunted house that is organized and put on each year by volunteers. Proceeds benefit local food pantries!

#13: Necropolis Haunted Attractions


Indianapolis, IN

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“For the month of October, the Dark Armies facility plays host to NECROPOLIS : The City of Perpetual Darkness.” Necropolis consists of multiple attractions all at one location.

#12: Dark Woods Scream Park

Dark Woods Haunted House Scream Park

Natchitoches, LA

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The Scream Park boasts 17 acres of frights “built on the bones of an ancient evil!” For 2016 they will be adding their first, fully indoor attraction, Dark Carnival!

#11: Scareview Grave Schoul

Scareview Grave Schoul

Saint Albans, WV

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This haunted attraction does take place in an old, creepy school house! 20,000 square foot of haunting fun can be enjoyed within this dilapidated building that is fun for all ages… if they can handle it!

#10: Nightmare on 19th Street

Nightmare on 19th Street

Lubbock, TX

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This haunting season Nightmare on 19th Street will be bringing you 4 haunted attractions!

#9: Grim Acres

Grim Acres Canada

Kemnay, MB

*As of the publication of this article, Grim Acres’ website is temporarily down*
Visit Their Facebook

This haunt’s Canadian location didn’t keep their fans from making sure they made our list! Grim Acres is a charity haunted attraction put on each season in an effort to “scare away cancer!” 100% of the event’s proceeds are donated to the Canadian Cancer Society.

#8: Creepy Hollow Haunted House

Creepy Hollow Haunted House

Rosharon, TX

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At Creepy Hollow you can find multiple attractions at one location, including escape rooms!

#7: All Saints Lunatic Asylum

All Saints Lunatic Asylum

Apple Valley, CA

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All Saints emulates a real asylum covering 6,000 square feet. The haunt is built and brought to life by over 60 volunteers each season.

#6: Haunted Angelus House

Haunted Angelus House Indy

Indianapolis, IN

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The Haunted Angelus House is a charity haunt that raises money for The Angelus, a cerebral palsy group. They are open rain or shine and have an indoor waiting area. They are also located next to a ginormous Halloween store, Ron’s Halloween! So be sure to show up early!

#5: Kingwood Asylum

Kingwood Asylum

Kingwood, TX

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Kingwood Asylum also consists of multiple attractions at one location and is said to be, “More terrifying than your Mom’s hair in the morning!”

#4: The Haunted Hotel

Haunted Hotel KY

Louisville, KY

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The Haunted Hotel is said to be “Louisville’s longest standing and scariest Halloween attraction!” As former visitors of the Hotel, we can tell you that we’ve seen more people RUN out the exit of this haunted house than any other attraction!

#3: Lake Eerie Fearfest

Lake Eerie Fearfest

Sandusky, OH

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Located minutes from Cedar Point, “Lake Eerie Fearfest bands the mysterious legends of Lake Eerie together under one roof to create the area’s newest, most unique, most feared haunted destination in all of Ohio.” Ghostly Manor is also included in LEF and is open year-round!

#2: Enigma Haunt

Enigma Haunt

Boca Raton, FL

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At Enigma Haunt, “death is always an option!” For 2016 Enigma will be featuring 3 haunted attractions taking place in one indoor location covering more than 17,000 square feet! They say that “only the insane can handle all three…can you?”

#1: Wisconsin Fear Grounds

Wisconsin Fear Grounds

Waukesha, WI

Visit Their Facebook

WFG has 3 haunted attractions all at one location. For 2016 an all-new attraction, “Night Terrors- 13 Hours of Fear” will be unveiling its evil demise on October 8th! Are you and your friends brave enough to become the horror stars in this nocturnal adventure? Do you often find yourself saying “nothing scares me?” Then this slumber party is for you!

As stated on their website, “We’re not only going to scare you; we are going to @#$% you up for life!” Now THAT sounds like a hauntingly-fun time, right? We know we’re in!

The Scare Factor would like to thank all of the fans that participated in voting this year and all of the attractions that helped spread the word! Don’t forget to head on over to Our Facebook Page and Give Us a Like and Sign Up for Haunt Advisor to stay updated on your favorite haunts all year long!

Until we meet again, Stay Scary and Happy Haunting!!

Top Haunts

Ever wonder who our “Top Haunts” are?

This list contains some of the scariest, most high-tech, unique, creative and thrilling haunted houses our reviewers have seen! Each year, our Scream Teams visit and review hundreds of haunted attractions from across the country! that means… yes, we have actually been to all of the attractions that you will see on this list. We don’t allow them to pay or bribe us to be included in this list, we promise you that. All of these haunts have earned their spots here! We do understand that not everyone’s experience in these haunts will be the same, however we do hope that you get to experience the same quality of show that we were able to see. We wanted to show you which ones are currently ranked the highest out of all of the haunts that we reviewed during the 2015 season. The actual ranking is based on the review scores given to these haunts by our “Scream Teams” during the Halloween haunt season.

*Note: Many haunted houses were not considered for this list simply because we did not visit them and, therefore, we cannot accurately attest to their quality. – The Scare Factor Team

13. Reaper’s Revenge – Scranton, PA

Reapers Revenge

Coming in at number 13, the 65 acres of Hell known as “Reaper’s Revenge” consisted of 4 separate attractions in 2015. Our professional haunt review team, Team Scary Potter, stated that this is an extreme attraction where, “…they will horrify, harass and handle you!” “Is Reaper’s Revenge worth a trip and your hard-earned cash? Absolutely. Something that we love about Reaper is that the attractions are vastly different from one another – it isn’t the same scares repeated over and over for an hour and a half. Clever and creepy scene design, capable acting, and a wide variety of unique frights combine to make Reaper’s Revenge a must-see haunted experience that we highly recommend!” It takes an estimated 75 – 90 minutes to traverse all of the attractions that are mostly outside so be sure to plan accordingly. 

Reaper’s Revenge’s overall 2015 Scare Factor score was a 9.39 out of 10! 

Click here to read all of Reaper’s Revenge’s 2015 review:


Reapers Revenge Facebook Page Reapers Revenge Twitter

12. Insanitarium Haunted Attraction – Pinson, AL

Insanitarium Haunted Attraction Number 12

Only in their 5th season for 2015 and coming in at number 12 our on our Top Haunt’s list is Insanitarium Haunted Attraction! Insanitarium is brought to life each season by Catacomb Productions, a company who also creates and sells custom haunt music.  Last season the review team, Team Scurryface, was able to pay this attraction a visit and they had this to say: “This little haunt has everything needed to scare, terrify, and cause laughter. Insanitarium is a perfect, Birmingham-local haunt with a charitable heart and a terrifying personality.” General admission during the 2015 haunting season was only $10.00! You won’t find prices that low very often anymore, so try to take advantage of them while you can! It is also said that Insanitarium’s building is truly haunted!

