Top Missouri Haunted Houses Lists

2017 Top Missouri Haunted Houses

top Missouri haunted houses list

top Missouri haunted houses list

Looking for the top Missouri haunted houses? Over the past summer, we hosted our second annual nation-wide poll, where haunted house-goers could vote for their favorite “Must-See” haunted attractions in Missouri. We’ve tallied the results and posted them here so you can find the biggest, best and scariest haunted houses in the State! Don’t forget to Like and Follow our Facebook page and sign up for our Haunt Advisor Newsletter to stay updated with your favorite local haunted houses.

Top Missouri Haunted Houses The Living Dead Haunt

#10: The Living Dead Haunt

Lees Summit, MO

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In a testing facility, the experiments have gone awry. The dead are awake and they can be found within The Living Dead Haunt.

Top Missouri Haunted Houses The Dead Factory Haunted House

#9: The Dead Factory Haunted House

Mexico, MO

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“The Dead Factory Haunted House is a Haunted Attraction with Hollywood-Style effects and design.”

Top Missouri Haunted Houses The Haunted Hill

#8: The Haunted Hill

Waynesville, MO

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The Haunted Hill is an intense walk through the woods. Untamed creatures will be awaiting your arrival, so be sure to swing by and test your luck this Halloween haunt season!

Top Missouri Haunted Houses The Edge of Hell

#7: The Edge of Hell

Kansas City, MO

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“The Edge of Hell has been scaring Kansas City since 1975, and is widely regarded as the Grandaddy of all haunted houses.”

Top Missouri Haunted Houses Hotel of Terror

#6: Hotel of Terror

Springfield, MO

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The Hotel of Terror has been welcoming customers since 1978! Now the attraction utilizes all four floors of their building. They have had a 96-foot escape slide since 1980 that they still use to this day. Opening night for the Hotel this year is September 8th, so mark your calendars and be sure to stop in for a scare!

Top Missouri Haunted Houses Waco School House Haunt

#5: Waco School House Haunt

Asbury, MO

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This attraction takes place in an abandoned schoolhouse that was built in 1934. In 2013, the doors were pried open after the school remained closed for 30 years! Do you dare discover what’s inside?

Top Missouri Haunted Houses Factory of Horror

#4: Factory of Horror

Berger, MO

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Factory of Horror takes place in an old factory that was built in 1939. The team behind this attraction have over 35 years of combined experience in the haunt industry! So, needless to say, we are sure they know how to prey on some of your most hidden fears.

Top Missouri Haunted Houses The Twisted Forest

#3: The Twisted Forest

Joplin, MO

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“The Twisted Forest is a haunted attraction situated on a turn-of-the-century farm property abandoned in the 1980’s due to supernatural disturbances.” The twists of the forest offer a 45+ minute trail where you will be taken through dilapidated buildings, as well as a 3,000 square foot maze.

Top Missouri Haunted Houses Monster Corn Maze

#2: Monster Corn Maze

Cabool, MO

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“Something lurks in the corn” at Monster Corn Maze. You will also encounter a three-story house that will block your path to the woods. If you make it to the woods, you will quickly realize that an entire village resides here and only the creatures within will hear your screams!

Top Missouri Haunted Houses Phobius Haunted House

#1: Phobius Haunted House

Wright City, MO

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Phobius Haunted House is where Dr. Fears resides. Within his abode and dark carnival, you will come across many horrific sights. Take it from us when we tell you not to eat the Phobius chili! Phobius has many great reviews and is currently holding a 4.8 out of 5 on their Facebook reviews as well.

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