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Reapers Revenge is a Haunted Attraction located in Scranton, PA.

460 Green Grove Road, Scranton, PA 18447
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Multiple HauntsHaunted HayrideZombie Paintball


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This attraction was reviewed on September 30, 2018 by Team Old Crow Hollow.

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Final Score: 9.44

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Reaper’s Revenge is nearly a perfect 2-hour long marathon of terror offering four haunts in one! Reaper’s in consistently voted among the top attractions in the world and always comes in high on the rating scales and we can see why!

It all starts with a 30-minute haunted hayride featuring many familiar characters that look and feel like the real thing. There are also some surprises along the way, and everything is generally over the top in size and quantity. The best thing about the Hayride is that it makes you feel as if your wagon is the only one on the trail; it stops in numerous places for what feels like 5 minutes at one stop. This give the effects and monsters plenty of time to meet you. During your journey, the actors will continuously climb aboard and utilize the low level of the wagon to great effect. The actors here will touch you, as well as randomly select people for certain things. However, you can choose to wear a safety glow necklace to prevent yourself from being touched.

The next attraction is their Lost Carnival. The actors within make you feel as if you’re part of the show and they will interact with you. Be prepared to face some scary and deranged clowns.

Third is Pitch Black and the name is the game! You will be submerged into complete darkness and this was the single most terrifying attraction I’ve ever been in. It’s 10 minutes of being absolutely terrified of losing the person in front of you and being completely lost.

You’re last stop will be Sector 13. You also get the option to choose the glow necklace for this one. We can go ahead and tell you now, there was a lot of confusion and disorientation in this one as well!

Cast: 9.63

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To break Reaper’s down more categorically, the cast here is just spot-on and embrace whatever their characters require. The iconic characters on the Hayride are particularly well cast in body size and movement. It feels like the legendary slashers just jumped out of the movie; Jason is a beefy wrecking ball, Michael Myers is tall and lanky, and so on. As mentioned above, the actors continuously climb aboard the wagon and they CAN touch you unless you choose to take a safety necklace and in that case, they will still get in your face. The actors make you feel as though part of the show and, on the night that we went, we rode with a number of visitors from other haunted attractions; owners, actors, and operations people who all understand and love the haunt life broke out in applause for the skills and efforts of the actors.

The scare actors are into their roles, whether they are just doing jump scares or out in the open in the Lost Carnival or Pitch Black to deliver storylines or characterization. A lot of times, they are just there to further space out the groups, but they use that time to stand out as a character in a scene rather than just going through the motions. It feels like there are a thousand scare actors here because they are all doing something and doing it very well!

The actors in Lost Carnival are all about character and interaction, whether they are carneys or other characters related to a circus or desolate carnival, everything about them fits into that scene. After the Carnival, you will re-board the wagon. Along the way, there are more scenes from movies and the characters here in the second part are starting to get more aggressive, more physical and darker where the first part was fun. This part is now more serious and threatening.

The characters outside Pitch Black were interactive. Before entering you will encounter the doorman who will talk to you and he is great with improv. I guess he’s some sort of supervisor. Right after that, you will meet a janitor outside of an elevator. This area wasn’t really for scaring but it was a good way to interact with guests and talk while setting up the real scares that were waiting for us.

We want to give a shout-out to the Vampire Lady at the bridge as she was spot-on with her natural sounding Transylvanian accent.

Costuming: 9.4

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Whether they were iconic movie characters, clowns, carnival folks, or members of a secret government compound, all the costumes match the environment, character and specific scene. Makeup here was effective, and there was a lot of it. Most of the masks were used to fool you into thinking that figure was a static dummy until they reach out to grab you. Some of the clown masks added some scariness to those characters. Nobody was out of place or just wearing something basic.

Customer Service: 9.13

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Reaper’s Revenge is pretty easy to spot as it sits right off the highway. It is also very easy to navigate and safe. The wagon will take you to where you need to go. There is a break between attractions and this break is important because, after the long wait for the hayride, you’re basically going non-stop with little queuing up again so it’s a chance to catch your breath and, after going through Pitch Black, you will literally need to catch your breath!

