Guest Reviews

Guest Reviews

Guest Reviews

Attraction Name: Halloween Haunt at Kings Island
Guest Average: 4.74 out of 10 (out of 2 reviews)
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Guest Name: Ray
Visit Date: October 6, 2023
Recommended to Friends?: No
Title: "Underwhelming"

Score: 2 out of 10

The houses were inconsistent in quality and detail, and there weren’t any houses that really stood out. The queues for each house didn’t have any theming, it felt really cheap and bland. The amount of people they’d send in at one time, and the short timing between those groups, made you feel like you were in a scare conga line, watching all the scares happen to people in front of you, and hear people scream behind you. The actors in the scare zones did a great job of scaring me, but the houses didn’t even come close. Also some of the houses were so damn dark that I couldn’t see a thing! I could barely see the cheap costumes, the poorly detailed sets, or even my way out. I wouldn’t bother going again. The rides at night are more scary than the houses.

Features Noticed:
Suggestions for the Attraction: Smaller groups, more time between groups, add theming to queues, make it easier to see in the houses (it’s too dark), add more detail to the sets and costumes, and if that’s not affordable, have less houses.

Guest Name: William
Visit Date: September 29, 2023
Recommended to Friends?: Yes
Title: "Good and Scary"

Score: 7.48 out of 10

I am Giving This Review to let Everyone Know KI really stepped it up this year all the Haunts and scare zones are really Good. I am hard to scare and they really got me a few times

Features Noticed: Food/Concessions, Queue Actors/Entertainment, Multiple Attractions/Ticket Options, Gift Shop/Souvenirs

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