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Guest Reviews

Guest Reviews

Attraction Name: Halloween Horror Nights FL
Guest Average: 4.67 out of 10 (out of 3 reviews)
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Guest Name: Tara
Visit Date: October 22, 2022
Recommended to Friends?: No
Title: "Disappointed"

Score: 4 out of 10

I've gone to HHN in 98,00,01,02,03,09,10,11,15. It has changed significantly throughout the years. 2001 was by far the best out of the years I've attended. The years of Jack were great. The streets used to be dark,eerie, and scary. Now they are lit up and overcrowded. The scare zones are non existent. There are props, uesy, but they are too lit, and fogless. The days of the foggy, scary strobe lit scare zones have been long.gome. Why?!? It feels more like a kid friendly Halloween carnival and a teenaged rated 13 scare factor. The full liquor bars are far and few between where there used to be portable bars everywhere. I don't consider their rum or gin punch bars a bar. The houses are too lit. They lack darkness, hanging props of the past, fog and strobe lights. They are predictable and fairytale like instead of creepy or scary. There are a few rooms here and there throughout that are creepy/scary, but no more than one or 2 per house of lucky. Where are the earlier years had houses that literally scared the crap out of you due to the darkness and or strobe lighting and fog with an actor appearing and disappearing in slow motion in between a strobe. The costumes,and makeup are amazing. I do see the special effects.and efforts made within the houses by the actors. They get a 9. The too lit, fog & strobeless rooms throughout lowers it to a 5 in comparison to the early years. The scare zones and overly lit streets are the biggest disappointment though. The actors are few and lacking of energy or scares. Little to no fog and zero strobe lights. It felt like a kid Halloween carnival tbh. Scare zones get a 1. We were highly disappointed. I brought 7 ppl who had never been, and I really vamped up how eerie the park is and how the scare zones are the best part..only to be proven terribly.wrong without a single scare zone with fog to walk through. We saw a cpl actors sit aside the zone for 20 min without making a single effort. It was beyond disappointing, especially after.spe ding over $1600 for the family to come. Everytime I go, the scare zones become less and the park is more.lit up. Bring back the days of the real horror. Where a.momsters face would appear out of the fog in slow motion due to the strobe light only to disappear on the next blink of the strobe. Stop trying to save a buck by selling liquorless punch and bring back the portable bars. Save the buck on the electricity and bring back the darkness. Stop overcrowding the park. I remember the years where it was possible to sell out before it got to the point of an average weekend night now. The prices are outrageous, but would be worth it if they brought back the old and got rid of the childlike new. Jump scares are nothing without eerie lighting, fog, darkness, and music. The park used to be filled with eerie,creepy or even grim music. Not cheery, happy, carnival New age stuff with monsters laughing and skipping in the streets,or even yawning looking bored in the corner. I shouldn't have been able to see them all at once across the street..where the heck was the FOG?! BRING BACK THE HALLOWEEN VIBE PLEASE! INSTEAD OF THE ADOLESCENT BRIGHTLY LIT KID FESTIVAL! WHAT HAPPENED TO HALLOWEEN 'HORROR' NIGHTS? THESE DAYS IT'S MORE LIKE UNIVERSAL'S HALLOWEEN NOT SO SCARY HALLOWEEN HORROR NIGHT PARODY SPOOF. Bring back the horror! Bring back the haunted park,not just the houses.

Features Noticed: Queue Actors/Entertainment, Gift Shop/Souvenirs
Suggestions for the Attraction: Bring back the darkness, the strobe lights, and FOG! BRING BACK THE SCARE ZONES! Haunted HOUSE'S are good, but predictable. Bring back the eerie hanging props, darkness, fog,and strobe lights inside the houses. The park used to be one haunted feature. Now it's just the houses..which are all jump scares and predictable. Great visual props and aesthetics, but I can go to Disney for that. Bring back the darkness and the intention to scare us, not We don't come to be surprised, we come to get and remain scared throughout.

Guest Name: Matt
Visit Date: October 2, 2016
Recommended to Friends?: No
Title: "Save your money. Find something better"

Score: 5 out of 10

Very rude staff, hard to find the food you want, staff not very knowledgeable about food locations, too many kids running free with no parental supervision. Very inaccurate wait times. Have had some very good times over the years. Seems less effort is being put into the scaring of guests. Scare zones are getting really old. Severe lack of enthusiasm

Features Noticed: Multiple Attractions/Ticket Options, Gift Shop/Souvenirs

Guest Name: Jesse Stoll - 360 America Haunt Tour
Visit Date: October 10, 2015
Recommended to Friends?:
Title: "Halloween Horror Nights"

Score: 5 out of 10

Ticket Price: $222 (FL resident and Express Pass) Est Wait Time: 45 min – 2 hours without express *5 – 15 min max per haunt with express (9 total houses and 4 non-existent scare zones) Highlight: The Body Collectors lent a few scares with up close encounters and yanking / grabbing innocent victims and cutting their throats and the beautiful Shadybrook Asylum façade with the dreary snow effect added a nice touch. In One Sentence: Each year the HHN scare factor and attention to detail has taken a notch down from the early days of the original Jack and Eddie to a point now that it has really only cornered itself as a teenage hangout and cheese fest. *Also more expensive than ever before so that lent even more to the disappointment Aesthetics (7) (Costumes, Actors,Special EFX, Décor, Props, Set) The Story (4) (The Plot, Creativity) Intensity (4) (Scare Factor, Extremities) The Bottom Line Rating(Overall): 5 In 2015 360 America Haunt Tour visited 46 Haunts, 18 Attractions in 1 Month! If you have any questions feel free to email the review author at:

Features Noticed:

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