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Fright Nights at The Resort at Glade Springs is a Haunted Attraction located in Daniels, WV.

255 Resort Drive, Daniels, WV 25832
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This attraction was reviewed on October 23, 2021 by Team Teachers of Terror.

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Final Score: 8.72

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Driving during the fall foliage season at The Resort at Glade Springs, you can’t help but feel the excitement of all the things October has to offer. There’s the inspiring masterpiece of the scenic landscape, painted in all the colors of fall and the crisp cool Autumn air, coupled with’ a scream bellowed out from around the bend.

For its third year, Fright Nights at The Resort at Glade Springs continues its tradition of putting on a great show for all the members of the family. It is here, on the grounds of a 20,000 square foot repurposed equestrian barn, that you can find the home of 5 main attractions, each pieced together throughout the barn and surrounding area. The five entertaining attractions include: Camp Kilamee, Hexed, The Asylum, Ghost Town, and Mr. Beard’s Freaks & Phobias Traveling Sideshow. In Fright Nights style, there are no transitions left untreated, so that participants can have plenty of eye candy between main attractions.
As Fright Nights continues to build steam during each year of operation, don’t be surprised to get the Facebook alert that they have sold out again. Timed tickets are available online or at the ticketing booth, but they do sell out often during the regular season. Don’t say you haven’t been warned, get those tickets well in advance!

Don’t worry yourself about the drive home. Stay the night in the resort Inn, or Executive Suite, and enjoy the daytime festivities offered as well. There is a Stay and Scream Overnight Package that includes tickets to the haunted house and all attractions, breakfast, and the room.

General admission tickets cost about $30, including tax. Recommended age is 13 and older, but younger children are welcome with a parent or guardian.

Cast: 8

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All in all, there appeared to be a good amount of actors. Most of the main attractions averaged about 5 actors each. The cornfield, which is more of a transition area, had 3. All the actors were easy to differentiate and we clearly knew what each one was up to. The man-eating chicken got us more than once, and their sound was startling and great! The clowns also had unique mannerisms and sound each to themselves.

Everyone stayed in character throughout, even at closing as we were making our way out as the final customers for the night. We met characters who used props to bang, poke, and shock us in different ways (without actually touching.) We were put in a small enough group to be able to see everything, even from the back of the line. Actors’ timing to make their grande appearance varied as some got those of us in front, and others targeted the middle and back row people.

We met a variety of characters here including but not limited to skull wearing townspeople (bartender, lady of the evening, bank robber, and jailbird) of the wild west, deranged miners, BBQ butcher, a clearly clueless camp counselor, misfit campers, a few chainsaw madmen, various creatures lurking around and popping out, a Voodoo queen, clowns, doctors, patients, a cook with nasty habits, and an angry ghost in a house with a seance lady.

We experienced some actors who did talk with us, and some who did not go off script to play along with us. We experienced a couple of actors who just wanted us to “Get Out!” Silent characters remained silent. Screamers were screaming.

Costuming: 9.05

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All the costumes were well done and complete, except perhaps the man-eating chicken. We aren’t sure if this look was on purpose, but we saw a really good chicken head mask on an actor wearing street clothes. This is in the freakshow area, so for all we know, this was a chicken person, purposely blended. Stranger things have happened, right?

While there were three clowns, each one was very different from the other. One wore a full, over-the-head mask, and the other two had two very different makeup applications. Two were wearing clown jumpsuits with different patterning and color schemes, while the other wore a skirted outfit and vest, with a hat. The Voodoo character wore a headband, shabby dress and painted with fluorescent paint. Masked creatures also wore costumes that matched their masks. A lot of attention was given to the Nasty Cook. He had a tattered shirt with several holes, dirtied pants, and a cooking jacket that he apparently thought made him a legit cook. One look at the condition of his appearance as well as that of everything in the kitchen would say otherwise. The doctor and patients all looked ruffled and dirtied. From their messy, tattered hair and hospital gowns, we could tell they had been through a lot. The seance lady and ghost both had very nice and detailed airbrushed makeup that added to their story and creeped us out.

Customer Service: 9.94

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Navigation to the haunted house was a breeze and GPS got us there without any issues. Everything at the location was easy to locate, and given just enough light with string lighting. Staff was available to direct traffic and help us park in the well-lit parking lot. There was a booth at the parking lot to check-in for the tickets and they could answer any questions we could think of. Once on the property, we made our way easily to our destination, thanks to the timed ticketing process they are using. All staff was enthusiastic and helpful to us.

Fright nights has a dedicated website and contains all the useful information anyone might need to know all about this place, along with a FAQ tab and a link to purchase tickets. They also post on Facebook frequently.