The staff were very friendly and helpful and it’s obvious that they care about customer service. The most impressive sign about how much they care about their guests, and it may seem strange, but it’s the availability of porta johns all over the property. They start at the security line at the parking lot and are even strategically placed in parts of the queue line and at the start of every subsequent attraction. It’s just an extra touch that lets you know that the folks here have thought about every aspect of the experience. There are also lots of food options like the Pizza Shack, and it’s all at reasonable prices.

You will be in the outdoors a lot so be prepared for the weather.

Atmosphere: 10

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The overwhelming visuals and sounds that you are presented with here when you arrive mostly comes from Sector 13, the government facility. It’s the last attraction you get to and by making it unavoidable to see and hear as soon as you enter, they put their grand finale in your mind for the entire time. The loud helicopter blade chopping sounds, the loudspeakers with warnings and instructions, the fog, the fire, the lasers from the guard atop the high walls all comes together and sets the atmosphere. It does a great job foreshadowing what is to come.

The Pitch Black line has sort of a factory facade which looks just amazing. It really is well detailed, making it look very cool and realistic.

The atmosphere was remarkable and we knew we were, without a doubt, at a haunted attraction that was set on frightening all souls brave enough to board their wagon to take on all four attractions.

Special Effects: 9.28

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The special effects here are all over the place. From awesome fire effects and fog everywhere to laser lights, projections, and an excellently-done green laser swamp (in a huge area), there is so much to experience here that you may need to go through more than once just to see it all.

All of their effects were used well. The Hayride was fun and featured things I haven’t seen on a hayride ever before. Everything was big and over our heads in multiple quantities so that, instead of five bodies hanging over the trail, they have 50. Want some pumpkins? They put out a hundred in all shapes and sizes including one enormous one. Also, this hayride was full of big fire effects right from the start and all along the first part of the hayride, along with lots of fog, projections, and other special effects. If they dropped you off after this part of the Hayride alone you will still go home Happy.

The trail includes an actual working, full carousel and an old-school fun house out in the middle of the woods. The Carnival section offers excellent visuals and an extra level of detail from the other parts that were placed out in the woods that added to the environment even more. I didn’t think it even needed this much, but they took the extra step to make it stand out more.

In Pitch Black, it was very dark, but there were some places with light, one in particular with chainsaws which caused sparks in a very narrow, metal-lined hallway, which was impressive.

Sector 13 was very impressive. Just when we headed into the building, we were faced with its 30-foot walls that are made of types of metal with barbed wire on top. There were heavily-armed guards with lasers up on the walls and down by the entrance were loudspeakers were blasting warnings and instructions. This was an interactive attraction where we stood up against a wall for decontamination and there was a lot of noise, heavy vibrations from the floor, and grinding sounds while fog (decontaminating gases) sprayed in.

Theme: 9.6

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There are four main themes at Reaper’s Revenge and each theme is perfect and cohesive. The characters and scenes tell the story and set the atmosphere.

On the Hayride, you will encounter movie villains and iconic horrors. The further the ride takes you, the darker things become. At one point, there has apparently been a problem so everyone has to get off the wagon and pack into a security shed; what happens from there is a surprise. You will eventually arrive at a bridge that’ll take you to the Lost Carnival which provides a side show with clowns among other things. This is a very apparent theme. Next is Pitch Black where it is completely dark and run down. It is meant to prey on your fears and senses and that’s exactly what it does! Your last stop is at Sector 13 where there is a lot of Sci-Fi to experience. You are aware of it the minute you walk up the path to the haunted attraction as it is clearly a government/secret station/lab building complete with searchlights, lasers, a really loud helicopter noise and fire high atop one of the walls. They give you instructions in a militaristic commanding tone: what to do and what not to do, which really helps set the tone and theme for the experience.

Scare Factor: 9.23

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Reaper’s Revenge was scary throughout, especially in Pitch Black.

