Secret Sips at Hush Haunted Attraction Preview

Photo courtesy of Hush Haunted Attractions and the EPIC Entertainment Group

Part of Team Freddy’s Angels had the opportunity to preview a haunt that is the only one of its kind in the US. Sure to be a fan favorite for 2022, HUSH’s secret bars and new haunts will surely make your blood run cold and give you a fright.

Photo courtesy of Hush Haunted Attractions

Epic Entertainment Group and HUSH Haunted Attractions have partnered together to bring the secret bar-style haunt to Michigan, and boy, have they delivered. As the only active haunt of its kind, HUSH presents new additions to its award-winning haunt and adds 3 secret bars strategically placed throughout the attraction. Not just anyone can walk to these secret speakeasies, you are only granted access if you are the very lucky owner of some very precious tokens.

Photo courtesy of Hush Haunted Attractions

How does one go about obtaining such a treasure? Only select spooks, ghouls, and characters can give you the tokens through interaction. Even after you have one, you must then find the secret bar. You must solve mystifying clues to be led to its location and present your token. What do you get when you mix an interactive haunt, secret bars, and a to-die-for cast? Chaos.

Team Freddy’s Angels ( had two team members in attendance at HUSH’s Secret Sips Media Night event, where we had access to a one-of-a-kind haunted attraction. Coming upon its 10-year anniversary, HUSH has again evolved by adding more horror, terror, and fright to its already robust program, taking haunt to the next level. We were greeted with smiling faces, given media credentials and a quick photo op, and mingled with other media reps before the fun began. As soon as we turned the corner, it felt as though we traveled back in time to New Orleans and landed in the French Quarter.

Freddy’s Angels team member Samantha Mackie (left) and team lead Amanda Hansen (right) inside VooDoo Blues secret bar

The VooDoo Blues bar is just to the right as you walk in. There, we met with three potion options to try, which were specially mixed with the tears of their enemies. Of course, that isn’t true, but they were all just as sweet and delicious as if they had been.

To leave some mystery to the experience, our favorite was named the Vampire’s kiss. True to its name, it had a smooth flavor and slight sweetness with a good bite at the end. We were then grouped with other media teams to tour the main portion of the attraction, which encompassed portions of all three attractions on site. Our first haunted stop was Belly of the Beast, located in the Hush Falls Hotel underground as a temple for the dark Lord Anglor. Our wonderful Bellhop directed our attention so some wonderfully awful taxidermy. He then tested our wits about us with a great initial scare before we even made it inside the main hallway. Throughout this haunt, we saw the amount of detail added to the space, which gave it a very realistic presentation.

If you aren’t careful, a monster may snatch you and offer you as a sacrifice to appease the Dark Lord.

Photo courtesy of Hush Haunted Attractions and the EPIC Entertainment Group

We were then transported into the Louisiana Catacombs with adventurer Johnny Plunder where our mission was to find the Base Camp secret bar. The graveyard gives the perfect spooky ambiance, and horror seemed to be around every corner; our fellow companions’ grips grew tighter. Reminiscent of the Catacombs de Paris, skulls neatly line the walls as if to try and warn those passing through of the danger that awaits them. The gasps and shrills echoed in the corridors until we were safely tucked away at the Base Camp. The lovely Blood Sacrifice was on the menu, and you would give your right arm just to try it.

Photo courtesy of Hush Haunted Attractions and the EPIC Entertainment Group. This is our tour group

The last attraction plays on the fear of dolls with a little spice of clowns through into the mix, making the perfect recipe for disaster. If you looked too closely for too long, it was as if the dolls would come to life right before your eyes. Adding to the fun is an ominous clown that waits until you aren’t paying attention, then he makes his deadly move.

We then made our way to the next bar: Von Rose Distillery, where Corpse Bride Reviver (with Electric Blue dust rim) was the fan favorite beverage of the bar. The bartender was phenomenal as she was undead and still at work serving; serious dedication there. Not only is it delicious, but it is gorgeous to look at while you are enjoying a sip. She explained the contents of the elixir and the best way to enjoy it. You take a lick, wait a bit, and take a sip. Not only does it taste amazing, but it feels as if tiny little feet were dancing on your tongue.

After completing the tour, we made our way over to the Legendary Ax (ax throwing bar), where ax throwing competitions commenced, and we got the chance to interact with the actors behind the characters and the haunt owner. Once you have your heart rate up from fright, you can blow off some steam next door acting as expert ax throwers and enjoy a cold beer. We each took a shot at ax throwing; this happened on the first shot:

Safe to say, one of us is secretly a serial killer just waiting for her debut.

Overall, the event was a complete success. So much so, Team Freddy’s Angels requested a full review on the new haunt in the coming weeks, and HUSH agreed! We cannot wait to go back and immerse ourselves into the haunt in its entirety, all the cast in attendance and a new addition said to be double the size of the original HUSH.

If you feel brave enough to attempt making it all the way through, HUSH will have its first night of operation Friday, September 30th, with hours every Friday, Saturday and Sunday through the first weekend in November. Base ticket prices range from $19.99-$32.99 depending on which day you choose to attend, and if you wish, you can add on either the fast pass for $11 additional dollars or the Immediate pass for an additional $22 dollars. Tickets can be purchased online or at the door, information can be found on HUSH’s website, as well as the description for each ticket option. Operation hours range from weekend to weekend depending on the day of the week and the actual date; always check the website to verify. Arrive early if you want to get a good parking spot and spot in line; HUSH is going to be one of the go-to haunts this year, which means lines could get long. 

If you are looking for a good scare with a twist, you will definitely want to check out HUSH Haunted Attraction, but only if you think you can handle it.

Article written by: Amanda Hansen of Team Freddy’s Angels

Photos by: HUSH Haunted Attractions,EPIC Entertainment Group, and Freddy’s Angels

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