Insanitarium’s overall Scare Factor score for the 2015 haunt season was a 9.43 out of 10!

To read all of Insanitarium’s 2015 review click here:

or here:


Insanitarium's Facebook Page Insanitarium's Twitter

11. Field of Screams – Mountville, PA

Field of Screams #11

Field of Screams comes in at number 11 on our list and was home to 4 diverse attractions in 2015. FOS has been in operation since 1990 and fills their platter with something unique from the haunt industry table each season. It may take your group up to 75 minutes to complete all of the attractions and even longer if you are one of those who cowers in the corner! Our review team, Team Scary Potter, also had the pleasure of visiting this attraction last year and said, “You’re not going into an attraction that has 5 minutes of ‘meat’, with ten minutes of fluff – you’re getting the good stuff from end to end. We had an absolute blast and HIGHLY RECOMMEND to anyone reading this to make time in your weekend to visit Field of Screams this year. Definitely one of this year’s best.” We would also like to point out that Team Scary Potter gave Field of Screams a Fright Effect score of 9.88….Now that’s a good indication that this haunted attraction has got some scares up their sleeves! 

Their overall 2015 Scare Factor score was a 9.47 out of 10! 

To read all of their 2015 review click here:


Field of Screams PA FacebookField of Screams PA Twitter

10. Halloween Horror Nights – Orlando, FL

Halloween Horror Nights Opening Weekend
2015 Grand Opening. Photo:

Filling in our number 10 spot is one of the most well-known haunted attractions in the country for bringing movie sets to life. Enter: Halloween Horror Nights – Universal, Orlando! Last season HHN consisted of 9 haunted houses, 2 shows and 5 scare zones! 2016 will be their 26th season and we can’t wait to see what they have in store for everyone! You will be able to journey to the various scare zones to get your fright fix, ride many thrilling rides, or check out some of the park’s other attractions! Last season, one of Team Scurryface’s members reviewed HHN and claimed, “This is one of the best haunted events I have ever had the pleasure of attending.” HHN was also given a score of “10” under our Cast scoring category as well as Atmosphere, Special Effects, Theme and Value! 

HHN’s overall Scare Factor score in 2015 was a 9.48 out of 10! 

To read all of HHN’s 2015 review click here:

or here:


Halloween Horror Nights Orlando FacebookHalloween Horror Nights Twitter

 9. The Dent Schoolhouse – Cincinnati, OH

The Dent Schoolhouse

This haunted attraction always seems to make our top lists and they’ve done it again! Taking the 9th spot on the board is The Dent Schoolhouse. It’s said that this attraction takes place in a public school that opened in 1894. The haunt’s story revolves around a child-murdering janitor known as Charlie, who still roams the school’s many halls to this day…. and we’ll tell you HE IS EVERYWHERE! What’s even creepier is that the story of Charlie is also said to be true, so you may want to leave the little ones at home! Tour time varies, but it could take you as long as 35 minutes to skip class and avoid Charlie! In 2015, our Scream Team Team Mysterious Misery reviewed Dent and this is some of what they had to say: “The Dent Schoolhouse is a must-see haunted attraction for 2015 and remember to be quiet; the librarian hates mouthy, little brats who always want to take selfies!” We’re sure they will have even more to offer for the 2016 season! 

Dent’s overall Scare Factor score in 2015 was a 9.5 out of 10!

To read their full 2015 review click here:


Dent Schoolhouse FacebookDent Schoolhouse Twitter

8. Arx Mortis at Ghosthill – Killen, AL

Arx Mortis Snow

Arx Mortis at Ghosthill takes our number 8 spot and, in case you didn’t know, the Latin meaning of Arx Mortis is “The Castle of Death!” Now you’re already ready to go there, right? This attraction also implements a “group” waiting system so you are free to roam and enjoy your wait instead of being forced to stand in a line the whole time. This was another attraction reviewed by Team Scurryface in 2015 and they had this to say: “Arx Mortis is effective at providing a quality haunted attraction experience. Based on everything I had the pleasure of experiencing, from the drive to the final steps out the door, it was worth every penny.” This review team also scored them a “10” in our following scoring categories: Customer Service, Atmosphere, Special Effects and Theme.

Arx Mortis’ overall 2015 Scare Factor score was a 9.5 out of 10! 

To read their full 2015 review click here:

or here:


Arx Mortis Facebook

7. Ruby Falls Haunted Cavern – Chattanooga, TN 

Ruby Falls

Yet another haunted attraction that’s making its rounds to multiple lists and coming in at number 7 on this one is Ruby Falls Haunted Cavern. A portion of this attraction does take place 26 stories beneath the Earth’s surface, and obviously in a cave, so dress accordingly. Estimated tour times are about 45 minutes and in 2015 the entire experience was made up of 3 levels including “the lower haunt,” the bus ride and “the upper haunt.” One of the members from Team Scurryface made their way to review this attraction in 2015 and said, “I guarantee you will get startled in this haunt at least once, especially if you are the leader of the group.” If you’re a chicken and you obviously don’t want to be first, or probably last either, the middle must be the safest place to be! Ruby Falls received multiple scores of “10” in our scoring categories including Customer Service, Theme and Fright Effect! Oh yea, and if you’re creeped out by what you CAN see in this cave, just think about the hideous creatures lurking in the dark that you CAN’T see… at least, yet! 

Ruby Falls’ overall 2015 Scare Factor score was a 9.53 out of 10!

To read their entire 2015 review click here:

or here:


Ruby Falls Haunted Cavern Facebook Page

Ruby Falls Haunted Cavern Twitter

6. The Devils Attic – Louisville, KY

The Devils Attic

Finding it’s placement at spot number 6 is The Devils Attic, another haunt that excels at bringing familiar horror villains to life! 2016 will be the 7th season for The Devils Attic and they “…have such NEW and horrific sights to show you!” This attraction received the “Highest Rated Cast” award from our Scream Team Team Zombillies in 2015 as well as “Scariest Actress” and others. Although this haunt was on the shorter side for tour times (ranging from 10-15 minutes),  the scene detail, precision acting and intensity-packed interior made it a powerful experience! In their 2015 review, Team Zombillies stated, “Satan himself has put together his own collection of some of the most demonic souls that exist and you can visit their Hell within the walls of The Devil’s Attic! Once our journey began it wasn’t long before we came face-to-face with some of the most evil, sick and twisted beings out there! Mass murderers, professional torturers, mad scientists, blood suckers and massive creatures are just a taste of the things you may find yourself running from here!”

