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Creepy Hollow Haunted House is a Haunted Attraction located in Rosharon, TX.

12872 Valley Vista Drive, Rosharon, TX 77583
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Multiple HauntsCharity HauntHaunted House


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Free Parking, Restrooms/Porta Potties On-Site, Food/Concessions, Gift Shop/Souvenirs, Special Events, You may be touched, Original Characters, Uncovered Outdoor Waiting Line, Indoor/Outdoor Attraction

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This attraction was reviewed on October 13, 2018 by Team Lollipop Massacre.

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Final Score: 9.68

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Okay, hold on to your pants because this is going to be a wild ride. If you’ve never been to Creepy Hollow, I suggest getting in your car right now and driving to Rosharon, Texas because you’ve got to see this! Imagine you’re driving down a highway, it’s dark. The only lights out there besides your headlights is the warm glow from the street lamps, illuminating the highway. There’s no stores and nothing really to look at on your drive out. This is only the beginning of this Halloween delight.

I’ve said it many times over the years, CH is by far one of the most fun places to go for a good scare and a great time. These guys really put their whole heart into this place, as most people around Houston know, they go BIG for local charities. Even after Hurricane Harvey, they went out to help all the people they could while having to rebuild their haunts due to the flooding Houston got. They do huge events throughout the year to help local kids in need, and also all of Houston’s local animal shelters. They truly love what they do. Scaring is caring.

Cast: 9.72

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Creepy Hollow’s cast is made up of all volunteers. That being said, we were told there were about 98 people there the night we came through!! They really put their everything into their performances. Not once did any one of the actors that I spoke to break character, and I spoke to a LOT of different people.

Everywhere you go inside of Creepy Hollow’s grounds, you will find some creatures ready to play with you. They’ve got more clowns, more monsters, and more ‘freaks’ than any haunt I’ve been to so far. If you get scared easily, these guys will have you crying!

Watch for Rellik, Willie Vodka, and Koko the Clowns as no matter where you go, they’ll always be watching you. They know you are scared, nervous or worried and they will use every bit of your fears against you. It’s like they can smell them! I watched them chase patrons around for a long time, most of them ending up on the ground, screaming for help, as the clowns danced around them and laughed.

If you want to meet my favorite person out at Creepy Hollow, wait around for Molly. She is CH’s weirdest and creepiest creature who jumped around, screeching in our ears among other things.

Costuming: 9.62

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CH puts so much into their haunted house, it’s almost like a movie. The costumes are wonderfully put together. The makeup is fitting for each character and their spot, and I didn’t see any street shoes! Actually, Molly doesn’t even wear shoes! She’s got some tough feet!! Everything down to her toes is covered so there’s no feeling of incompleteness there.

When you come to CH you’ll see that they truly spend a lot of time into making themselves one of the best haunts in Texas. Every year, their makeup and costuming continue to get better. Whatever you’re looking for, CH has it!

Customer Service: 9.74

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Our GPS took us directly to Creepy Hollow with no setbacks. There’s plenty of signs to show you where you’re going, even on the highway. Once you pull onto the street, you’ll see so many cars lined up on both sides that you’ll know exactly where to go. When our GPS told us to turn in the next mile we knew we were getting closer and a blue sign that read, ‘CREEPY HOLLOW HAUNTED HOUSE’ with an arrow pointed in the direction guests need to go. At this point, you will turn and then turn again and continue driving down a two-lane road off the side of a highway. Cars continued to be lined up as far as the eye could see on both sides of the road. There were large groups of people of all ages walking down the middle of the street. By this point, our anxiety and excitement were already blowing through the roof’

Upon pulling into CH’s parking lot, the parking lot attendants waved us in. We were lucky and got a really close parking spot, so no long walk for us. When we got out, we were able to easily find their well-lit ticket booth. Getting our tickets was easy and they were cards on lanyards that go around your neck so you don’t lose them that way.

There were signs everywhere and maps along the common walkways so it was very easy to navigate the grounds.

The staff at Creepy Hollow really want you to have a great time. Everyone I spoke with not only stayed in character the entire time, but they were also very friendly and answered all of the questions we had. They’re really into giving back to the community, so it’s not just part of their show. Their love and friendliness is real. Casper gave us a great tour of their Oddities section, with jokes and stories of each of the weird things he showed us.

There were no true safety concerns that I noticed. CH is a true, two-story haunted house, so there are a lot of stairs you’ve got to go up and down so be mindful of that.

When it comes to finding their information before going, everything was easily found on their Facebook and website.

Atmosphere: 9.78

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When you pull up to Creepy Hollow, you know for sure you’re at a haunted house. Besides the sounds of screams and chainsaws filling the air, and the creepy drive out to their location, you’ll almost feel as if you’re about to walk into a horror movie and possibly never come out. The outside of the haunt only makes you think you’re ready for whatever lies inside those houses.

At the ticket booth, we could immediately hear the evil laughs of the creatures, and see all of these different monsters lurking around in the dark corners. Screams were piercing through the air, and people were running away from whatever it was that might have grabbed them in the dark!

Special Effects: 9.55

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Creepy Hollow used every avenue to try and give their guests a good time. Each haunt and scene made it feel as if we were stepping foot inside a real-life horror movie. Even in the dark areas, there were still details most other haunts wouldn’t have tried.