Atmosphere: 9.5

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The dark and massive barn, large campfire, string lights, and a light-up sign saying Fright Nights told us we were at a haunted house.

Approaching the resort property, there is a lit-up sign telling customers their turn onto the property here. We also needed to drive through a guard shack and state our business, where we can get additional directions to the haunted house. Along the roadway, signs were posted to keep us confident we were headed in the right direction.

Food and games are available here as well as souvenirs. Beer before Fear is available and limited to three drinks.

Special Effects: 8.28

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They provided sounds to all the areas, each sound matching the scene well. For example, we heard a loudspeaker warning to the campers and classic camp horror music playing in the outdoor campsite (I know you’re here somewhere, Jason), classic carnival music at the freak show and carnival, suspenseful and ominous music in the manor, catacombs, and Voodoo home. The corn maze did not have additional sounds unless we count the chainsaw!

Details were so well done, that even transitions were detailed and entertaining to walk through. We can’t possibly mention all the details here, but Fright Nights staff has a great eye for all the little details. Just before entering the Voodoo cabin, we are treated to an outdoor scene in the bayou. There is a destroyed boat in the ‘water’ and we have to walk on a pier to get to the house. Blue and green lighting shining on the ‘water’ gave it a shimmering water appearance. We got to experience a Pepper’s Ghost feature and a new take on an actor on stilts. It was both fascinating and kinda creepy at the same time, but we don’t want to give it away. We found some air cannons along the way in different places and a spinning walk-thru tunnel that effectively made us dizzy. The laser swamp was effective at distracting us from the hidden creatures hidden below. We encountered several extra-large puppets and found ourselves in the path of a large train coming right at us. We had props falling down and popping out and up.

Theme: 9.9

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Each attraction had a clear theme, even if it was told in 3 to 5 sets. All of the themes were well done and convincing.

Ghost Town characters all were unified with their skeleton masks and western apparel. We were treated to a saloon with a backdoor ‘resting’ area, Mainstreet bank robbery, train station, and jail. Camp had the office and councilor, with an outdoor area with a wrecked bus, cabins, and signs of camper carnage everywhere. We were run out of there with a chainsaw chase. The surviving camper seemed to be out of it, discussing Sloppy Joe’s while everyone around him was murdered. Hexed shows us a few paranormal behaviors set in a house, catacombs, and a bayou home. We saw a seance lady, ghostly suicide victim, ghostly cook, hooded characters, demolition man, and a Voodoo lady. Appalachian Asylum seemed overrun with lost and aggressive patients and staff while still housed in an asylum. We also got to walk through the asylum shower and chapel. Mr. Beard’s Freaks & Phobias Traveling Sideshow employs the use of detailed scenes and posters of curiosities, a clown area and concludes in an old storage area of more strange items.

Scare Factor: 8.33

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We were subjected to different kinds of scare tactics. We fell victim to the classic distract and attack. We had actors following us, lunging at us from different hiding places, popping out at us, and hidden drop-down doors exposing someone as we approached or walked by. We were chased by chainsaws at least two times. We received more shots of air cannons than we could keep count of, also approached with loud and sparking equipment. We saw creatures with glowing eyes and actors with creepy behaviors. We were also revolted and grossed out by the cook.

Entertainment & Value: 8.23

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Given the variety of sights and sounds of the haunted house, we were satisfied with the main attractions. The campfire and large tent provided areas to relax and entertain. Camp-style games were provided along with visits from characters. We also appreciated the radio station providing entertainment for those in their cars waiting to enter. We even got to hear a commercial for the pigman butcher and his BBQ business.

Concessions and drink stations provide more opportunities to visit and enjoy the environment. With the timed ticketing, crowds were managed well and overall prevented. General admission tickets cost about $30, and fast pass is $43.

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Guest Reviews
Guest Average: 9.67 out of 10

Fallon – 10/10October 15, 2016
Me and my group had a blast going to fright nights! My favorite part by far was the 3-D haunt and …show more the laser tag, it was a lot of fun getting to shoot zombies even if it was scary. Their trail was scarier than the 3-D and we didn’t get to try the escape room but people we talked you said that it was really good too so we want to try to do that again this year.

Ashley – 10/10October 8, 2016
Fright Nights gets better each year with their sets, custom props and animatronics, and seasoned …show more actors!

Rhonda Martin – 9/10October 6, 2023
We had a great time from Don’t Touch The Rum til the end! I love to scare people so I laughed so …show more hard at every one in our group of 8 jumping and screaming! I just wish it was a little cheaper to take kids 14 and under. Because if it was we would go a couple of times! We loved it!

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