The Devils Attic’s overall 2015 Scare Factor score was a 9.55 out of 10! 

To read the full review click here:


The Devils Attic FacebookThe Devils Attic Twitter

5. The Shallow Grave – Winter Haven, FL

The Shallow Grave

Coming in at number 5, we have The Shallow Grave, a 12,000 square foot, indoor haunted attraction! There were actually two attractions at this location in 2015. They will attack all of your senses, so be prepared! Team Scurryface reviewed this attraction in 2015 and they earned a “10” in several of our scoring categories including Cast, Costuming, Customer Service and Theme. Last year, their team stated, “Tickets are $25 to go through both houses, and considering the experience and level of detail, it’s a bargain. So much so, that my friend and I almost turned right back around and went back through (and we still might do so)!” 

The Shallow Grave’s overall 2015 Scare Factor score was a 9.56 out of 10! 

To read the entire 2015 review click here:

or here:


Shallow Grave FacebookShallow Grave Twitter

 4. The Haunted Hotel – Louisville, KY

The Haunted Hotel KY

Barging into it’s 28th year and into our number 4 spot is The Haunted Hotel, one of the more extreme haunts on this list. It states on their website that their crew is trained to push the limits… we suggest you think about that before deciding to pay them a visit. As stated by Team Zombillies in their 2015 review, “If you’re looking for an all-out, “extreme” haunt and you don’t mind being touched, grabbed, bumped, bent or bitten, then be sure Louisville’s Haunted Hotel is on your list of must-see haunts for the 2015 Halloween season.” The Hotel received many awards from Team Zombillies last year including “Scariest Haunt in Kentucky,” “Most Intense Characters,” “Scariest Actor” and others! If you don’t flee to the exit, your stay may take roughly 20 minutes, unless you decide not to sell them your soul to check out. In that case, the “…Haunted Hotel will become your tomb!”

The Haunted Hotel’s 2015 overall Scare Factor score was a 9.56 out of 10!

To read their full 2015 review click here:


Haunted Hotel's FacebookHaunted Hotel's Twitter

 3. The USS Nightmare – Newport, KY

USS Nightmare

At number 3 we have a very unique haunted attraction that actually floats on the Ohio River, The USS Nightmare! When visiting this attraction you will be stepping aboard a 288-foot former dredging vessel with a deep, dark past. The atmosphere experienced here is extremely creepy in the dark and we especially feel sorry for you if you are afraid of water! USS received Team Zombillies‘ 2015 “Highest Rated Atmosphere” award as well as their “Highest Rated Special Effects” award. In their 2015 review of the vessel, Team Zombillies stated, “With a makeup crew of over 20 artists, including several that have worked for movie-makers and been featured on popular TV shows (like Face-Off), nothing short of spectacular is expected from USS Nightmare and, this year, they delivered!” The attraction takes roughly 30 minutes to navigate, that is if they don’t talk you into becoming a crew member yourself… 

In 2015 USS Nightmare’s overall Scare Factor score was a 9.58 out of 10!

To read their full 2015 review click here:


USS Nightmare's FacebookUSS Nightmare's Twitter

 2. Hundred Acres Manor Haunted Attraction – Bethel Park, PA

Hundred Acres Manor

Coming in as the runner-up for “Top Haunt,” we have Hundred Acres Manor, which consisted of 6 different attractions for one low price during the 2015 haunt season! You will also find multiple escape rooms at this location to fulfill your thrill-seeking senses even more. Our review team, Team Scary Potter, had the pleasure of reviewing this haunt last season and, although they were unable to test their skills in the escape rooms, they were able to enjoy all of the haunts. They stated in their review that, “At Hundred Acres Manor, you will NOT be disappointed. Do you like actor-induced, jump scares? Perhaps you prefer animatronic freak-outs or environmental-hazard trauma. Extreme assault or subtle creepiness? Don’t worry, you’re covered. Scares at 1AM are varied and frequent. The 100-200 actors come at you in every shape, from every angle, and with every frightening disposition that you can imagine and they hit every member of your group.” Now that sounds like a scary-good time, right? And with a Fright Effect score of 9.88, we can only agree! 

Hundred Acre Manor’s 2015 overall Scare Factor score was a 9.68 out of 10! 

To read all of their 2015 review click here:


Hundred Acres Manor Facebook

Hundred Acre Manor's Twitter

 1. Statesville Haunted Prison – Crest Hill, IL

Statesville Haunted Prison

Here’s what you all have been waiting for. Forcefully slamming into our number 1 spot is Statesville Haunted prison! Surfacing as one of the 3 highest-rated haunts in Scare Factor history, this haunt is one you do not want to miss! In 2015, 3 separate attractions could be experienced at Statesville that included Statesville Haunted Prison, City of the Dead and Zombie Sniper Paintball. Statesville Haunted Prison is a Zombie Army Production and utilizes 100 to 160 actors and actresses per night to bring their extravagant show to life! In 2015, our review team Team Zombillies immersed themselves into the wrath of “The Warden” during their review and this is what they had to say: “Where do we begin? Statesville consisted of so many original, unique, clever and downright disgusting items that you’re sure to find plenty of things that you haven’t seen before! If you’ve never been there before, you might even find yourself picking your jaw up off the floor like we did (you must be quick at this; these fiends are on body-part-watch at all times)!” Statesville also received several awards from Team Zombillies including “Highest Rated Costuming,” “Highest Rated Fright Effect” and “Highest Rated Value!” 

Statesville Haunted Prison’s overall 2015 Scare Factor score was a 9.71 out of 10!

To read their entire 2015 review click here:


Stateville's FacebookStatesville's Twitter


2016 New Haunted Houses

2016 New Haunted Houses

Here’s our list of New Haunted Houses for the 2016 Haunt Season!


Nightmare City Haunted House – Greely, CO

Nightmare City

The masterminds behind NCHH ran a home haunt for 4 years before they decided to relocate to a new building and become a larger attraction.

Website Facebook


Chamber of Terror Haunted Attraction – Tampa, FL

Chamber of Terror

“New venue,new theme, new FEAR! Florida’s Only Nautical Haunted Attraction aboard The SS American Victory!”

Website Facebook


The Honey Shack Haunted House – Powder Springs, GA

Honey Shack

Opening night is Friday September the 30th!


Terror Mills Haunted Attraction – Jackson, GA

Terror Mills

“They are coming together to make your worst nightmares a reality!”





Brand new haunt “created by two haunted house vets that you don’t want to miss this year!”

