Review of Mystery Mansion at Breakout N Indy Escape Room

Review of Mystery Mansion at Breakout N Indy Escape Room

Review of Mystery Mansion at Breakout N Indy Escape Room

Mystery Mansion at Breakout N Indy

Mystery Mansion at Breakout N Indy is a Escape Room located in , .

8455 Castlewood Drive, A, Indianapolis, IN 46250
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Team Zombillies reviewed this Escape Room on February 10, 2018.

Final Score: 7.34


When we discovered “Mystery Mansion” at Breakout on their website, we couldn’t resist the idea of how much fun we could have. With the notion that there’s “a presence looming over the old house,” not only could it give us the adrenaline rush from needing to free ourselves within a 60-minute time frame, but maybe… just maybe it could give us a little scare during February too! Paired with two groups of strangers (8 total), we began our challenge at max capacity. We tested our luck at getting to the bottom of the mysteries awaiting us within this mansion. The question is, did it deliver?

Atmosphere & Customer Service: 6.6

We used Google Maps as our trusty GPS to help us navigate to Breakout’s Castleton (North Indianapolis) location. Presumably due to being in an industrial park, our “destination” didn’t quite take us all the way to the front door. Luckily, a small “Breakout” yard sign with an arrow picked up where Google left off and got us back on track. If you’ve never been here before, you may want to plan on showing up early in case you have trouble finding it too.

Once we found it, navigating the facility was easy. Their large logo outside the front door and the red/black interior (with additional logos) assured us that we were at the right place. A restroom was available right inside the front door and several friendly staff members greeted us and helped us get checked in. Waivers can be signed online when you buy your tickets or on-site after you arrive. There was music playing and reasonable seating options in the lobby area while we waited our turn. We didn’t notice any pre-game puzzles to get the thinking juices in our brains flowing beforehand.

As we waited, several groups were ending their games and getting their pictures taken. We noticed that none of them succeeded at breaking themselves free. This caught our attention and that of the strangers waiting along with us.

Safety was a clear priority at Breakout. Any props or fixtures that were out-of-play were secure and labeled as such. If you need to leave the room early, all you have to do is turn the doorknob and walk out.

We really want to give sixteen thumbs up to our Game Master. She was very friendly, familiar with the game and wasted no time in giving us useful clues. She also did a great job of debriefing us afterwards.

Immersion: 5.75

As their site implies, your experience starts within the ruins of an old mansion that was abandoned decades ago by a “reclusive and eccentric family.” To quote Breakout, “Since then, a dark cloud has hovered over the mansion and, rumor has it, they’ve left behind a priceless object that can lift the curse.” Your team has 60 minutes to get to the bottom of the mystery, find the precious object and escape the mansion. If you don’t, you will “become one of the missing.”

The session began with a theme introduction from our Game Master. Shortly after, we watched a video that reiterated the above story. In hindsight, the theme of this room was a bit vague. We found some confusing details (such as “missing” people having “died on” dates). There were some creative “easter eggs” that made some of the clues more cohesive, but, they didn’t necessarily help tie up some of the theme’s loose ends. For example, we didn’t feel or see much of the “dark cloud” or “presence” during our visit. Despite this, we could still tell that we were in a “mansion” and the props were period-correct.

From a technical point of view, this room uses a good mix of traditional tricks and modern electronics. That said, we would label this room as a “Gen1.5” (Gen1 with a hint of Gen2). From UV lights and infrared beams to simple magnets and subtle discrepancies, all we can say is “leave no stone unturned.”

There was a variety of theme-appropriate decor within the game. The combination of old photos, a boarded-up window, an upright piano and a toe-pincher coffin gave us the idea that something definitely wasn’t right about this abandoned estate. The ceiling tiles reiterated the feel of an old spooky mansion to us the most.

Some of these things do require interaction while others do not. Our Game Master did a great job of explaining to us how we would know if something was a clue or not. This helped us out quite a bit, along with labels in various places that warned us not to move certain items.

For a spine-chilling mansion, it was quiet throughout most of our captivity. Except for some props and our countdown TV, we were a bit disappointed with the room’s lack of creepy sound effects. Alas, this observation is mentioned in hindsight while analyzing our experience; it’s not a feeling that we encountered while rummaging around and looking for clues.

Gameplay: 8.25

We couldn’t find much info about this particular game’s difficulty before our visit. Though, when we arrived, we asked our Game Master about the room’s success rate, which ranks in at between 30% – 40%. Our team (with the help of our other guests) managed to escape with about 6 minutes to spare. This room used several tricks that we’ve never seen before and, thus, never thought to look for. Some of us caught on to them rather quickly, so the other guests may have failed without us being with them (…or was that the other way around?). On that note, we would agree with Breakout’s 8-person limit, given the size of the area where most of the clues are. At one point, we all had to stop what we were doing and only let two people work together in solving one of the tasks because everyone was shouting different (mostly incorrect) information at the same time.

The clues and puzzles in this room were set up in more of a “linear” fashion (found and solved in a certain order). There are a few red herrings in place (dummies / decoys), so be on the lookout for those. Some of the puzzles had enough difficulty that we had to break down and ask for a clue… or four.

Speaking of clues, you will have an unlimited supply at Breakout. The best part is that you are not penalized after using a certain number of them. Keep in mind, though, that EVERY group member must agree before the Game Master will give you one. Should you decide you need one, all you have to do is ask and the Game Master will provide them via a speaker system. Whenever we asked for one, they were very helpful at getting us past what we were stuck on.

Our Game Master was very attentive. If she saw us struggling too much, she would intervene just enough to nudge us along and keep the game progressing. Though, we never felt like she was getting too involved or nosy. It helped that she could always hear us and was paying excellent attention; she was able to instantly help us each time we needed her.

The remaining time for the game is on a TV screen hanging on the wall. We had to remember to look at it every so often, as it was easy to get immersed in the game and lose track of time.

Entertainment & Value: 8.75

Non-discounted admission is $24.99 per person. But the question is, “Did this room deliver?”

Well, we had an amazing time trying to solve the puzzles, even while being in the room with strangers. With 6 minutes to spare, we definitely stayed busy long enough to feel like we got our money’s worth.

This room is “appropriate for all-ages,” but they did manage to give us a startle with one of the props (kudos to that)! This is one of the lowest-priced rooms in the Indianapolis area. Despite us feeling that the room could have dived deeper into a “spooky mansion” feel, our visit was still well worth the price and merits a return visit!

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