CH is very good at using all of your senses against you, which I think really adds to the scares and most of all, the fun. From bright lights and dark rooms to noises so loud they made my ears ring, tons of fog, and monsters coming from every direction, we never really knew what effect would be next due to the large variety. They really overloaded our brains here.

There weren’t any oddly quiet places. Sounds were placed to where they set off the feeling of apprehensiveness before you walk into the next room. CH does such a good job at using their settings as a way to include you as part of their rooms, instead of you just walking through. When you step foot inside, you become a part of them and they will make sure you know it.

Theme: 9.67

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There are three haunts and a virtual bus ride (complete with a zombie apocalypse) at Creepy Hollow. The haunts include 288 Scare Factory (Heyyy! Almost like The Scare Factor!), Dark Woods, and Pitch Black. Each have their own theme, but unlike a lot of other multi-attraction venues, at CH all three stories twist together!

They really pulled their theming off with each attraction. Plus, their location being out in the middle of nowhere also helps pull it all together. It aids in proving you never really know what’s lurking in the dark out at Creepy Hollow.

More information about the theming behind each attraction can be found on their website.

Scare Factor: 9.67

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Working in this industry for as long as I have, you kind of lose your ability to get scared. I personally love to get scared, which is why I started spending time in this industry a long time ago. I can tell you, Creepy Hollow WILL scare you!

I can’t even begin to count the times I screamed or pushed my friends too hard to go forward. At one point, one of the queue actors had one of my friends almost in tears, burying her face into my shoulder thanks to a REAL snake!

The monsters here at Creepy Hollow will touch you, so knowing that alone gets you going but when something actually does grab you in the dark, it’s hard to prepare yourself for that. This helped in keeping a lot of the scare unpredictable. No matter how much you talk yourself up and pretend you’re not going to get scared, CH is one of those haunts that will change your attitude.

The haunt that provided the most scares to our group was 288 Scare Factory. There were so many places in there where we couldn’t see the actors but they could always see us.

Pitch Black will really mess with your mind, as you walk in and it is NOT pitch dark as expected’ Until the end. If you want a truly memorable experience, pick ‘WET’ when going through the end of Pitch Black. You’ll thank me later.

When it comes to the finales, 288 Scare Factory had a crazy, mad chainsaw man chasing us down the hallway to the exit, and he is much faster than you might think! Dark Woods had an incredible ending, as I’ve never seen THAT many chainsaws used for a finale. I swear you’ll think its over, then BOOM! More chainsaws. I think there was about five but I was trying to get away so I lost count. I honestly cannot wait to go back and get scared again!

Entertainment & Value: 9.73

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There is so much to do at Creepy Hollow besides the haunts themselves. There’s a dance club-type room with actors that can dance way better than you (you can totally dance battle them). They’ve also got a REAL live sideshow where you can watch sword swallowing, knife throwing, and lego walking (you know that’s painful). These talented people also do fire-breathing, eating, and spinning along with all of these other crazy and amazing tricks. They do four shows a night, so it makes it harder to completely miss one. Don’t forget to bring extra cash for these shows because afterward, you can staple your cash to Skabz and ChrisP’s bodies. The bigger the bill, the more sensitive of a place you can staple it!

They also have an escape room, but you have to book it online before you come. All of these things, and more, like tarot readings, photo ops, the oddities booth, and a gift shop. There’s plenty of things for everyone to do at Creepy Hollow. You will not get bored here. There’s also a couple of food trucks in case you get hungry after all of the excitement they provide for your entertainment.

CH likes to keep their ticketing simple so they have one ticket option. General admission was priced at $30 and gave us access to all three haunted houses, the Freak Show, the Creepy Hollow World of Oddities, the Voodoo Lounge, and the Bus Adventure! Speed Passes can be purchased for an additional $10 per person and grants you faster access to the front of the line. It took our group around 50 minutes to tour the haunted attractions (not including wait times) and that’s not including the other entertainment that was included in the ticket price!

For those who haven’t experienced CH before, the bus adventure is a virtual ride that takes you on a post-apocalyptic zombie-filled trip. You load up on an old school bus and watch a video, while the bus moves and shakes. You will get splattered! At the end, zombies take over the bus and you’ve got to run out with a group of people, strangers included, and try to make it through what’s left of a town. These zombies will grab you and pull you towards them. I had to ‘rescue’ my friend, as one of them grabbed her and was trying to pull her into the abyss. It felt like it could have been a real-life situation. This attraction took maybe 15 minutes or so.

Creepy Hollow is well worth the ticket price, as you’ve got so much to do and so many new friends waiting to meet you. They’ve also used their space wisely, and with it being an actual two-story haunted house, it’s different and so much fun!

Creepy Hollow is also open for every Friday the 13th!

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Marcus – 10/10September 30, 2022
Good b

Angie – 10/10November 1, 2019
You want a ligit real deal on a haunted house. This one is it. I have gone to so many haunts but, …show more this house is freaking awesome. Man my husband was freaked me too but he usually isn’t. I took my son the second week. And, he was spooked! Definitely must go!

Jen – 10/10October 12, 2018
This haunted house everything you could imagine and animtronics and cool stuff like the freak show …show more and some scary events like the dark wood to the scarefactory and scarey clowns and dancing etc. This was awesome and very scary in my opinion.

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