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Welcome to The Scare Factor’s HAUNT NEWS page! Here you’ll find some things that you may not have known about some of your favorite haunted attractions from across the country. Have a suggestion for a future article? E-mail us your request at thescarefactor@yahoo.com or fill out our “Contact Us” form at the bottom of our home page!

2016 New Haunted Houses

2016 New Haunted Houses List

Looking for some new haunts to visit this year? Check out our 2016 List of New Haunted Houses from across the U.S.!

13 haunted house attractions really haunted

Have you heard of these 13 Haunted House Attractions that are REALLY Haunted?

Every Halloween enthusiast enjoys a good scare every once in a while. But what if that whisper you heard or the hand that brushed your shoulder WASN’T a flesh-and-bone person? Here’s a list of 13 haunted attractions with full-time “spooks” that can be more terrifying than any scare-actor!


Have you heard of these 13 UNIQUE attractions?

We gathered information about 13 uniquely spooky haunted attractions from across the country. Follow the link above to learn more about what makes them so different…

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