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Special Note for 2018:

We’ve changed the way we give scores for this year. We are now using a weighted average that puts more emphasis on certain features of the haunt (IE: “How scary was it,” versus “Does the haunt’s location authenticate their theme”). That said, these scores should NOT be used in comparisons to previous seasons. We appreciate your understanding. Thanks and Happy Haunting! –The Scare Factor

Attraction Info

Haunt Name: Dead Acres Haunted Hoochie
Review Team: Team Houdini
Review Date: September 29, 2018

Final Score: 8.98

Cast (15%)
1: Did it seem like there were enough actors? (20%) 9.5
The Haunted Hoochie had plenty of actors. So many popping in and out we couldn’t keep track.
2: How believable / convincing were the actors? (30%) 9.83
All the actors were intense and in your face.
3: How interactive were the actors? (20%) 9.5
The cast was interactive with in your face scares. Hands on assaults were also on point.
4: How creatively & appropriately did they use dialogue? (15%) 9.5
Not much banter and talk outside of the death scenes. Mainly vulgarity.
5: Was there a good variety of characters? (15%) 9.5
A wide variety of characters made this interesting.
Cast Score: 9.3

Costuming (15%)
1: How complete / finished did the costumes appear to be? (15%) 8
Nothing extreme but it fit the theme.
2: How creative / detailed were the costumes? (25%) 8
For what they were going for it worked. Nothing that really made us say wow look at that costume.
3: Was their makeup creative? Detailed? Realistic? (20%) 7.83
Dirty and bloody faces and clown make up were the majority of what we saw.
4: How effectively did they use masks (if used)? (15%) 7.17
The only masks we saw were the clown masks, nothing new or exciting.
5: How appropriate were the costumes for their scenes & themes? (25%) 9
As I said it fit the scene of scary, and dirty lunatics.
Costuming Score: 8.09
Customer Service (10%)
1: How easy was it to locate the attraction, park and navigate the premises? (25%) 7
As popular as this haunt is I thought they would have some better signage. Just a little sing on the side of the road next to the drive way. At 45 miles per hour it is pretty hard to see. Without GPS we may still be looking for it.
2: How safe was the attraction? (30%)

LEts face it its out door waiting area that gets very dark so it is difficult to see.The ambulance came and took some one out that was lying inline. They could have passed out or very well have tripped. THe haunt is chaotic, and confined. 0-30 people being pushed and shoved could cause some injuries, but we expect that as we are given plenty of warnings. IN the bad trip, moving tunnel a part of metal grate was popped up and some one could have tripped on that.
3: How professional, helpful and friendly were the staff members? (25%)

We really only interacted with 3 people . The girl in the lot and the 2 ladies at the ticket booth. All were nice and polite.
4: How easy was it to find their information before you arrived? 9.67
GPS pulled it up with no issues. Just needs a bigger sign
Customer Service Score: 8.02
Atmosphere (10%)
1: How obvious was it that you were at a haunted house before entering? (60%) 9.5
Admittedly at first it does not look like much. A large building and a silo. Has a little chainsaw massacre/slaughter house feel. However once the show starts and light and fire start it is a diferrent experience.
2: How well did the atmosphere prepare you for what you experienced inside? (40%) 9.5
Once the show starts they definitely get you pumped up, a different feeling from the typical haunt.
Atmosphere Score: 9.5

Special Effects (15%)
1: How effective were the sound effects? (20%) 9.17
The sound effects vary tough out. The metal music and Halloween combination I still don’t get…
2: How creative / original were the scenes & props? (20%) 10
Amazing, props, animatronics and scenes. Incredible.
3: How well were the scenes detailed? (20%) 10
Movie like quality, so much detail but there was so much we missed as we were herded through.
4: How well did they achieve & maintain the suspension of disbelief? (25%) 10
Once you are inside and the first death scene starts, it is a wild ride.
5: How effective were the SFX at providing scares / entertainment? (15%) 9.83
As horrific and entertaining as the actors were so were the SFX.
Special Effects Score: 9.81
Theme (5%) N/A
Theme Score: N/A
Scare Factor (15%)
1: How scary was it? (30%) 9.33
2: How well did they provide scares to the entire group? (15%) 9.67
Nowhere is safe. I was in the middle and people were popping out every where to scream, hit or grab me.
3: How predictable were the scares? (25%) 9.67
Nomally most haunts are pretty predictable, but here I had no idea. I honestly do not know how they had so many people hidden in this place.
4: How well did they provide a wide variety of scares? (15%) 10
The variety of scenes, SFX, and actors were truly impressive.
5: How strong was the ending / finale? (15%) 5.67
Sad to say it that neither haunt had a strong finish. Very disappointing. The booch ended with a long walk past one guy with a chainsaw….and the bad trip you pretty much just walked out of.
Scare Factor Score: 9.02
Entertainment & Value (15%)
1: How satisfied are you with the entertainment received during the main attraction/s? (30%) 9
The Hoochie is definitely what people will remember and be interested in and good reason, it’s intense.
2: How satisfied are you with the entertainment that’s available with the ticket price, excluding the main attraction/s? (25%) 8.33
Bad trip was decent they did a great job with the effect and had some cool scares but nothing I hadn’t experienced before. Not the best 3-d not the worst 3-d
3: How appropriate is/are the ticket price/s? (30%) 8.5
An average price for haunts not overly expensive not super cheap, it felt that this was a good rate.
4: Have they effectively used their available space? (15%) 10
They definitely crammed a lot into what they have. I would love to see them add on to it some time in the future.
Entertainment & Value Score: 8.93

More Info:

Total Time (Minutes): 24
General Admission: 25
Ticket Prices: $25.00 gets you general admission to both haunts.
$45.00 get you fast pass to both haunts.
Parking is $3.00 cash or $3.50 credit card.
Minutes Per Dollar: 0.96
Bad trip was decent they did a great job with the effect and had some cool scares but nothing I hadn’t experienced before. Not the best 3-d not the worst 3-d

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