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Haunt Name: Bogies Haunted House
Review Team: Team Teachers of Terror
Review Date: October 4, 2019

Final Score: 5.56

Cast (15%)
1: Did it seem like there were enough actors? (20%) 8
2: How believable / convincing were the actors? (30%) 5
There is a wide range of ages with the cast. There were some stand out actors who did sell their character. We also came across some characters who weren’t as into their roles as others. Some just stood in their cubbie and looked at us as we pulled their curtains back.
3: How interactive were the actors? (20%) 8
4: How creatively & appropriately did they use dialogue? (15%) 5
We heard a lot of screaming and not a lot of change up. Something more than “Help me” or “You’re next” would bring more variation to their dialogue as these are very well-used phrases.
5: Was there a good variety of characters? (15%) 8
Cast Score: 6.65

Costuming (15%)
1: How complete / finished did the costumes appear to be? (15%) 6.5
Costumes were good. It made sense to have patients in gowns while getting treatment, but we saw a lot of gowns. The guy on stilts needed the stilts covered. Most characters looked right. Compared to other haunts, these costumes were about average.
2: How creative / detailed were the costumes? (25%) 5
The nurse had nice details with her overall look. Many other costumes were much simpler. The aliens were simple, with basic black clothes. Clowns were basic costumes. Again, about average for a haunted house.
3: Was their makeup creative? Detailed? Realistic? (20%) 5
We saw some nice makeup, particularly with the hand and feet walking clown. Most hospital staff were white washed with some blood splatter. But, faces were covered.
4: How effectively did they use masks (if used)? (15%) 5
Masks appeared to be basic department store masks. Nothing really stood out here.
5: How appropriate were the costumes for their scenes & themes? (25%) 5
Looks and costumes all looked like they belonged to their settings. We had some unexpected characters, like the alien here and there, or the guy in the morph suit.
Costuming Score: 5.23
Customer Service (10%)
1: How easy was it to locate the attraction, park and navigate the premises? (25%) 5
The attraction would benefit from more signage. With only one sign at the parking lot, it can be difficult to find the place. Our car navigation said the address didn’t exist, but thankfully, our phones disagreed.
2: How safe was the attraction? (30%)

We appreciated the little things, like putting foam on the pallet maze in places that could be sharp.
3: How professional, helpful and friendly were the staff members? (25%)

4: How easy was it to find their information before you arrived? 7
We referred to the Facebook page a lot. I’m glad we did-that’s how we found out the haunt had moved this season. You might want to update the website to reflect current changes or take it down until it’s updated as it offers confusing information.
Customer Service Score: 7.9
Atmosphere (10%)
1: How obvious was it that you were at a haunted house before entering? (60%) 4
As they settle into their new place, we hope to see some action added to the outside.. Lights, music and scary sounds would help as well as some characters to hang around and mess with people approaching and leaving.
2: How well did the atmosphere prepare you for what you experienced inside? (40%) 5
The nurse and initial staging area did set a tone for scares to come. We felt that area was good and average compared to other haunts.
Atmosphere Score: 4.4

Special Effects (15%)
1: How effective were the sound effects? (20%) 4
Adding music in other places similar to where the Bane character was would add more ambience. We did hear some screaming but other sounds would make a great addition.
2: How creative / original were the scenes & props? (20%) 5
We liked the pallet maze and strobe. The characters climbing on it did give us a curiosity. The corridor of hospital curtains gave us a sense of apprehension, wondering what we were about to see.
3: How well were the scenes detailed? (20%) 4
There were several medical rooms with various destroyed bodies and body parts. The overall haunt just needs more detail for it to feel like a more realistic experience.
4: How well did they achieve & maintain the suspension of disbelief? (25%) 6
The medical part contained real medical equipment. As we got farther into the haunt, details got lost. We did spy a cooler and water bottles that didn’t fit with the scene we were in.
5: How effective were the SFX at providing scares / entertainment? (15%) 6
For a low tech (old-school) haunt, there were some effects that were unexpectedly suspenseful and effective, as compared to other haunts we have visited. Adding some unique things that customers would be talking about long after they leave would really help this score.
Special Effects Score: 5.4
Theme (5%) N/A
Theme Score: N/A
Scare Factor (15%)
1: How scary was it? (30%) 4
We would consider this to be a family haunt. There were some startles and jumps, with nothing too over the top.
2: How well did they provide scares to the entire group? (15%) 6
Scares were somewhat distributed to most of the group. The hand and foot walking clown did get to the end of our line to make them squirm.
3: How predictable were the scares? (25%) 4
With curtains, you do expect something to happen when you pull them back. We pulled faster than the characters could react a time or two. Most characters stayed planted but they could move around more to fill the space. Providing some distractions to trick customers to look one way when the scare is coming from else where would help keep customers on their toes.
4: How well did they provide a wide variety of scares? (15%) 5.5
The varieties of scares were average. We saw creepy movements, nasty props, screaming characters, and aggressive characters.
5: How strong was the ending / finale? (15%) 5.5
Ending in the parking lot with characters coming at us as a gang made us a little nervous. For those of us who are familiar with haunted houses, we are very familiar with the chainsaw ending. Having a girl use it was a nice touch.
Scare Factor Score: 5.38
Entertainment & Value (15%)
1: How satisfied are you with the entertainment received during the main attraction/s? (30%) 5
2: How satisfied are you with the entertainment that’s available with the ticket price, excluding the main attraction/s? (25%) 2
Outside entertainment and signage was explained earlier. At this point, there was no entertainment outside of the building housing the haunt.
3: How appropriate is/are the ticket price/s? (30%) 5
Price is fair for the amount of time spent.
4: Have they effectively used their available space? (15%) 5
There was lots of different ideas going on here. