2017 Top Haunted Houses

2017 Top 31 Haunted Houses List

2017 Top Haunted Houses

2017 Top Haunted Houses

Looking for the Top Haunted Houses in The U.S.?

Over the past summer, we hosted our second annual nation-wide poll, where haunted house-goers from across the country could vote for their favorite “Must-See” haunted attractions!

We’ve tallied the results and posted them here so you can find the biggest, best and scariest top haunted houses in the land!

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Top Haunted Houses A Petrified Forest

#31: A Petrified Forest

Altamonte Springs, FL

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A Petrified Forest is going into their 10th season for 2017! In addition to their main event (the scare trail), they also offer live bands, food, and other forms of entertainment.

Top Haunted Houses Hush Haunted Attraction

#30: Hush Haunted Attraction

Westland, MI

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Hush Haunted Attraction is going into their 5th season in 2017. Opening night is September 22nd. Hush has been nationally ranked in top lists multiple times and has also earned the status of “Detroit’s Best Haunted House” by Channel 4 News.

Top Haunted Houses Pirates of Emerson

#29: Pirates of Emerson

Pleasanton, CA

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Pirates of Emerson Haunted Themed Park, “the Bay Area’s Halloween Tradition,” is going into their 26th year of fear for 2017! With a strong foothold in the industry, this 5-acre compound can be found at the Pleasanton Fairgrounds. In addition, they offer 6 haunted attractions… all for one low price! Dead Entertainment Nightly helps spread the entertainment throughout the park.

Top Haunted Houses Sandyland Acres

#28: Sandyland Acres

Petersburg, KY

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SandyLand Acres consists of two haunted attractions, their namesake “Haunted Hayride” and “Farmer’s Revenge.” They are also celebrating 10 years this season and offer very reasonable combo passes.

Top Haunted Houses The Haunted Barn

#27: The Haunted Barn

Stoughton, Wisconsin

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The Haunted Barn is said to be the largest indoor/outdoor haunted attraction in the Madison/Dane County area! In addition, fast pass options and package deals are available for the 2017 season!

Top Haunted Houses Boogerwoods Haunted Attraction

#26: Boogerwoods Haunted Attraction

Rockwell, North Carolina

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Boogerwoods is a charity haunt where all proceeds benefit finding a cure for cystic fibrosis. They are known for some of their very unique special effects. They also use tour guides in order to give each of their customers a complete show.

Top Haunted Houses Ruby Falls Haunted Caverns Dread Hollow

#25: Ruby Falls Haunted Caverns Dread Hollow

Chattanooga, TN

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Ruby Falls Haunted Cavern’s “Dread Hollow” is not your ordinary haunted house. This attraction will be taking place in a new location this year and featuring an all-new theme that just couldn’t be contained within their former underground catacombs. See their website and Facebook page for details…

Top Haunted Houses All Saints Lunatic Asylum Haunted Attraction

#24: All Saints Lunatic Asylum Haunted Attraction

Apple Valley, CA

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All Saints Lunatic Asylum lost its funding nearly 50 years ago and was forced to shut down. Despite that, the Asylum is now open to the public during the Halloween season and offers tours of the 6,000 square foot facility. Over 60 (volunteer) insane patients and staff are waiting for you here, so we are sure this attraction will keep you on your toes! “Don’t miss Southern California’s most innovative and terrifying haunted attraction experience!”

Top Haunted Houses Reapers Revenge

#23: Reapers Revenge

Scranton, PA

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Revenge Haunted Hayride contains 4 terrifying haunted attractions on this 60-acre scream park! That’s more than around 90 minutes of scares! In addition, they also have zombie paintball available.

Top Haunted Houses Ravens Curse Haunted House

#22: Ravens Curse Haunted House

Centralia, IL

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Ravens Curse Haunted House consists of over 11,000 square feet of pure terror! In addition to becoming known as Illinois’ “premier haunted attraction,” Ravens Curse is also owned and operated by Pale Night Productions.

Top Haunted Houses Brighton Asylum

#21: Brighton Asylum

Passaic, NJ

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“Brighton Asylum is one of America’s Top 4 haunted houses as rated by Huffington Post, Haunted Attraction Magazine, The Today Show, Buzzfeed and others!” Brighton is open several different times throughout the year for their off-season special events. They also have Escape Rooms so be sure to check those out as well!

Top Haunted Houses The Haunted Hotel

#20: The Haunted Hotel

Louisville, KY

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The Haunted Hotel is “Louisville’s longest standing and scariest attraction!” This is a full-touch haunt, so be prepared to have your personal space bubble bombarded at this place! Because the Hotel has received many awards and made several top lists over the years, it comes as no surprise that they’ve made it to this list as well.

Top Haunted Houses Exit 13 Haunted House

#19: Exit 13 Haunted House

Mount Morris, MI

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Voted “Best Haunted Attraction” in Genesee County multiple years in a row, Exit 13 is “your destination for terror!”

Top Haunted Houses The Dead End Hayride

#18: The Dead End Hayride

Wyoming, Minnesota

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The Dead End Hayride is “Minnesota’s Ultimate Horror Experience!” This is an attraction where they say everyone will find a dead end! Will you survive the “scare of your life?”

Top Haunted Houses Screams in the Dark Haunted Attractions

#17: Screams in the Dark Haunted Attractions

Traverse City, MI

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Screams in the Dark is said to be one of Northern Michigan’s largest attractions! In addition, they offer multiple attractions at one location. “Screams in the Dark 6” will kick off on September 29th this Halloween haunt season.