You can choose to be touched on the hayride. I would like to mention there was a point where two guys came on the wagon and grabbed one of my teammates by each of his legs and dragged him on the soft hay into the middle of the wagon and sort of tormented him and threw hay on him. It was shocking and was unexpected for sure, but the loose soft hay, which by the way made for an extremely comfortable ride, also provided a way for him to be able to slide easily across the wood in his hoodie. The same thing happened again when the chainsaw people came on and actually touched the bars of the saw against our limbs. The ending is strong; you come to a castle, the wagon stops for what feels like 5 minutes and a very theatrical finale full of effects sends you on your way out.

For the Carnival, this particular part of their world is more about presenting the theme and atmosphere and less of startle scares although there are some that are extremely effective including the sneaky clowns wearing masks. If you’re not sure if it’s a prop or a person you’re probably gonna guess wrong. The Carnival also has a strong ending to it.

At times, Pitch Black can be overwhelming with the total darkness that is increased by noise and vibrations of the walls and all the stuff that touches you (and sometimes stuff that’s wet against your face). You are put in an elevator where something goes wrong and, when it lets you out, you will now be in almost complete darkness. There are no lights in the beginning; it is literally pitch black and there is no way to see anything. Worse than that, the other sensory things they have going on makes your mind play tricks on you. The music is so loud that you can’t even talk to each other, which makes it harder to find your way. It’s 10 minutes of being absolutely terrified of losing the person in front of you and being completely lost. So now you are doing little steps in order to hang onto the person in front of you while trying not to step on the back of their feet. I’m not sure if I took a breath the entire time I was in there. I felt completely disoriented and things were hitting my legs, sides, and in my face – all in the dark so we didn’t know what it was. We had a moment when we emerged where I could not find one of our teammates. We searched around the area for 5 minutes before heading to go back into the building and he finally came out with the third group that had come by. Apparently, he got turned around and had to be grabbed by an actor and turned in the right direction. That was also probably the scariest moment I ever had at a haunted attraction, actually losing a team member for real. I love pitch black and I hate it at the same time, and it is definitely the scariest part of the four attractions. But, since each one is so different in their own way, they all added to provide a different experience.

In Sector 13 they will check your ticket and, once again, offer a protective glow necklace. If you don’t want to be touched, I would recommend it here as they touch early and often in this one. They let about 20 people in at a time. The hallway has spotlights, those lasers and the the only thing they’re missing here is vicious guard dogs barking at you with their sharp teeth. They split our group up in this one, yet again. One member was put into a freezer while my other team member was put somewhere I didn’t even see. Then I had a lab tech or doctor girl kind of direct me towards another room. Once in the room, I was placed into a cage next to another cage. I asked the girls in the other cage how long they had been in there and they said, “I don’t know, about 2 or 3 minutes.” Other people were pulled out of a freezer next to the exam tables, including my other teammate who was put on another table and examined with tools for a few minutes while another team member emerged in a larger cage across the room. He was then pulled away into the next room and we literally did not see him again until we exited the attraction. Finally, my other group member was allowed off the table and was brought into the cage with me where we then proceeded through the rest of Sector 13.

They also will touch at this point – not in a bad way, but the actors will get up on guests or touch their face or head, or just other things to distract from what exactly is going on in there.

Entertainment & Value: 9.45

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There is so much entertainment value in the attractions as well as the main area here. In the lengthy queue line, they show movies on a full-sized outdoor screen on one side and hillbilly karaoke on the other side for entertainment during the long wait.

I can’t say enough about this attraction and it is without a doubt one of the best ones I’ve ever been to. Our total tour time came in at over two hours! If you get there early and you’re able to do general admission to get on the hayride, it’s only $45 for all four attractions, which is an absolute steal as that would put it at just over $10 for each attraction. This is unbelievable given the number of things you get to experience. I will gladly go back to this one and pay the extra $25 for VIP to go on the Hayride faster… even if makes it a $70 price tag because it’s a great value.

Reaper’s Revenge was completely worth it and it lived up to the reputation and all the things we had heard about it. I almost want to go back again this year. I’m already planning on bringing a group with me for next year so I can show them one of the best if not the best haunt in the country!

