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Museum Of Horrors is a Haunted Attraction located in Fenton, Stroke-on-Trent.

32 Victoria Road, Fenton, Stroke-on-Trent ST4 2LJ
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Free Parking, Restrooms/Porta Potties On-Site, Gift Shop/Souvenirs, “Extreme” Attraction, You may be touched, Original Characters, Indoor Waiting Line, All-Indoor Attraction

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This attraction was reviewed on December 8, 2023 by Team Crypt Seekers.

Final Score: 8.98

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The Museum of Horrors is a year-round attraction that invites guests through a series of rooms themed around particular genres of horror movies, where you can get up close and personal to items on display throughout the building in themed rooms, all culminating in a final showroom where you can see their horror movie and TV prop collection.

The Museum of Horrors is a brand new attraction, but in addition to their year-round museum space and daily guided tours, they also have live actor days throughout the year, where for a day or two each month crazed creatures take over this unique space to terrorise any victim who might find themselves traversing the terrifying halls of the building. The themed rooms throughout the museum are turned into mini horrifying vignettes, where an audience members’ fear and bravery are tested as they go from one room to another, facing completely different stories and terrifying characters. The question is, can you make it out alive, or will you need to use their safe word to escape the terror before you?

Cast Score: 9.41

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Cast Review:

Museum of Horrors utilises an amazing troupe of actors from Central Legion, a community of creative volunteers who support charities as costumed characters. Each of the first four vignettes had a pair of talented actors who played off of each other; complete characters in their own little horrifying play. The last vignette had a whole host of actors, and although we were hooded we know there was a small handful of actors in this room, although the chaos that they all brought to the table made it feel like we were being attacked by an entire legion of crazed characters!

We were awed at the level of creativity and believability of all of the characters. This wasn’t a maze where you get jumped at from dark corners as you rush past them – instead, we were in these rooms with these characters for long periods of times, and they never once broke character but instead interacted with their fellow team while at the same time improvising new interactions with each audience member in the room. The intensity of each of the characters in all of the rooms was incredible, with each and every actor bringing everything to the table. What made the experience so unique was that the actors also had such different characters and energies, making the event a rollercoaster from start to finish. Some characters brought terror, others were unfortunate victims whose cries carried on for agonising periods of time, and still others kept us on an unsettled precipice for ages, all causing us to experience the entire range from sadness to dread, to absolute terror, but also with a bit of comedy speckled in at the most strategic moments. Never once did any of these actors break character – it was truly a masterclass in character acting!

The dialogue in every one of the rooms was unique – there was certainly a script, but never once was that obvious. It all flowed well, and each story being told in front of us was complex, complete and unique – this was definitely not your bog standard scare attraction. The level of theatricality in all the spaces brought forward by this great troupe of actors was high – and while there may have been a script, every one of the audience members was roped into these stories, each of us having our own separate connection and interaction with the characters in the rooms, whether it be a deranged killer, a zombie, vampire, or demonic priest.

Costuming Score: 9.04

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Costuming Review:

In every section of the attraction, the actors were adorned in remarkably imaginative costumes perfectly suited to their surroundings. Every scene featured fully costumed performers who effortlessly drew you into the moment. One standout was the incredibly realistic zombie under the supervision of a scientist. The meticulous prosthetics were so convincing that as he lurched towards us, it sent shivers down our spines.

Certain costumes, like the chilling portrayal of an ominous serial killer who welcomed us to his table, were incredibly detailed and accurately modelled after real-life figures—in this case Jeffrey Dahmer, complete with a drill. Each costume seamlessly blended into its respective scene, leaving no doubt that we were encountering authentic characters at every turn.

We were also very pleased to see the attention to detail given to the deadpan queue actor clown, who’s elaborate outfit was perfectly paired with terrifying makeup, as well as our dapper host and guide for the evening who made us feel as if we were transported into another eerie century.

Customer Service Score: 8.4

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Customer Service Review:

The Museum of Horrors is located in Fenton, Stoke-on-Trent, on one of the main streets in the town. Parking is available on the street and we didn’t have any difficulty securing a space (local paid parking in the municipal lot is also available). We parked outside, so there was no challenge in reaching the venue.

Safety-wise, you are in the good hands of a professional cast and crew who will look out for your welfare, including the presence of discreet cameras in each room to ensure this. Some of the experience is very physical and you will be moved around by the actors (and you must sign a waiver). One of our party did bump their head on the rafters when lifted up by an actor, although the rafter is padded for safety. Be warned that this is a more extreme experience than most.

The staff at Museum of Horrors were delightful, courteous, and helpful, spending time with us to make sure we got the most out of the experience. They are passionate about the attraction and this infectious enthusiasm is welcome.

