2017 Team Jefferson Starship Haunt Awards

Below are Team Jefferson Starship’s 2017 Haunted House Awards. Congratulations go out to each of these incredible haunted attractions!

“Big” Awards

Best Hiding Spots Award Best Hiding Spots – Nightmare’s Gate (GA)
Hardest Haunt to Escape Alive Award Hardest Haunt to Escape Alive / Most Likely to Make You Pee Your Pants – Nightmares Gate (GA)
Scariest Creature Award Scariest Creature – “The Mannequins” at Containment Haunted House (GA)
Most Realistic Scare Award Most Realistic Scare – “The Tesla Coil” at Akron Haunted Schoolhouse &
Laboratory (OH)
Most Interactive Queue Entertainers Award Most Interactive Queue Entertainers – MadWorld (SC)
Most Realistic Costume Award Most Realistic Costume – The London Dungeon (UK)
Best Use of Fog Award Best Use of Fog – Dark Knights Terror Trail (SC)
Most Interactive Character Award Most Interactive Character – “Floyd & Flo” at Boogerwoods (NC)
Most Improved Attraction Award Most Improved Attraction – Nightmare Dungeon (SC)
Best Use of Sound Award Best Use of Sound – Factory of Terror (OH)
Most Intense Characters Award Most Intense Characters – Containment (GA)
Most Intimidating Chainsaw Attacker Award Most Intimidating Chainsaw Attacker – Scream Acres (SC)
Most Entertaining Clown Award Most Entertaining Clown – Carnival of Horrors (OH)
Most Interactive Haunt Award Most Interactive Haunt – Sweet Dreams Scare House (SC)
Best Theme Introduction Award Best Theme Introduction – Containment (GA)
Most Creative Old-School Effects Award Most Creative Old-School Effects – Reapers Realm (NC)
Best Reproduction of Classic Movie Scene Award Best Reproduction of Classic Movie Scene – “Crystal Lake”
at Treedines Haunted Farm (SC)
Best Bus Ride Award Best Bus Ride – Kreepy Hollow (SC)
Best Use of Space Award Best Use of Space – Containment (GA)
Best Small Haunt Award Best Small Haunt – Hudson Haunted House (OH)
Best In-Haunt Corn Maze Best In-Haunt Corn Maze – Deceased Farm (SC)
Best Use of Clowns Award Best Use of Clowns – Paranoia (GA)
Best 3D House Award Best 3D House Award – Netherworld (GA)
Best Pirate Ship Award Best Pirate Ship – Woods of Terror (NC)
Most Entertaining Maze Award Most Entertaining Maze – Fletcher’s Farm (SC)
Best Finale Award Best Finale – Boogerwoods (SC)
Best Original Scene Award Best Original Scene / Special Effect – “The Bees” at Factory of Terror (OH)

“Shout-Out” Awards

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