Website Facebook

HellsGate Haunted House – Lockport, IL


“Chicagoland has been whispering about the multi-level mansion hidden in the woods, the house with the giant slide, and the haunt that was so good, you could get your money back. Well, the Legend has Returned” and you’ve found it!

Website Facebook

Blood Moon Haunted House – Tamaroa, IL

Blood Moon

Over 10 acres of terror!


Sinister House Haunted Attraction – De Soto, IL

Sinister House

“Sinister House is a terrifying haunted house located just outside of Carbondale, IL. They have detailed sets, horrifying characters and fearsome props.”

Website Facebook


Son of Scarevania – Muncie, IN

Son of Scarevania

Birthed from it’s mother, Scarevania Haunted House is Son of Scarevania opening October 1st!

Website Facebook


Madness Haunted House – Council Bluffs, IA

Madness Haunt

“Madness Haunted House is a scare attraction rooted in charity and community. They are now breaking ground as the only haunted house in Council Bluffs”

Website Facebook


Raven’s Cross Haunted Village – Cave City, KY

Ravens Cross

“The year is 1349 at the height of the Black Death! Fate has not been kind to the Village of Raven’s Cross..see for yourself!”

Website Facebook


Ocean City Screams Haunted House – Ocean City, Maryland

Ocean City Screams

“A new terrifying state-of-the-art haunted house has arrived! Created by the same group that did Field of Screams & Scream City in Washington DC.”

Website Facebook


New England Scare Fest – West Springfield, MA

New England Scare Fest

“Haunted house scare attraction on the Eastern States Exposition grounds beginning October 13th.”

Website Facebook

Ghost Ship Harbor – Boston, MA

Ghost Ship Harbor

“Ghost Ship Harbor is a destination haunted attraction from the creator of Fright Dome, Travel Channels #2 Haunt in the country, #3 USA Today.”

Website Facebook


The Edson Incident – Bay City, MI

Edson Incident

“Starting this fall on board the USS Edson Naval Destroyer! Come join us, and we’ll scare the ship out of you!”

Website Facebook

New York

Restless Souls Haunted House – Huntington Station, NY

Restless Souls

“New FEAR is coming to Long Island October 2016…are you ready?” 3 attractions all at one location!

Website Facebook


The Ohio Gorematory – Mesopotamia, OH

Ohio Gorematory

“Amazing new Haunted Attraction coming to North East Ohio with all haunted themes based on Ohio’s actual haunted folklore.”

Website Facebook

The Exfearience – Niles, OH


The Exfearience is a brand new haunted attraction being brought to life by the masters behind Ghoul Mansion in Sharon, PA!

Website Facebook

Lessons in Fear – Perrysville, OH

Lessons in Fear

Brand new haunted school house!

Website Facebook

The Fear Facility – East Liverpool, OH

No recent updates have been posted but as of March Fear Facility staff were working on their building!


The Legend of Bear Creek Haunted House – East Sparta, OH

Bear Creek

“Returning to East Sparta, the Legend of Bear Creek is back! Journey into Fear this 2016 season with our indoor and outdoor haunted attraction.”

Website Facebook

Haunted Planet Experience – Toledo, OH

Haunted Planet

“Featuring 3 Xtreme Haunted Houses and an Escape Game!”

Website Facebook

Ghoul Brothers – Akron, OH

Ghoul Brothers

Akron, Ohio’s newest haunted attraction!


Zombie Park – Mount Gilead, OH

Zombie Park

Zombie Park takes place at Splatter Park Paintball Park where you get to shoot live zombies with paintball guns!

Website Facebook

Butchers Bloody Acres – Minerva, OH

Formerly known as “Butchers Backyard” Butchers Bloody Acres has a new location for the 2016 season and will be an entirely different haunted attraction.



Tormented Hollow – Fargo, OK

Tormented Hollow

New haunt for the 2016 season!



Crawford School of Terror – Connellsville, PA

Crawford School of Terror

“Welcome to the area’s newest, completely indoor haunted attraction.“

Website Facebook

Dark Ghost Manor – Cranberry Township (Venango Co.), PA

Dark Ghost Manor

“Dark Ghost Manor is Cranberry’s all-new, interactive horror attraction featuring live actors and special effects!”

Website Facebook


House of Horror – Bells, TN

House of Horror

House of Horror has been open before, however, they have taken two years off and returned to a much larger location that will be like visiting an all-new attraction!

Website Facebook

Malice Haunted Attraction – Lewisburg, TN

Malice Haunted

“Malice…a new haunted attraction located in the small town of Lewisburg TN, built and operated by Evil Olive Productions.”

Website Facebook

Scareaphobia Haunted House – Taft, TN


A new haunted house coming to Taft, TN for 2016 that will be taking place in a “real haunted house that was built during the Civil War.”



Red Vein Haunted House – Ashland, VA

Red Vein Haunt

Coming in October 2016 at Hanover Vegetable Farm!

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13 Haunts: Have You Heard of These UNIQUE Attractions?

If you’re reading this, chances are you’ve been to a haunted house at least once. Maybe it was years ago and you haven’t been back since after they (literally) scared the crap outta you! Maybe you go to a bunch of haunts every season, or maybe just a local favorite or two that you’ve come to love over the years? Are you the type that looks up reviews and “Top Haunts” lists for the latest and greatest around? Well this article is for you!

For you first-time Scare Factor readers, welcome aboard! We’re glad to have you and hope you find our Directory of haunts across North America to be helpful in your search for scares!

The first installment in our “13 Haunts” series covers some of the most UNIQUE haunts across the country. “What makes a haunt unique,” you might ask? Granted, every haunted house is different and has something unique to offer their visitors. We set out to find some of the MOST unique attractions in the land and we found everything from actual butcher shops and frightening factories to haunted steamboats and underground caves. Buckle up, fellow haunt enthusiasts, here are 13 of the most UNIQUE haunts we could find!

1. Ruby Falls Haunted Cavern – Chattanooga, TN

Ruby Falls Haunted Cavern's Creeper
One of Ruby Falls’ 2015 characters, “Creeper.” Photo:

Ruby Falls made it to our unique haunts list because this is DEFINITELY not your typical haunted house. In fact, those brave enough to enter will board an elevator with only one stop… and that destination is 26 floors DOWN! That’s right. It’s underground, in a cave and obviously worthy of its place on our list of unique haunted attractions. Rumor has it that, once you’re that far under, “no one can hear you scream!” Coming in at #7 on The Scare Factor’s 2015 Top Haunts list (out of the 88 attractions visited by our Scream Teams), it’s clear that this attraction knows the ropes in this increasingly-competitive industry!