Top Haunted Houses Castle Blood

#16: Castle Blood

Monessen, PA

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Castle Blood is a very unique haunted attraction that takes place in a 100-year-old funeral home! “The tour features a game that changes yearly, always with new game challenges that bring back enthusiastic guests again and again. American Airlines Magazine described a visit to Castle Blood as “playing Clue in the Addams Family house.”

Top Haunted Houses Enigma Haunt

#15: Enigma Haunt

Boca Raton, Florida

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Returning after making it to our 2016 Top 31 “Must-See” Haunts List, Enigma is quickly establishing themselves as a fan favorite in South Florida! Enigma consists of multiple attractions within a single, multi-story building and, remember, “Death is always an option!”

Top Haunted Houses Night Terrors Haunted Farm

#14: Night Terrors Haunted Farm

Schoharie, NY

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Night Terrors Haunted Farm consists of multiple haunted attractions. For 2017, they will also be unveiling their new attraction, “DEADEND!” Opening night will be September 29th.

Top Haunted Houses Spook Hollow

#13: Spook Hollow

Marquette Heights, IL

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Spook Hollow has been scaring Central Illinois for almost 40 years! Serving as a fundraising event that also benefits the Marquette Heights Men’s Club, this is one “Must-See” haunt that you are NOT going to want to miss!

Top Haunted Houses Haunted Angelus Scream Park

#12: Haunted Angelus Scream Park

Hudson, FL

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Haunted Angelus Scream Park is known as “The World’s Largest Fully Handicap Accessible Haunted Attraction.” With multiple attractions spanning their 20 acres, we are sure you will have a frighteningly good time at Angelus!

Top Haunted Houses Bane Haunted House

#11: Bane Haunted House

Livingston, NJ

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Bane Haunted House doesn’t split their show into multiple, smaller houses. Instead, they offer one large haunted attraction so there’s no break in the action! They also have their “Bane Escape” attraction for those who are interested in testing their escape room skills.

Top Haunted Houses Wells Township Haunted House

#10: Wells Township Haunted House

Brilliant, OH

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Wells Township is said to be the “most unique, most intense, most insane, high energy, high octane, live action haunted attraction you have ever seen!” This old-school-style attraction offers around 10,000 square feet of non-stop scares in their 170-year-old building.

Top Haunted Houses Pavo Haunted House

#9: Pavo Haunted House

Pavo, GA

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Each year, Pavo Haunted House tries to pay it forward by providing local sponsorships in their community and making donations to various charities. For the 2017 season, they will be open every weekend in October!

Top Haunted Houses The Shallow Grave

#8: The Shallow Grave

Winter Haven, FL

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The Shallow Grave offers guests nearly 13,000 square feet of scares with two attractions at their single location! The two haunts they will be bringing you this year have been dubbed Betrayal and Pavor Nocturnus, meaning “Nocturnal Panic.”

Top Haunted Houses The Expelled Haunted House

#7: The Expelled Haunted House

Huntsville, AR

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The Expelled Haunted House contains over 6,000 square feet of terrifying encounters! Taking place in an abandoned warehouse, together with over 35 live actors watching every step you take, there is bound to be a jump around nearly every corner.

Top Haunted Houses Nightmare on Edgewood

#6: Nightmare on Edgewood

Indianapolis, IN

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“Indy’s most intense haunt” has many new plans for the 2017 season! They will be featuring a Haunted Movie House, an expanded Big Top attraction and they will also be resurrecting “The Dark Maze.” Nightmare on Edgewood is a full-touch haunt, so if you’re planning on visiting them for the first time this season, then be prepared for some “interaction” when you get there!

Top Haunted Houses Wisconsin Fear Grounds

#5: Wisconsin Fear Grounds

Waukesha, WI

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Wisconsin Fear Grounds is made up of 3 totally separate haunted houses! For 2017, they are also bringing you an all-new attraction, Unknown. They also have an all-new escape room adventure called Hex.

Top Haunted Houses Chamber of Terror

#4: Chamber of Terror

Tampa, FL

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A “Must-See” attraction indeed, Chamber of Terror takes place aboard The American Victory Ship! Their Facebook reviews are holding strong at a 4.8 out of 5, so their ranking on this list comes as no surprise to us. If you find yourself in Tampa this haunt season, be sure to swing by the Florida Aquarium and check out this one-of-a-kind haunted attraction at Channelside!

Top Haunted Houses Abandoned Haunted House Complex

#3: Abandoned Haunted House Complex

Sturtevant, WI

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The Abandoned Haunted House Complex consists of 4 attractions at 1 location! The complex is located just 30 minutes north of Chicago, Illinois or 20 minutes south of Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Top Haunted Houses Psycho Path Haunted Attraction

#2: Psycho Path Haunted Attraction

Sperry, OK

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Psycho Path is located just fifteen minutes north of Tulsa. They offer “both stunning visual and audio effects and intense scares.” In addition, they are a multi-attraction haunt that takes place on a 40-acre farm!

Top Haunted Houses Creepy Hollow Haunted House

#1: Creepy Hollow Haunted House

Rosharon, TX

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Creepy Hollow Haunted House consists of 3 haunted attractions at a single location. The haunts are: 288 Scare Factory, Dark Woods and Pitch Black. They also have escape rooms for those who like to challenge their minds against the clock.

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