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Escape 101

“Your mission at Escape 101 is simple – escape the room as quickly as possible.”

Escape 101 is a Escape Room located in Danbury, CT.

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Address: 69 Kenosia Ave, Danbury, CT 06810Special Directions: Escape 101 is conveniently located in Danbury, Connecticut, just minutes away from I-84 and the Danbury Fair Mall.

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Features of Escape 101 Escape Room

Free Parking, Restrooms/Porta Potties On-Site, Handicap Accessible, “Old-School” (Low Tech), “Hi-Tech” Attraction, All-Indoor Attraction, Family Friendly

Features of Escape 101 Escape Room

About This Attraction:

Escape 101 is conveniently located in Danbury, Connecticut, just minutes away from I-84 and the Danbury Fair Mall. If you are looking to experience a new type of entertainment, then Escape 101 is the place to visit!

Escape 101 offers 3 ways to play,
Original: You will have 3 clues to use anytime you want, or even try to escape using no clues.
Meet Me Halfway: Start with 3 clues, and then your Gamemaster will offer additional hints/clues as needed or requested to keep you heading towards your goal.
Finish the Game: the Gamemaster will provide unlimited hints and clues to pace your team for the greatest likelihood of completing the entire puzzle before time runs out

Min. 3 Players — $30 ea.
4-6 Players — $28 ea.
7-8 Players — $27 ea.
Prices do not include tax.
You may bring additional guests- up to the maximum capacity of the room- as walk-ins.

Did you ever hear the story of Lou? The man who disappeared over 30 years ago. How about Pearl- a woman who disappeared in a similar fashion only two years later? Or Anna? …No? Their disappearances were HUGE around here. Gone from the thick of the forest during an afternoon hike. No witnesses, nothing left behind, and worse, no suspects. In all, six people disappeared while traveling the same path. Could someone, or something, be to blame?

No one knows what compelled them to enter the forest, or where they are now. Except you.

You’re now faced with the same fate as the others before you, likely in your final hours. Where are you? Who brought you here and how will you be the first to survive? A myriad of obstacles stands between you and your freedom. You’ll unearth those answers and other chilling details as you fight to escape before it’s too late.

Up to 12 players
Ideal Team Size:
For groups with a few or more children and/ or comprised of mostly inexperienced escape room players, we recommend a group size of at least 9 people.
For groups of adults and/ or experienced escape room players, we recommend a group size no smaller than 6 players.
Great for experienced players
Ages 13+

You’ve won a trip to a mystery destination. The catch? You’ve only got an hour before take off. Finish your ‘to-do’ list, pack your bags, and you’ll be on your way. But don’t forget your Boarding Pass- after all, you’ll need it to escape!

Jet Set has a little something for everyone. Some elements of the puzzle are obvious while others are a bit more complex. Whether you’re new, or an experienced escape room player, you’ll have a great time and a fairly high chance of escaping within the hour.

Up to 10 players
Ideal team size: 5+
Great for: New & experienced
Ages 10+

Jet Set is the first game that we built and has remained a customer favorite as an old-school- style escape room. A minimalist set is a perfect environment for a puzzle that is anything but ordinary.

Haven’t tried? Act fast!
Jet Set will be closing early in the Summer of 2019. Stay tuned for updates on our next game- which will be particularly special for those who have played Jet Set.

In January 2015, the Association of Atomic Scientists advanced its famous Doomsday Clock to three minutes before midnight- a threat level that had not been reached in 25 years.

As lead scientist for the association, Dr. Apocalypse is rumored to be the only person who knows exactly when and how the world will end- information that he’s chosen to withhold from government officials. Your team has been hired to conduct a search of Dr. Apocalypse’s office and laboratory to determine when, and how, doomsday will occur.

Doomsday is truly a puzzler’s escape room. With a dual- setting (office/ lab), teams will encounter logic puzzles, conduct important research experiments, and even use the help of robots to make a timely escape. The puzzle is multi-linear and as such, provides thinkers of all sorts a chance to meaningfully contribute.

Up to 8 players
Ideal team size: 4+
Great for: Familiar – frequent escape room players
Ages 15+

Ahh, Summer. For many, these hot and sunny months can be traced back to days spent having fun at the local park.

But what’s a day of Summer fun without a cold treat?

In our newest room, you are enjoying a sunny afternoon at a community park where an ice cream truck is awaiting customers- though sadly you haven’t a cent in your pocket. No worries! By helping fellow parkgoers through a series of good deeds, you’ll work your way towards earning sweet treats for everyone on your team! But you must act fast, the truck will only be parked for one hour!

There’s a grill to light, recycling to sort, a bike to take for a spin, and you’ll even meet a few furry friends at the dog park! Finally, we included a rock wall for added fun.

Up to 10 players
Ideal team size: 5+
Great for: New, and/ or less experienced players
Youngsters (5+)

# of Attractions: 4

Min. Recommended Age: 5

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