Be sure to visit their website for more information at:


2. The USS Nightmare – Newport, KY

USS Nightmare Haunted Boat
The haunted steamboat USS Nightmare floating along the Ohio River. Photo:

This haunted attraction takes place on the Ohio River (no, really… ON the River) inside a steam-powered dredge boat that’s earned its nickname as “The Death Dredge!” Measuring in at an impressive 288 feet long and offering 20,000 square feet of authentic steam engines, valves, steel, rivets and wood planking, it just doesn’t get much more realistic than this. Originally known as the USS William S. Mitchell, this dredge put in her 45 years of service scraping the bottom of the river. Her glory days came to an abrupt end one day when she broke loose from her mooring during an intense flood. The uncontrolled drifting, combined with the elevated river levels, led to multiple collisions with bridges as she plummeted downstream. If you get the opportunity to get close to the ship, you can still see the resulting damage on one side of it’s exterior. This tragedy became known as “The Mitchell Massacre,” and is the story line that the haunt showcases today.

Another unique feature about USS is their “Extreme Unrated Captain’s Tour,” a special “extreme” show that’s presented on several nights during their normal haunt season.

Coming in at #3 on The Scare Factor’s 2015 Top Haunts List, this is a very unique and authentic haunted attraction that shouldn’t be missed!

Be sure to visit their website for more information:


3. Factory of Terror – Canton, OH

Factory of Terror Canton
One of the attraction facades inside Factory of Terror. Photo:

 FOT takes place in a 160,00 square foot abandoned factory that has become one of the largest haunted attractions in the world, literally. They’ve actually received the Guinness World Record for being the longest haunted house 3 times! This attraction offers multiple themed haunts that are sure to have something for everyone. They also open every Friday the 13th and for other occasions as well, including St. Patrick’s Day.  In 2015, FOT consisted of 5 full-sized haunted attractions and we can’t wait to see what they come up with in 2016!

Be sure to visit their website for more information:



4. Raven’s Grin Inn – Mount Carroll – IL 

Raven's Grin Inn Year-Round Haunted House
The front of Raven’s Grin Inn, a year-round haunted house! Photo:

Raven’s Grin Inn began it’s journey in 1987 and we guarantee that you won’t experience anything like this attraction anywhere else! The mastermind behind the haunt, Jim Warfield, takes guests on a twisted and spooky journey through the malevolent mystics that his mind has manifested! We don’t want to give anything away, but the tour will include things that you likely haven’t seen before! Many of the things that can be seen here have actually been built by Jim himself, including items that… MAY not keep you above the Earth’s surface. Each tour is estimated to last anywhere from 1 to 1-1/2 hours (and sometimes longer)! The Inn is open all year long and we suggest you pay them a visit soon, especially if you enjoy eerie stories, humorous frights or just having fun!

Be sure to visit their website for more information:


5. Lewisburg Haunted Cave – Lewisburg, OH

Lewisburg Haunted Cave

Once again, our list takes us under the ground and into the darkness! This time there will be around 30,000 live bats to join in! The Lewisburg Haunted Cave is located 80 feet below the Earth’s surface and takes quite a long time to fully traverse. It is so long that the Cave received the Guinness World Record for being the longest walk-through horror house in 2010! Tour times vary but usually tend to be at least one hour in length. The time you spend dwelling amongst the bats will all depend on how long it takes you to find your way out… IF you manage to do so!

Be sure to visit their website for more information:


6. The Vault of Souls – Tampa, FL

Vault of Souls

The Vault of Souls will pull you back in time as you enter The Exchange National Bank. Making it’s debut in 1923, the bank served a purpose of protecting the prized possessions of many of Tampa’s residents. This is no ordinary haunted attraction at all, but more of a “spiritual” and “puzzling” experience. Their website states: “Brace yourself for a personal and intimate phantasmal encounter that will bend your mind.” There is no marked path or signs showing the way out; instead, guests must find it and may gently touch mostly anything inside (except the spirits, of course) while doing so! This attraction does require reservations so please plan accordingly, however complementary valet parking is a treat that all Vault patrons receive!

Be sure to visit their website for more information:


7. Ghost Boat – Wisconsin Dells, WI

Ghost Boat

The Ghost Boat is another eerie attraction that offers frights not only during the haunting season, but also for several months outside of September and October as well! They also offer two different adventures for each. Guests will be taken up the Wisconsin River by boat at night to the Cold Water Canyon. The canyon is protected with a hidden passageway and is the center of many ancient tales in the area. The duration of each tour is around 1-1/2 hours.

Be sure to visit their website for more information:


8. McKamey Manor – San Diego, CA

McKamey Manor Extreme Experience

We wanted to add McKamey Manor to our list of unique haunts for those who view it as a haunted house and because their website states that it’s an “EXTREME haunt experience.” If you do think of them as a haunted house, they’re definitely unique to say the least! Despite what you may have heard about this experience, there are some key features and guidelines that you should know before you even attempt to make it through. THIS IS NOT A WALK-THROUGH TOUR. Typical tours through the Manor often last a few hours and some have been known to last over 7! Oh yeah… and NO ONE has EVER made it through. Not even combat trained military soldiers. You must acquire a reservation, you must be 21 to participate and, of course, you must sign a waiver on top of many other things. Groups can be no larger than 2 people. To quote Russ McKamey (Owner, McKamey Manor), “You DON’T want to do this!”

Disclaimer: The editors of this article have not experienced McKamey Manor so we can only share what we read, watch and see.

However, we CAN tell you that this is definitely a unique and physically/mentally challenging experience for those who are brave enough to try it. If you think this is something you want to do, we would advise you to watch some of the many YouTube videos that are readily available. But even those won’t prepare you for what you will actually get inside! Thinking you’re brave enough and actually BEING brave enough are two different things when it comes to this place…. If you make the cut, we wish you luck. You’re gonna need it!

Be sure to visit their website for more information:


9. The Haunted Hydro – Fremont, OH

Haunted Hydro

The Haunted Hydro Dark Attraction Park takes place at a decommissioned power plant that was previously used by the city for more than 30 years! The park consists of multiple attractions, each offering their own brand of deranged diversity, and 2016 will be their 27th season! In 2015, the folks at the Hydro presented their fans with a new experience, dubbed, “The Shock Collar Experience, Torture Chamber.” We aren’t sure what all it entails, but if you feel like you need a little light in your life, it may just be the thing for you! To participate in the Shock Collar Experience, you must be 18 years of age and, of course, sign a death waiver.

