Top [State] Haunted Houses Lists

2017 Virginia Haunted Houses

top Virginia haunted houses list

top Virginia haunted houses list

Looking for the top Virginia haunted houses? Over the past summer, we hosted our second annual nation-wide poll, where haunted house-goers could vote for their favorite “Must-See” haunted attractions in Virginia. We’ve tallied the results and posted them here so you can find the biggest, best and scariest haunted houses in the State! Don’t forget to Like and Follow our Facebook page and sign up for our Haunt Advisor Newsletter to stay updated with your favorite local haunted houses.

Top Virginia Haunted Houses The Meeks Manor

#10: The Meeks Manor

Salem, VA

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Meeks Manor is Virginia’s newest haunted house! The house is all indoors, as well as the waiting line. This haunt tells the story of how 3 members of the Meeks family were turned into 3 of the deadliest sociopaths. There seems to be a lot of excitement for this attraction and we can’t wait to hear about what they have to show their visitors!

Top Virginia Haunted Houses Mountain Empire Haunted Forest

#9: Mountain Empire Haunted Forest

Big Stone Gap, VA

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The Haunted Forest begins on October 6th for the 2017 haunting season. Proceeds from the Haunted Forest are used to fund student scholarships and club activities. They say there also seems to be a darker presence in the woods…

Top Virginia Haunted Houses Night Watch Haunt

#8: Night Watch Haunt

Hillsville, VA

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The Night Watch Haunt is located at the Old Jail House. It is also the newest haunted house to Southwest Virginia!

Top Virginia Haunted Houses Shocktober

#7: Shocktober

Leesburg, VA

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Shocktober takes place in a real haunted house! This is also a charity attraction where all proceeds go to The Arc of Loudoun at Paxton Campus. Their opening night for 2017 is September 29th!

Top Virginia Haunted Houses Gallows Dead Oak Hollow

#6: Gallows Dead Oak Hollow

Elliston, VA

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Gallows Dead Oak Hollow offers multiple haunted attractions all at one location! Also, the scenes tell stories that are real and true about the Woodson Massacre that took place nearly 40 years ago.

Top Virginia Haunted Houses The Haunted Major Graham Mansion

#5: The Haunted Major Graham Mansion

Max Meadows, VA

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The Haunted Major Graham Mansion takes place in a building that was previously deemed “haunted” by the SyFy Channel’s Ghost Hunters! Opening night for the 2017 haunt season is September 29th.

Top Virginia Haunted Houses Granby Manor

#4: Granby Manor

Yorktown, VA

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“Granby Manor is home to 999 restless spirits.” We are sure you will run into many of them if you dare to visit! This Manor is also loosely based on Disney’s Haunted Mansion, so it offers more of a classical haunted house experience.

Top Virginia Haunted Houses DarkWood Manor Haunted House

#3: DarkWood Manor Haunted House

Luray, VA

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Each year, DarkWood Manor creates a new story for their guests to experience! Also, they have been basing their attraction on true stories for over 15 years. The house itself was built in 1880 and has a lot of it’s own history. Are you brave enough to enter?

Top Virginia Haunted Houses RED VEIN Haunted House

#2: RED VEIN Haunted House

Ashland, VA

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RED VEIN Haunted House will consist of 3 attractions for the 2017 season! They are: “Providence” (an indoor haunted house), “Rabbit’s Cry Field” (an outdoor corn maze), and “RED VEIN Escape” (a 3-minute escape room). In addition, the event takes place at Hanover Vegetable Farm and is presented by RED VEIN ARMY.

Top Virginia Haunted Houses Frightmare

#1: Frightmare

Chesapeake, VA

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Frightmare is opening an all-new experience for 2017, “Sinister!” This is also a “Rated R” haunt with intense and graphic scenes of carnage, disturbing images and bloodletting that may be too intense for some, especially children.

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