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Guest Reviews

Guest Reviews

Attraction Name: Fear Field
Guest Average: 7 out of 10 (out of 3 reviews)
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Guest Name: Paul
Visit Date: October 4, 2019
Recommended to Friends?: Yes
Title: ""

Score: 9 out of 10

Definitely worth the money. It takes abt 20 minutes to get through staff is fun and helpful if you get lost in the maze of woods. I definitely recommend this place. Been to outdoor haunted house before but never like this.

Features Noticed:

Guest Name: Michael Glykas
Visit Date: October 20, 2018
Recommended to Friends?: No
Title: "Blah"

Score: 2 out of 10

It wasn't worth the drive. I expected more and it was more of a back yard thing for a quick buck. The detail wasn't there and actors would break character. I wish I had not gone, so disappointed.

Features Noticed:
Suggestions for the Attraction: Get training. It shouldn't be about a quick buck in whoever's pocket. Looks like it was thrown together last minute.

Guest Name: Christina Bouchet
Visit Date: October 13, 2018
Recommended to Friends?: Yes
Title: "The 13th of October"

Score: 10 out of 10

On Saturday October 13th 2018 myself and my sister embarked on our journey to St Clairsville to visit the new FEAR FIELD! We got on the website clicked the address and our journey began. The first address took us to a dark neighborhood alley..we figured we must've made a mistake so we plugged the address into the GPS again. We were led down a dark back road which ended suddenly due to a mysterious gravel this point we were a little freaked out but we weren't giving up on finding this place. So we turn around and head back down the dirt road..where, no joke.. A BLACK CAT runs right across the road infront of us. We're literally dying laughing about how shady this night has been so far but we're loving it.. so we stop at a gas station in the middle of town and ask where this haunted house is located..the attendant (creepy as heck) had no idea what we were talking about and instructed us that she was POSITIVE there is no haunted house in this area.. she stated the closest one was about 30 minutes away. Now this is where it gets GOOD. We walk to the car and decide to give 'FEAR FIELD' a call..which goes like this.. 'Hello?' Hello.. 'Are you calling about FEAR FIELD?' Uhh yeah we can't seem to find it 'Well.. Where are you?' at *name of gas station* 'Okay go to that red light right up the road and follow the road' Uhhh okay? So although we are totally creeped out and dying of laughter because it feels like we are literally in a horror movie..we proceed to the destination. So we see a small sign and pull up to location. It's 8:30pm. There is one car in the lot with 3 dudes in it. We immediately look at each other and we are like 'what the heck is this???!' One of the guys start to approach our car and so we grabbed a screwdriver incase we were about to be murdered..I crack my window and he goes 'so you here for the haunted house?' Yep we sure are 'okay uh hold tight..some of our actors over slept so we will be starting here shortly' ..OVERSLEPT?? THIS PLACE OPENS AT 7pm IT WAS 8:30 AND WE WERE THE ONLY PEOPLE HERE!!!! Despite all of the OBVIOUS RED FLAGS that we were about to walk into some woods with 3 random guys to 'scare us' we proceeded to buy our tickets because the night so far was pure gold and all the creepy stuff happening was just making this sketchy haunted forest trail even more attractive to us..a few more people showed up and we entered the 'woods trail' the actual haunt was pretty cool..we loved that it was outside, but they only had one actor thru the entire thing that night? Not sure what was up with that but..WERE GOING BACK NEXT YEAR! Lol we had so much fun just with the whole night and the kid who talked to us when we first arrived was super cool and you could tell they were just starting and trying to make a cool place, they just had a rough start. The only suggestion I'd make is correcting the address on the website so more people don't get sent down that dirt road and actually get murdered but besides that 10/10!

Features Noticed: Food/Concessions
Suggestions for the Attraction: SIGNS SO PEOPLE KNOW WHERE IT IS & hang some flyers or something.. I was at a gas station like 5 minutes from the haunted house asking for directions and she told me it didn't exist and the closest one was Wells Township

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