Be sure to visit their website for more information:


10. Cutting Edge Haunted House – Fort Worth, TX

Cutting Edge Haunted House

As their unique, butcher-esque name implies, Cutting Edge Haunted House takes place in an abandoned meat packing facility that is 100 years old! The plant itself is located in a part of the city known to the locals as, “Hell’s Half Acre.” Some of the equipment previously used in the old packing plant is still in use today, but not on the typical “animals” that you’d expect! Tours are expected to be nearly an hour in length, which explains why they are the current Guinness World record holders for “The World’s Largest Haunted Attraction” AND “The World’s Largest Walk Through Haunted House!” We’ve also heard that you may be entertained by a drum line during your wait… now that’s unique! Last but not least, Cutting Edge is also open for the majority of the holidays during the off season.

Be sure to visit their website for more information:


11. Queen Mary’s Dark Harbor – Long Beach, CA

Queen Mary's Dark Harbor

Dark Harbor takes place on the Haunted Queen Mary, a ship who’s construction began in 1930 in Clydebank, Scottland. On October 31st, 1967, she took her last cruise and has since found her home in California. Because Queen Mary is a hotel, it doubles as a convenient destination for those traveling from afar and find themselves in need of a place to stay while visiting. Dark Harbor offers an assortment of mazes, so tour times will vary depending on how well you can find your way out. Queen Mary offers guests a variety of other things to do during your visit including rides, a VIP lounge, food and more!

Be sure to visit their website for more information:



12. Terror on the Fox – Green Bay, WI

Terror on the Fox

During every haunting season, The National Railroad Museum hosts Terror on the Fox, a charity attraction that involves a real, working train! According to their website, they’re one of three haunted house attractions in the U.S. that uses a real passenger train in their show. Terror on the Fox includes high-tech props, animatronics, optical illusions and more!

Be sure to visit their website for more information:



13. Haunted Airboat Ride – Melbourne, FL

Haunted Airboat Rides

Haunted Airboat Ride… need we say more? This particularly-unique haunted experience takes place at Camp Holly on the St. Johns River on select nights in October. Riding an airboat at night may be spooky enough for some, but throw in some classic haunted fun and you’re in for a fun night of frights! If you’re wondering how fast their lines move, there are generally about 5 boats running per night and each can hold 6 -15 people. A haunted trail also accompanies the boat ride.

Don’t forget to watch out for gators… and we aren’t talking about special effects!

Be sure to visit their Facebook page for more information:



13 haunted house attractions really haunted

13 Haunts: Haunted House Attractions that are REALLY Haunted

13 Haunted House Attractions that are REALLY Haunted!

Written by: Team Zombillies, The Scare Factor

Every avid Halloween enthusiast loves a good scare every once in a while. Like us, some of you even go to as many haunted attractions as you can during September and October.

Now, we all know that these “spook houses” are full of actors that are trained to jump out and scare the crap out of us at JUST the right moment; but what if that whisper you heard or the hand that brushed your shoulder WASN’T a flesh-and-bone person?

What if the haunted house really IS haunted?

This list has 13 Halloween haunted attractions with full-time “spooks” that can be more TERRIFYING than any scare-actor!

1: Paranormal Penitentiary at Mansfield Ohio Reformatory – 100 Reformatory Road, Mansfield, OH

Mansfield Reformatory

The Ohio State Reformatory first opened its doors in 1896 and is home to what many refer to as The Mansfield Reformatory. The doors to the building were closed in 1990, after it housed approximately 155,000 prisoners. A lot of filming has taken place on-grounds of The OSR including the making of The Shawshank Redemption and if you haven’t had a chance to watch the film yet we highly recommend it. Now as you all know, forms of execution back in the day were different than they are now. Be sure to think on that for a moment before questioning why this Reformatory may be truly haunted. Visitors may also notice the OSR cemetery that we are sure is the source to a lot of the paranormal activity that takes place here!  

Solitary Confinement Mansfield
“A few prisoners sent to solitary confinement, or “the hole,” never made it out. One hanged himself, another set himself on fire, and once when two men were sent in, only one came out, leaving his cellmate’s body behind. (Image: Pete Duvall/Anything Photographic)” –

There are multiple stories of various deaths that have taken place on these premises. It is said that visitors of the prison often hear voices of the deceased and see shadows roaming the halls. Shannon Lusk, an Ohio State Reformatory Curator stated on OSR’s website that, doors slamming, visitors being pushed and scratched and equipment failure are some of the many experiences ghost hunters find when traipsing around the dark building during the twilight hours. The allure of such activity has sparked the interest of many paranormal shows that highlight facilities such as the OSR. The OSR has been featured on My Ghost Story, Paranormal Challenge, Ghost Adventures, Ghost Hunters Academy, Ghost Hunters, and Scariest Places on Earth. Although there is a lot of activity that happens in the darkness, most of the volunteers report that paranormal activity is at its highest sometime during the day. It is always beneficial to take a tour of the building before engaging in a paranormal investigation.”  



Paranormal Penitentiary’s Facebook:

2: The Queen Mary (Dark Harbor) – 1126 Queens Highway, Long Beach, CA

Queen Mary was built in the United Kingdom during the 1930’s. Due to her large size and great speeds, she was transformed and used as a troopship during World War II, transporting 765,429 military personnel.  Her transformation consisted of camouflaging her appearance by painting and stripping all luxuries. She was then dubbed the “Grey Ghost” due to her stealth look from 1939-1946. She earned the nickname, the “haunted ship” in the 1950’s and in 1967 she took her final cruise. Now a living landmark, The Queen Mary hosts a hotel & museum along with other amenities including their annual Dark Harbor haunted house.  

Queen Mary

Voted as one of the 10 most haunted places by Time Magazine, it is said that there were approximately 55 deaths on the ship that could be the explanation to all of her paranormal activity. Several apparitions have been spotted on the ship including children who drowned in the pool, a lady in white and a sailor who passed away in the engine room. Various paranormal sites and ghost hunters have investigated Queen Mary. Many of their investigations and evidence videos can be found on YouTube.

Queen Mary Hallway

If you are interested in exploring the hot spots of the ship, where most of the action happens, you can! They offer a Paranormal Ship Walk where the most active areas of Queen Mary will be toured. There are also many other events available including Dining with the Spirits, Paranormal Investigations, Twilight Historical Tour and other activities that don’t relate as closely to the haunted.

Queen Mary’s Website:


Dark Harbor’s Facebook:

3: Terror Behind the Walls at Eastern State Penitentiary – 2027 Fairmount Ave, Philadelphia, PA

Originally opening in 1829, this penitentiary has formed quite a history. Death Row was added to the prison in 1956 and the facility was eventually shut down in 1971. Some of the most well-known prisoners were convicted here during its 142-year run.

