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This attraction was reviewed on October 12, 2019 by Team Michigan Macabre.

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Final Score: 8.9

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Those who know haunts in Michigan know Exit 13. There is a reason for that: they have unique characters, a full cast that will test your limits, and scenes to boot! If you are scared of dolls, clowns, chainsaws, being shoved into small areas with no foreseeable way out…then Exit 13 is the place for you! Exit 13 will leave you running from the house, and also secretly wanting more.

This is a haunt that will touch you! They provide a safe word. Yes, I said safe word. This is serious business! Let your fears run rampant and make Exit 13 your final destination this Halloween season!

Cast: 9

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The cast at Exit 13, in our opinion, is what they are known for the most. Devoted actors come back year after year to truly terrify those who dare to enter. The actors focus on every person in your group; there is no hiding from them! Do you think to be first, last, or in the middle is safe? Think again!

Well over 20 actors were spotted with quite a few making appearances in our nightmares afterward. The doll lady with her witty banter and quirky comments keeps you on your toes… or wait, that should say, crawling on your hands and knees.

The woman who talked to us about her Master was spotted climbing over obstacles, slowly following us until we took an opportunity to shut a door on her trailing eeriness successfully. For the number of props and details within this haunt, we would have liked to see more props being used by the actors. Utilizing these items and drawing our attention to the story that is being told by the decor could be an excellent addition! Even though Exit 13 does not have a set-in-stone theme, the scenes do tell a story. We hope to explore more of that next season!

Everything from screams to unsettling sounds (which could only come from a real monster!) erupt from the actors within this haunt. The bartender took us on a wild ride of confusion, hilarity, and tentative engagement due to his hostile yet, funny demeanor. (Trust us when we tell you to trust nobody within these walls!) Their schemes will trip you up.

Alas, there were the clowns. Want a tip? Avoid the clowns. Nothing good comes from those clowns. Nothing.

Costuming: 9.21

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Either to frighten or intrigue, the costumes at Exit 13 are mostly above average. The man requesting a reservation struck us as having a great, authentic costume fitting his character. Some costumes were simply a dress on an actor, but not every actor has to have an over-the-top look. No costumes seemed out of place or incomplete. The most engaging actors, they know who they are, are always dressed from head-to-toe no question… never a disappointment.

In some instances, odors accompanied the actors which are a whole other level of costuming. Usually, these are scents you would not wish to indulge in. But, at Exit 13, you do as you are told.

Customer Service: 9.43

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Exit 13 is easy to locate and find due to the lights, sounds, tents, and new addition of some blow-ups positioned by the road. A huge sign identifies the entrance. The parking is free, and a parking attendant helped guide us into an available spot. The queue line is easy to access, covered, and new signage for the cost of the haunt was quickly found.

Security personnel are located on-site, and the parking lot is monitored. You will be subjected to a metal detector by security, so leave all your machete’s, scalpels, and throwing stars at home.

The staff we had interactions with were very friendly and happy to assist us. From the ticket taker to the merch booth personnel, everyone was in a positive mood, genuinely interested in our experience, and having a good time.

Atmosphere: 7.52

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The atmosphere at Exit 13 had a face-lift this season with more corn stalks, entertainment, and engagement. Loud music was blaring, lights flickering, fire jugglers juggling, and snacks available to be eaten. Once in the queue line, you can hear screams, horns, and chainsaws in the distance. The VIP line is a long hallway lit red, secluding you from the activity of the general admission entertainment.

We have not experienced the general admission queue line, but it is a bustling area full of energy, getting you amped up for the experience ahead of you.

Special Effects: 8.64

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The first couple of areas you walk into have a woodsy theme with what seemed to be real foliage. This area seemed a bit uneventful and lacked any actors, compared to the other heavily-detailed parts of the haunt. A trip across a vortex leads you into a house of sorts. Many details are present within the rooms to come. Sometimes the amount of details was overbearing; is that possible?

The number of books, dolls, and stuffed animals seems to grow year after year, and they also seem to move. Be vigilant! The moving walls, trap doors, and expertly-crafted areas to shove a body are impressive. A random animatronic may disrupt your saunter, and hanging objects will need to be deflected as you maneuver your way through.

Unfortunately, we bottlenecked with other groups along the way, which pulls you out of the make-believe world of horrors. It seemed as though actors did attempt to address that issue as it occurred, which we much obliged.

Many sounds from previous scenes and those to come echoed through the halls. There were a few quiet areas that could have been spruced up with a soundtrack or two. Overall, the activity within the haunt was our soundtrack.

Theme: N/A

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Exit 13 does not follow a theme. Many horrors await you without rhyme or reason… Muah ha ha ha!

Scare Factor: 8.92

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Scare Factor is a relative term, isn’t it? Not in this case. Exit 13 is full of scares of all kinds; undoubtedly, one or two will get you.

There is a full range of actor scares, distraction, animatronic, and pop scares. The actors are the scariest, by far. They pull you into their world and make you fear everything from turning a blind corner to the possibility of being taken from your group… not to mention the touching. Why is it when an odd-looking character wishes to caress your face, it makes your skin crawl? No offense, of course. Please don’t come to find me for that comment!

I admit it, I broke a rule and ran at the end. I truly wanted to get away as fast as I could. The ending is a real SCREAM!

Entertainment & Value: 8.93

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It took us about 21 minutes to exit Exit 13; however, it truly felt longer while we were inside. With general admission being $22 per person, that means a Minute per Dollar ratio of 0.95.

A combo ticket for Exit 13 and “Buried Alive” is $30. Buried Alive is a coffin simulator add-on. VIP is $10 more and that gets you to the front of the line. Timed Tickets are also available online for only the haunted house for $27, which equals a shorter wait in line. (You can also add on the simulator once you arrive if you wish.)

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