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Haunt Name: The Inventors Paradox at Enter The Imaginarium
Review Team: Team Houdini
Review Date: May 27, 2018

Final Score: 9.83
Atmosphere & Customer Service
1: How easy was it to locate the attraction, park and navigate the premises? (25%) 10
Nothing dangerous
2: How safe was the attraction? (30%)

With GPS we had no issue. The building does sit back off the road so it is harder to see.
3: How professional, helpful and friendly were the staff members? (25%)

Excellent! They do not break character.
4: How comfortable & welcoming is the lobby area? 9.17
This was tough because they have 2 lobbies.
The first is an all black waiting room with a speaker to communicate. But that is what they are going for mystery. The second lobby is more decorated but you start almost immediately.
5: How well did they promote a puzzle-solving environment? 9
There were no little puzzles or locks to work on. But in the pre lobby they give you 10 seconds to locate something you need to continue.
The second lobby actually has you perform certain tasks to unlock the door leading to something else which leads to a large room that you must figure out to get to the escape room. Yeah super cool.
Atmosphere & Customer Service Score: 9.5
How well was the room detailed? 10
Extravagant. Large and amazingly detailed. Once again you are in this world not just a room.
How well did they use sound effects? 9.83
Light music in the background and additional sounds that fit the rooms.
How well did they use lighting effects? 9.83
Lighting fit the areas appropriately and enhanced certain puzzles at times.
How creative and original is the story? 10
Original and interesting. Well thought of and played nicely with the puzzles.
How well was the them executed? 10
Solid throughout. You felt you were in a creator’s workshop and study/library.
How well did they achieve suspension of disbelief? 10
Not once did I think or feel I was not in an extravagant work shop and a huge library. Total immersion.
Immersion Score: 9.96
1: How logical were the clues & puzzles? 10
Puzzles and clues were logical and interesting, mixing math, time, wordplay and more. Very creative and fresh.
2: How helpful was the Game Master and any hints, if provided? 10
Hints were given as needed .
3: How interactive were the clues and puzzles? 10
All were interactive definitely requiring team work.
4: How creative and original were the clues and puzzles? 10
Fresh new puzzles, mixed well with the theme.
5: How easy was it to keep track of your remaining time? 9.5
Mixed reactions on this from the team. There is no countdown timer. To keep you immersed in this world you would receive audio clues every 15 minutes.
Gameplay Score: 9.9
Entertainment & Value (15%)
1: How entertaining was it, given the ticket price? 9.92
A lot of fun, our favorite room of the two, but both were amazing. At a few bucks higher than the average ticket price, but you are getting so much more.
2: How accurately was the room’s difficulty advertised? 10
This had an escape rate of 20% and it was definitely challenging,
Entertainment & Value Score: 9.96

More Info:

Total Time (Minutes): 60
General Admission: 31.99
Ticket Prices: 31.99
Minutes Per Dollar: 1.88
This had an escape rate of 20% and it was definitely challenging,

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