“A massive haunted house in a real prison” Photo:

Employees and prisoners reported unexplained experiences as far back as the 1400s. Multiple investigation teams visit the Penn every year in an attempt to prove the location is haunted and share their experiences with others who are interested. The Penitentiary has been featured on many media outlet investigations including Ghost Adventures, SyFy’s Ghost Hunters, MTV’s Fear, The Travel Channel’s Most Haunted, National Geographic’s APRA and others.


If you would like to find more information on Eastern State Penitentiary there are a ton of videos on YouTube as well as books and audio recordings that can be found on their site. The Penn offers various tours & exhibits throughout the year including their “Audio Tour,” “Hands-On History,” school group tours, general interest tours and more! Terror Behind the Walls, the haunted attraction that takes place on-grounds goes on during the Halloween season.

Eastern State Penitentiary’s Facebook:

Terror Behind the Walls’ Facebook:


4: Pennhurst Asylum – 100 Commonwealth Drive, Spring City, PA

Pennhurst Asylum was built in 1908 and operated as a state school for physically and mentally disabled residents. Once perceived as a place that took care of those who resided there, it eventually became evident that it was basically a building of torture. It is said that patients would have bruises and other signs of mistreatment. The property spans 120 acres and even includes an underground tunnel system that was used to transport patients more easily. In 1986 the facility was forced to close.


We are sure that any souls who never escape these walls are still lurking the halls, seeking vengeance on those who mistreated them. When the haunted house staff obtained the building for the attraction, they discovered that a lot of the original medical equipment, electrical shock and REAL morgue were all still intact at the Asylum. If you get the opportunity to tour this haunted attraction, keep in mind that many of the things around you are, in fact, authentic remnants of the old state school!


Pennhurst has been featured on The Travel Channel and Ghost Adventures. Various strange recordings and mysterious photos have been recorded and taken on-grounds. The Mayflower building is said to be the most paranormally active. Tickets can be purchased separate for this event from the other haunted attractions.

Pennhurst Asylum’s Facebook:

Pennhurst Asylum’s Website:

5: Sloss Fright Furnace at the Sloss Furnaces – 20 32nd Street North, Birmingham, AL

From 1882 to 1971 the Sloss Furnaces produced iron in Birmingham, AL. More than 100 reports of paranormal activity have been recorded in the Birmingham Police records alone. The furnaces were very dangerous to work around and many have said there were quite a few workers who died because of this.  


The Sloss Furnaces have been featured on Ghost Hunters, Ghost Adventure, Scariest Places on Earth, MTV’s Fear and Unexplained Mysteries. There are many personal ghost stories and experiences that can be found on their website. It is often said that the spirits at Sloss are some of the most evil of spirits there are.


The furnaces are now a National Historic Landmark. You can visit the property for both guided and self-guided tours separate from the haunted house tours.

Sloss Furnaces Website:

Sloss Fright Furnace Website:

Sloss Fright Furnace Facebook:

6: The Haunted Hornet at the USS Hornet – 707 W Hornet Ave, Alameda, CA

The haunted attraction that takes places on the USS Hornet during the Halloween season is brought to you by ScareCo, Inc. ScareCo partners with the Hornet’s Museum in housing the annual event offering “A shipload of fear” aboard this aircraft carrier that was decommissioned in 1970.

USS Hornet

The USS Hornet, now a National and State landmark, served its active duties from 1940 to 1960. This ship was used during World War II, the Vietnam War, the Cold War and Apollo 11 and 12. The ship is now noted by many as “The most haunted Navy ship in the world” and according to, more than 300 people lost their lives aboard the carrier. also noted that, “The USS Hornet has the dubious honor for having the highest suicide rate in the Navy. Many unexplained incidents have been reported about the ship and there are many stories and experiences that can be found online.

Photo: Robert Downs Photography,
Photo: Robert Downs Photography,

A variety of activities are offered at the Hornet from flashlight tours, museum rentals, group tours, flight simulator rides and much more! On August 13th, 2016 the Museum will be hosting the Grey Ghost Paracon Event! For more information please be sure to visit their website but we can tell you it involves staying all night!

USS Hornet Museum on Facebook:

USS Hornet Museum’s website:

Haunted Hornet on Facebook:

Haunted Hornet’s website:

7: Waverly Hills Haunted House at Waverly Hills Sanatorium – 4400 Paralee Dr, Louisville, KY

The Waverly Hills Haunted House fundraiser takes place at Waverly Hills Sanatorium, which is said to be one of the most haunted places on earth! Waverly opened for business in 1926 as a tuberculosis hospital. The hospital was a place where these very sick and contagious patients could be secluded from the general population. The airborne disease became an epidemic. As stated on Waverly’s site, “Once you went to Waverly Hills, you became a permanent resident ‘on the hill.”


Waverly could hold over 400 patients and is known for its gothic-style building. Many patients’ lives were cut short while they lived at Waverly Hills. One of the creepiest parts of the property, a 500 foot tunnel (referred to by many as “the death tunnel”) down the hill was sometimes used to transport dead bodies so that the living patients did not see them. There are rumored stories about some of the ghosts that exist at Waverly. One of the most well-known stories evolves around the room “502,” involving the death of a nurse who hanged herself outside the room. It is said that there could have been over 11,000 deaths at the Hospital.


Waverly has been featured on Ghost Hunters, Scariest Places on Earth, Celebrity Paranormal Project, Most Haunted, Ghost Adventurers and many more! They also offer a variety of activities aside from their haunted house including paranormal tours, a Christmas laser light show, historical tours and more! The film “Death Tunnel” and the documentary “Spooked: The Ghosts of Waverly Hills Sanatorium” were both filmed at Waverly.

Waverly Hills Sanatorium’s website:

Waverly Hills’ Facebook:

Waverly Hills Haunted House on Facebook:

Waverly Hills Haunted House’s website:

8: Halloween Haunt at Preston Castle – Ione, CA

The Preston Castle was originally built as a School of Industry for juvenile offenders. In December of 1890, the cornerstone was laid while 2,500 people were in attendance. The school officially opened in 1894 and remained open until 1960. The Castle is now a California Landmark.


The building is claimed to be haunted by former wards and the spirit of a housekeeper, Anna Corbin who passed away at the facility. Preston Castle has been featured by Ghost Hunters and Ghost Adventures, The Atlantic Paranormal Society Team and more. There is also a cemetery for the school on-grounds. According to, “Experiences at the castle have included EVP, humming, whispers, touching, channeling, and seeing and recording orbs and apparitions.”