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Guest Reviews
Guest Average: 10 out of 10

Stephanie Hutchinson-Seraydarian – 10/10October 28, 2023
This was my first experience at Reapers Revenge. However, I have allowed my children to previously …show more experience your amazing attraction. I was genuinely unsure what to expect since I have never been to a large scale haunted event such as this previously. I was impressed. The costumes were stellar, those in costume acted the parts perfectly, there was everything from bone chilling fear to a tiny bit of quitcky humor & the entire property along with each indoor attraction looked eerily real to include smell. When it came time to enjoy the last attraction, I was chilly and ready to have a bite to eat beforehand. Low & behold, not only was I shown where to warm up next to the comfortable large bonfire, clearly being safely monitored and kept up on by one man on staff who can take care of those heavy logs for the fire. I also want to share the helpful zombie man out side of that last attraction who made sure I had my tag stamped for reentry and pointed me in the right direction for delicious food.
I also need to mention, I ran into some “difficulties,” when entering the very first enclosed attraction. All was going great until I came around a corner and was surprised by the turning cylinder thing and QUICKLY had to turn around & began pushing through a line of people in my attempt to escape. Upon seeing that cylinder thing I immediately did NOT FEEL OK. Unbeknown to anyone, I am an epileptic & HAD to exit. I am sharing this b/c upon seeing me trying to escape through the crowd, the Big Scary Clown Man gained my attention ever so gently and assisted me out this back entrance. I avoided a seizure and have a very blurred memory of the few minutes from the giant cylinder to me exiting that attraction. BUT, I have a very clear memory of two people. One being the Big Mean Clown is he was this Big Sweetheart Clown that I can’t thank enough for noticing me panicking for reasons unknown and graciously helping me “escape,” WHILE continuing to still be MEAN clown to all other patrons. I remember hearing him speak abruptly to others as he gently spoke to me while he helped.
The other person was this beautiful young girl who was called over to help deal with me. SORRY EVERYONE!
She stayed with me while my heart settled down and my nervous system also calmed down. She brought me over a bottle of water. She communicated with others colleagues to help find my friend who had moved on to the next event. BTW- If she could live there, I think she might lol. Honestly, if you see and application come through for a girl named Jen with dreadlocks- that’s her! She is a HUGE FAN!
This employee not only stayed with me, she then walked with me off the beaten path, as much as possible, to the next event, to wait for my friend. I am very grateful for both their help and kindness.
The wonderful experience began with our initial interaction when we were getting passes that we thought might actually be irretrievable. They didn’t allow that! Instead, they went above and beyond at the ticket booth and helped us retrieve those online passes with no attitude, no conflict, nothing negative at all.
Instead, the start of this experience at Reapers Revenge was set up to be MAGICAL & regardless of the personal hiccups that are never enjoyable, the trip ended in the gift shop with the same woman who was working along with the muscle man at the ticket booth to start. She kindly spoke with us on our way out, sharing some “how to work for your venue information” with my dear friend along with lots of other helpful tips. Just one more kind staff member interaction.


Tyle – 10/10October 26, 2018
This was my first every ‘contact’ haunt and everything thing from the hayrides to sector 13 was …show more amazing love every second of the experience. The hayride was entertaining and actually scary, usually haunted hayrides don’t but it got me a few times.I got to say the lost carnival was prob the weakest to me still enjoyed the scenery,Then came pitch black omg that was the scariest thing I ever experienced when people say that the actors where going to grab you legs THEY WILL. I’m not going to say anything else but like what most people say it’s the best dark maze out there I’ve experienced so far. Then there sector 13 and I loved this one it was my fav that night.I got put on the table and messed with they pulled out a staple gun and at got to me. Then the locked me in a cage for a good while. I got to say this is my favorite haunted attraction I ever did and I’m glad I took the two and half hour drive to get there, I would recommend his attraction to anyway and don’t where the heckles that ruineds the fun. Looking forward for next year

David Storm – 10/10October 13, 2018
Definitely wanna go back this year!!!!! I actually got scared too! I usually dont. Definitely …show more recommend to anyone.

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