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Rage Room

Rage Room is a Escape Room located in Huntsville, AL.

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Address: 2150 Leeman Ferry Cir SW, Huntsville, AL 35801

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First Room: Interactive Haunted Escape Game
Groups of 4-8

If you have a group with less than 8 people, you may be joined with another group.

No children under 10 is allowed. Children ages 10-14 MUST be accompanied by an adult 18 years or older.

Your group will have a couple of walkie talkies to use.
Rival guns and ammo will be hidden in the haunted house. Shooting a creature will not kill them, but will stun them for some time so that you can run, regroup, have more time to find clues and/or hide.

You will have 30 minutes to escape.

Your mission is to find clues to escape within the time given without being caught

If they hear you or see movement, they will find you.
Tall lady may tag you with her hand gently. If you are tagged, you essentially die. (You may still play, you’re playing for bragging rights)

Under no circumstances, are you allowed to touch any of our creatures or tall lady. You are agreeing by purchasing tickets that you may be tagged and that you will not touch any creatures or tall lady whatsoever.

If you do not make it out in time, your whole group dies.

2nd Room: Murder in the Dark
This game will last 90 minutes. Up to 6 Players. May add 8 additional players for an additional fee of $15 per person.

Ages 14 years and up only!

We may also include alterations to the games such as including rival guns for killing or it may just involve a basic tag on the shoulder.

Please make sure you are booking the correct game as there are no refunds.

Murder in the Dark is basically a suspenseful murder mystery game played in the dark with a little mystery of who is “killing” off the players.

It’s played in the dark, with a designated “murderer” and it’s up to the rest of the players to discover who the guilty person is while trying to stay alive.

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