Other than the haunted house, Preston Castle offers flashlight tours, public tours, private tours, overnight ghost tours and more!

Preston Castle’s Website:

Preston Castle on Facebook:

9: Haunted House at Trans Allegheny Lunatic Asylum – 71 Asylum Drive, Weston, WV

Formerly known as the Weston State Hospital, The Trans Allegheny Lunatic Asylum operated as an asylum for the criminally insane for 130 years after closing its doors in 1994. It is now a nationally recognized and historic landmark. The facility shares 269 acres with 3 graveyards, a morgue, forensics buildings, a medical center and more!


Many of the insane died within the Asylum’s walls. You can find stories about “Lilly” one of the resident ghosts of a little girl who supposedly haunts the halls. Trans Allegheny has been featured on many paranormal media outlets and TV shows including Ghost Hunters, Ghost Hunters Academy, Ghost Adventures, Paranormal Challenge and others.


Additional events from the haunted house are offered at the Asylum including Year-round ghost hunts and tours, overnight tours, flashlight tours, photography tours and more.

Trans Allegheny on Facebook:

Trans Allegheny’s Website:

Trans Allegheny’s Haunted House on Facebook:

Trans Allegheny’s Haunted House’s Website:

10: Lake Nightmare at Lake Shawnee –470 Matoaka Road, Rock, WV

The Lake Nightmare seasonal horror attraction takes place at Lake Shawnee, “Where History and the Paranormal Meet.” Lake Shawnee is an abandoned amusement park that has been quiet for nearly 50 years. The park was shut down in 1966, after two accidental deaths took place on the property.


History claims that the park rests on an ancient Shawnee burial ground and we all know that doesn’t sound very good! With history dating way back, many brutal happenings have taken place here throughout the years. A group of the Shawnee’s attacked a local family, scalping one of their children, burning one at the stake and also used other means of murder. There were also at least 6 tragic deaths associated with the actual park itself. It is said that several children who were killed at the park still haunt it to this day. Workers have plenty of their own stories that you can find online.


Lake Shawnee has many paranormal investigation visitors and has been featured on Discovery Channel’s Ghost Lab, The Most Terrifying Places in America and The National Geographic’s The Watch. The park held its first, true haunted attraction for the 2015 haunting season. History Tours are also offered at Lake Shawnee.

Lake Nightmare on Facebook:

11: Haunted Mansion at The Haunted Major Graham Mansion – 2115 Major Grahams Rd, Max Meadows, VA

This 250 year old, 11,000 square foot, historic and antebellum Mansion is protected by massive iron gates that will greet visitors when they arrive. It was built to exhibit the wealth of Squire David Graham but was named after his son, Major David Pierce Graham, a Civil War hero. Legends suggest that the Confederate officers actually used to hold meetings in the third floor attic room.


The Mansion’s history goes way back to include slaves, wounded soldiers, servants and much more that attest to its haunting persona. Each section of the house has its own name and some are more spiritually active than others. Many paranormal investigators have reported seeing and experiencing the same spirits in the same areas of the building. Several EVP’s can be found on their website but they state that if you Google the Mansion’s name, you fill find plenty more evidence that suggests this property is truly haunted!


The Haunted Graham Mansion has been featured on and deemed “haunted” by SyFy’s Ghost Hunters. Many other paranormal groups have also deemed this location as being truly haunted. Aside from the annual haunted attraction that uses multiple buildings on-site, the Mansion offers haunted history tours, private investigations, public investigations and more!

Haunted Graham Mansion’s website:

Haunted Graham Mansion on Facebook:

Historical Graham Mansion website:

12: Haunting on the Blue Ghost on the USS Lexington – 2914 N Shoreline Blvd, Corpus Christi, TX

The USS Lexington was commissioned in 1943 as an Essex Class aircraft carrier. It was the oldest working ship in the U.S. Navy when it was decommissioned in 1991. The Japanese claimed that she sank no less than four times which is how she got her nickname “The Blue Ghost.”


The ship’s crew consisted of around 3,000 total during WWII. It is said that 300 of those crew members lives’ ended aboard this ship. Many have reported mysterious happenings and what was believed to be paranormal experiences. Several of the current crew members now all claim to have seen the same manly apparition on the ship.


Many different activities are offered aboard the Lexington. You can find information on group tours, hard hat tours, flight operations tours and more on the USS Lexington’s website. Many paranormal investigations and images can also be found on the web.

Haunting on the Blue Ghost’s website:

Haunting on the Blue Ghost on Facebook:

USS Lexington’s website:

USS Lexington Museum on Facebook:

13: The Mortuary Haunted House at The Haunted Mortuary – 4800 Canal St, New Orleans, LA

The Mortuary Haunted House takes place in what is said to be an actively haunted, 3 story building in New Orleans City of the Dead! The building was constructed in 1872 and was operated as a true mortuary for around 80 years.


A building close to the Mortuary was set on fire by an arsonist in 1973, killing 32 men. It is believed that some, if not all, of their retrieved bodies were taken to the Mortuary. Many visitors and works of the Mortuary have claimed to see charred-looking apparitions roaming about the building. There have been 9 documented ghosts at the location since 2007.


The Mortuary also offers their venue for parties and more. They can accommodate most types of parties and can even fully cater the event! Other offerings include a ghost image & EVP exhibit, an on-site theater, guided tours and more.

The Mortuary Haunted House’s website:

The Mortuary Haunted House on Facebook:

The Haunted Mortuary’s website:

Here are some additional haunted attractions that are claimed to be haunted:

  1. Cutting Edge Haunted House – Fort Worth, TX
  2. Phobius Haunted House – Wright City, MO
  3. Castle Blood – Monessen, PA
  4. Scareview Grave Schoul – WV
  5. Haunted Hydro – Freemont, OH
  6. Fright Manor – Indianapolis, IN
  7. Stillwell Manor – Anderson, IN
  8. The 13th Gate in Baton Rouge, LA
  9. Arx Mortis, Killen, AL
  10. The Nightmare Factor –Salem, OR
  11. Hangman’s House of Horrors – Fort Worth,TX
  12. Deadman Trails Cleveland, AL
  13. LA Haunted Hayride – Los Angeles, CA
  14. Legacy Farms – Lebanon, TN
  15. Kim’s Crypt Haunted Mill – Spring Grove, PA

(Note: This is NOT a ranking of the “top” or “best” haunted houses. This is simply a listing of haunts with reputable documentation from sources that claim they have experienced paranormal activity at the locations. The Scare Factor does not endorse, confirm or deny any reports of paranormal activity at these attractions.)

Do you have your own “ghostly” haunted house experience ? Tell us about it!

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