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Guest Reviews

Guest Reviews

Attraction Name: 13 Nights at Jiminy
Guest Average: 6.2 out of 10 (out of 2 reviews)
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Guest Name: Nick
Visit Date: October 29, 2022
Recommended to Friends?: Yes
Title: ""

Score: 5.9 out of 10

I’ve been to this haunt every year for the last 9 and it is definitely a favorite. This year was probably the weakest I’ve seen though, but still a fun time. There weren’t any actors in the lines like usual, but the actors that they did have were alright. The only downside for them is that they were not very interactive with guests like other haunts. They pop out, scream, and stand there without saying anything else. Other than that, you stand at the top of the stairs, looking down at a door that takes you in to the haunt. You wait for the loud bangs on the door and then you enter. The first part takes about 5 minutes. There aren’t many props, but there are a decent amount of actors. Once you’re done there, you head up to a chairlift that takes you to the summit in pitch black. This is probably the part that people remember the best. At the top, it takes about 10 minutes and you walk through the woods. There weren’t as many actors this year as there were in previous years, but they weren’t bad. Once you make it back on to the chairlift, you head back down the mountain, where you get an awesome view of the valley and the lights from the base of the mountain. At the bottom, you head into the third and final part. Inside, there aren’t many props, and there are only 3-4 actors, but they make multiple appearances throughout the walkthrough. It is a scary attraction and definitely worth the trip out, however it is over extremely quick so I recommend taking your time. You have to keep in mind that the actors that work there aren’t professionals, they’re simply hired for this event and bring this place to life, so take it for what it is and enjoy the experience!

Features Noticed: Multiple Attractions/Ticket Options
Suggestions for the Attraction: Take your time and dress warm.

Guest Name: Dwayne
Visit Date: October 19, 2019
Recommended to Friends?: Yes
Title: ""

Score: 6.5 out of 10

DESIGN: 5/10 SPECIALTY: 7/10 IMMERSION: 7/10 INTENSITY: 8/10 EXPERIENCE: 6/10 13 Nights at Jiminy is a highly unique haunted attraction that takes you on a ride up a ski lift in the dark of night. With a somewhat lackluster design, the ride to the top more than makes up for it, with what will be one of the more ominous haunted experiences you'll find this season. However FAQ on their site suggest the haunt being nearly 40 minutes, the truth is there is an 10 minute haunted trail sandwiched between two short haunted houses, roughly 5 minutes each. The journey up and down the mountain takes about 15 minutes total. I would recommend the haunt for the uniqueness of the experience for any avid haunt go-er within an hour's drive (+30 minutes if you're looking for something new). _____________________________________ *DESIGN has a weight of 3: covers the detail of the sets, the world-building, pathing, theming, terrain, craftsmanship, and built structures. *SPECIALTY has a weight of 2: covers the animatronic quality and density, the use of puppets, props, special effects, moving parts, unique experiences. *IMMERSION has a weight of 2: covers the acting quality, the makeup and costume detail, the lighting, fog, and other effects that add to an immersive experience and atmosphere. *INTENSITY has a weight of 2: covers how scary and intense the attraction is, its overall darkness, eeriness, sense of dread, and actor density. *EXPERIENCE has a weight of 1: covers the length of the attraction, the value, and overall enjoyment.

Features Noticed:

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