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Outerlife Studios Escape Room St Pete

“St. Pete Escape Room Game – Live Action Adventure Games”

Outerlife Studios Escape Room St Pete is a Escape Room located in Saint Petersburg, FL.

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Address: 1942 2nd Avenue South, Saint Petersburg, FL 33712Suite/Apt.#: FSpecial Directions: Parking across 20th

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Sixty minutes sounds like a long time right? Once you feel the pressure of finding clues and solving puzzle after puzzle, things begin to get more intense. As each second passes your voice booms louder and more demanding while your palms begin to sweat. At Outerlife Studios Escape Room Game in St. Pete 60 minutes is all your small team of family, friends, co-workers or escape artists will have as you attempt to uncover the final clue allowing escape before the countdown is complete. Beating the room requires keen problem solving skills and good communication with your team members. With each clue uncovered your team is one step closer to achieving your ultimate goal, unlock the door and flee before the countdown completes. Success will earn you instant gratification and bragging rights at the dinner table or water cooler. Does your team have what it takes to escape?

Room 1: DISARM:

“117” reads the apartment number on the door. You examine your surroundings further noting a mirror on the wall and three other apartment doors. The building has not been well maintained – paint is pealing from the walls, the carpet is dingy and stained and even the air seems old.

For reasons unknown, you have been brought here – no, trapped in here, by someone who intends to watch you die. Your head is still a little cloudy from the sedatives but you remember clearly the threat of a bomb and that it would detonate in just one hour. The door is locked so your only hope for escape is to DISARM the bomb.

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