Team Scare Response Unit reviewed this attraction on September 30, 2017.

Final Score: 8.02


Camp Evans Base of Terror is a for charity haunt located on an old military base. They turn this historical landmark into a scream filled playland for monsters and maniacs once haunt season creeps in. Guests are treated to multiple themed zones inside of this haunt that vary greatly from one to the next, and to great effect. This haunt is only open two nights a week, so be sure to show up early to avoid lines. Holding events such as movie nights and live band performances, this haunt offers more than just some scares. A very friendly staff is happy to help guests, as some highly energetic ghouls wait for their chance to pounce.

Cast: 8.31

Boasting a cast of between 90-150 scaractors per night, the cast at Camp Evans is high in numbers and in energy. I got tired just from watching them. Jumping up and down, some literally bouncing off the walls, this lively cast of creeps and creatures keeps spirits high with their antics. With multiple zones each portraying a different theme, the cast ranged from shambling zombies, to asylum patients, to post-apocalyptic warriors. All of whom went above and beyond to stay in character. The zombies limped and groaned the entire time we were in their wide open zone, which was a while. The Mad Max-esque scene included a choreographed fight scene, and between the TV sellers in TV Trash and the asylum patients, I felt as if sugar and Red Bull were part of their costume process. These characters all used their surroundings to their full advantage. With the exception of one or two zones, every area was well-staffed and had plenty of actors, each of whom fulfilled their roles.

Costuming: 7.75

Most of the costuming was done by repurposing other items. License plates became chest and shoulder plates of armor, and old television sets were turned into masks. Not to mention hidden voice modulators amped up the tv head costumes authenticity ten fold. The rest of the costuming may not have been as out there, but they still captured the theme of the area they were in, and looked good doing it. The zombies may not have been missing limbs or chunks of body, but they looked like fresh cadavers newly risen and out for some brains. The officer in their prison scene could pass as law enforcement, and the cat in the hat looked quite real at that.

Customer Service: 8.45

The customer service here by the staff is phenomenal. All of the non-spooky staff are friendly and helpful, and very easy going. The owner even stays in a booth most of the night, talking to guests as they enter or leave about their visit and even just some non-haunt related things. Our guide for the evening, the head of their PR, gave us the rundown on all the numbers and fun facts about what goes into making this base into a haunt. With the exception of one or two grassy areas with small mounds or holes for effect, and the initial area “The Porch,” the haunt is ADA accessible and pretty much hazard proof. Signs guide you to the base pretty much as soon as you get off the Parkway.

Atmosphere: 7.83

Upon arriving you spot a big house with cut up black tarp and ominous lights, all behind a big fence to keep people out’or some things in. Being on a wooded side road, there is an eeriness to it’s location, even though it’s so close to some major roads. There is no music, but you can hear screams and chainsaws in the distance. Between the tarp, the screams, and a monster face that you walk through to buy your tickets, you can tell you are at a haunt.

Special Effects: 7.81

Some haunts spend thousands of dollars on fancy animatronics and sound effects, but just like with their costumes, Camp Evans relies on building their sets and effects from scratch, or repurposing what they have, and get a similar effect. Old military trucks and vehicles are turned into platforms of terror. Drum sets take the place of music through speakers and a live drummer pounds fear into guests, building up suspense before a ghoul attacks. Lighting varies from dim and ominous, to vibrant and disorienting. The TV Trash and Mad Max areas were greatly detailed and original, and overall just a lot of fun.

Theme: N/A

Over 15 different themes are spread out through this haunt, most of which were multiple rooms or long winding paths. Each theme differed from the next and the scaractors and sets were easy to distinguish from each other.

Fright Effect: 7.41

A mix of theatrics and jump scares fill this maze of madness. Just when you let your guard down, the drums start up and your heart starts pounding too. You know something is about to happen’but from where? The scaractors did a great job of going after the whole group, not just singling out any specific person or spot. I flinched for a second when what I thought was a wall started falling towards me, only to realize it was a scaractor in a big costume that just blended into the wall.

Value: 8.58

The going price for Camp Evans is $20 a ticket, with discounts for military, police, EMT, or fire department. There is also a group discount for groups of 10 or more. Even for $20 though, this haunt is a great experience. The walkthrough takes between 25-30 minutes, and you get about 15 different themes all in one haunt. The scaractors really bring this haunt to life with their energy.

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