Because the attraction is brand new (opening for the first time this Halloween and only three months old) the web presence is still being fully established, making finding information a little challenging. Moreover, the booking system is only through Facebook, meaning you’ll need to write in to find out about the times available for your visit.

Immersion Score: 8.73

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Immersion Review:

Upon arrival at Museum of Horrors, you are automatically wowed by the building itself; a beautiful gothic structure that the team has entirely renovated in merely a few months from absolute scratch. It’s truly amazing what they’ve done to the space, and as soon as you walk into the front doors (after knocking on an old and creepy door-knocker), you’re let into their front crypt space, a beautiful cavern foyer with magical and creepy lighting that really sets the tone for what you’re about to experience. There was an immediate spooky feeling to the environment, and this feeling was persistent throughout our entire experience!

While an actual museum by day, their immersive actor performances are meant to give you an in-depth tour into their museum of horrors, with a tail-coated gentlemen guiding you to each room to meet yet another terrifying vignette. In each of the five rooms we explored, the storylines were not just creative but also incredibly believable. Each room was themed, from floor to ceiling, immersing us completely in its distinct world. The dedication of the actors to their roles further heightened the authenticity of each space, making the experience truly immersive. It was great to see how each of these rooms with their separate vignettes played homage to iconic horror scenes and themes, from a room of demonic possession giving true Exorcist vibes, to a real play-by-play experience of Dahmer with one of his victims. Each vignette stood out as unique and distinct, yet they were all woven together, creating a tapestry of living horrors within this immersive museum experience.

The Museum of Horrors was incredibly interactive and immersive, with one of us physically attacked by a zombie, another of us cornered by a serial killer, and all of us kidnapped, our heads covered in sacks, and then tied and strung up only to be tortured by crazed maniacs. We had full fledged interactions with vampires, drank blood, and feared we would be vomited upon by a possessed young woman. And even when we weren’t in a specific room, but instead traversing the eerie house with its dimly lit corridors, we were always immersed in this horrific world, knowing that evil lurked behind every door, ready to make each and every one of us its victim.

Special FX Score: 8.95

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Special FX Review:

Every room within the attraction is beautifully crafted, and the experience is enriched by an array of special effects. Soundscapes are omnipresent, with carefully chosen music enhancing the atmosphere in distinct ways. For instance, in the serial killer room, period-appropriate music sets the tone fittingly for an encounter with Dahmer. As you descend into the chaotic basement, the ambiance shifts dramatically with the accompaniment of heavy metal music, intensifying the experience.

The rooms themselves evoked explicit images of the unfolding horror. The sight of the zombie devouring Dorothy’s realistic-looking guts was a vivid highlight. Similarly, the sparsely adorned torture dungeon at the pinnacle of the experience was chilling, where participants were physically strapped in for a truly immersive and unsettling ride.

Every room had a distinctive scent that plunged you further into the experience, for example the pervasive vomitous smell in the room with a very real looking exorcism. There was a horrific pervasiveness of blood, guts and filth from room to room, which really led to quite the unsettling experience!

Scare Factor Score: 9.05

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Scare Factor Review:

Another element that made Museum of Horrors so unique was how the scare factor of the experience ramped up as you progressed through the house, with the first room feeling like a horror movie you were watching up until the last room where we were physically moved, dragged and tied up as stars in our own horror movie. What this experience did differently than many others we have experienced is just how much they played into the feeling of being unsettled. There were hints of very dark comedy that kept getting darker and darker, and in some moments we were so taken aback and unsettled that we didn’t know how to respond, especially in their true crime room where we had to sit and watch as Dahmer taunted and tortured both his victim as well as the other audience members around us.

Each room had its one scare factor in our eyes, and what made some of them have such a high scare factor was that we were completely taken out of our comfort zone. We’ve never shared a dinner table with a killer, forced as spectators to a kidnapping and potential murder. Scenes like this made our skin crawl and our stomach turn, with a sense of dread and a swell of panic welling up with each twist and turn of the story.

Due to the intimate nature of each one of these performances, you go through this experience in a very small group, and thus every audience member is guaranteed to have a fully interactive experience, meaning everyone is provided with scares and that each member is a potential target at all times. And with each change of room and scene, a different level and type of fear is played with, meaning that you never re-enter your comfort zone until you’ve survived the entire experience. In fact, you’re given a safe word at this attraction, with the probability of someone calling out the safe word becoming higher and higher as the intensity of the rooms becomes greater and greater, all ending in a shocking finale that is as physical as it is terrifying.

Entertainment & Value Score: 8.88

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E&V Review:

For the price of £20.00 per person, spanning about 40 minutes, you’re taken on a captivating journey through five meticulously crafted rooms—a worthwhile investment. Beyond the attraction, the experience extends to encounters with characters (in our case, a dark clown), adding an extra layer of immersion. Additionally, the chance for a photo opportunity included in the experience adds a delightful touch.

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