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Hush Haunted Attraction is a Haunted Attraction located in Westland, MI.

37550 Cherry Hill Road, Westland, MI 48185
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This attraction was reviewed on October 13, 2018 by Team Michigan Macabre.

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Final Score: 9.07

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Hush Corporation established the town of Hush Falls, Louisiana, in 1781. Pulling the wool over their communities eyes, Hush Corporation had ulterior motives for creating the city, very dark motives indeed. Voodoo was involved, people were killed, Hush Falls was sealed off, and the city was forgotten. That is, until now… and until you came exploring (a.k.a. disturbing) the ruins of a broken and ancient city.

Cast: 9.46

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The cast within Hush spans a wide array of characters because you are exploring an entire city within their walls. With an average of 40-50 actors per night, there is plenty to keep you screaming. Hush was excellent at spreading the actors out, not having too many in one area and also having some dead space to keep the entertainment flowing consistently.

The actors played their roles with enthusiasm, which helped to carry the theme throughout. The cast drew us into the Louisianian culture complete with accents and jargon. There was scary and also comical engagement from the actors. For instance, the tour guide of the mausoleum had a mardi gras flair that transported us to Bourbon Street. Then, there was the Bishop, who had a very eerie presence… silently judging us as we trespassed through his city.

The actors cleverly and creatively played their roles and never did we see or hear anybody break character. Some of the actors we never even saw, there was a small voice trapped within the cemetery who yelled for help, which surely would never come.

Costuming: 8.92

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The costuming at Hush was very well thought out. All of the actors were dressed from head to toe. There were a few smudged up dirty faces with paint that could have probably had more detail, but overall, the makeup and costuming was well done. One noticeable mask was seen sticking out of the shirt, and the actor had apparent difficulty wearing it, which regrettably took us out of the moment.

The initial greeter in the bell tower, the mausoleum tour guide, and the Bishop all stood out and were put together exceptionally well. Even the gentleman on the bayou had simple, but appropriate attire to keep with the theme.

Customer Service: 9.43

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Hush was found rather quickly with the help of a spotlight and the lit up signs out front. Also, the movie screen high up on the building directed our attention. There was also an employee waving in traffic to the back lot. We mistakenly took the person out front to be saying there was no parking available because we thought he was waving the cars to continue down the main road, as did a couple cars in front of us, so we followed them and parked at a nearby closed business. Once we walked up to the venue, we saw the road to the back of the building for parking.

The night we went, it was raining pretty steadily, and Hush is partially an open venue where the ceilings are not all entirely closed off. This allowed substantial rainwater inside of the structures which we felt like positively added to the theme, but, it did cause some slippery floors and puddles to form which could be a potential safety concern. However, there were many steps throughout the haunt wherein the actors did point them out along the way to ensure our safety. The staff members were friendly and approachable. The lady providing the rules and letting people into the haunt was fun to talk to and engaging.

Provided on their website is all of the information needed to attend Hush. They had portable restrooms and a gift shop on site, with t-shirts and water available for purchase. The queue line is entirely outside so dress accordingly, and even on the rainy night we attended, there was a large gathering of people eager to withstand the elements to experience this haunt!

Atmosphere: 8.6

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The sound you hear upon walking up to Hush is that of a bell tolling, which is surprisingly a great backdrop and does prepare you for what you are going to experience. The location, being in the middle of other businesses, interferes with the haunted house atmosphere, but, Hush has put much effort into creating a spooky environment before even entering the haunt. The projection screen provides you with something to watch, and the outside of the haunt is decorated nicely to tie into their theme. We were even impressed with the ticket offered to us, as it is an ‘invite’ giving you something to read while waiting, explaining the history of the now ruined city.

Special Effects: 9.4

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The sound effects within Hush were very creative and different than those at other haunts we have visited. Again, the bell tolling was also carried through into the haunt and was incorporated very well. We do not want to spoil any surprises for our readers, so let’s just say there is one scene involving a specific animal noise (and smell) which was a new concept for us to experience!

Hush’s scenes were our favorite part of their haunt! The scenes are elaborately contrived and created in-house. Hush is a detail-packed production, and we only wish we could have spent more time taking in all the craftsmanship it provided. Hush had many details to a haunt that we have never seen before; definitely, an impressive amount of work invested. You have to remember, within those walls is an entire city, and they did an excellent job showcasing the scenes.

The actor’s props and the props within the scenes all worked flawlessly together to provide a scary good time. One-of-a-kind animatronic-type props were throughout the haunt giving genuine scares as we have not encountered them before. Everything from doors opening and closing, to medical equipment, to larger than life moving props, to actual Spanish moss (flown in from Louisiana, by the way!) to banjo playing bayou locals that kept you on your toes not knowing what types of scares would emerge from these beautifully constructed scenes.

Theme: 9.6

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It is probably safe to say, you will not find the theme to Hush in any other haunt. The theme is one of a forgotten city, but that is not particular enough for Hush, so they threw in the location of Louisiana to give it more roots. The theme is essential to Hush, and nobody can beat their devotion to this theme. The haunt provides you with a unique ticket before entering for your reading pleasure to ensure you know what theme to expect. Additionally, a short video once entering gives you a visual representation of the history of Hush Falls, the city which met its demise.

Hush’s theme resonates throughout the entire haunt; there is no question about that. The actors with their Mardi Gras flair, the unmistakable Louisiana style mausoleum, and backyard bayou gave you all the right southern feels.

Scare Factor: 8.44

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Hush has a great mix of quality actor scares and animated prop type scares. Our team felt that Hush has a unique psychological quality to it. We would compare it more to a psychological thriller versus a slasher horror film. The overarching theme plays to your psyche in such a way that it scares you on a deeper level. We had no idea the scares within Hush’s city limits would cause us to question our mental stability when we left!

Hush is money well-spent when you consider the duration of the haunt and quality of the scares. One of our team members was singled out often, due to her terrified reactions, but other members of our team were not engaged with on a one-on-one basis much at all. Perhaps this could be an opportunity for improvement for Hush in the future. Another area for development would be the finale. There was not much of one at all. Two actors were at the final ending of the haunt, but they did not provide any finale worthy scare causing us to run out the exit fearing for our lives as we expected.

Entertainment & Value: 9.04

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Hush kept us within their city for a total of 18 minutes. That seemed short to us as we felt like we were within their walls for a much longer duration. With general admission being $20; that is a minutes per dollar score of .9. There is a VIP ticket available to skip the long wait in line; we highly suggest this option if you can do so.

We did not have queue entertainment other than the video projector although that could have been due to the weather on the night we attended, but unfortunately, no queue actors were out and about that night.

General Admission – $20
VIP Fast Pass – $30

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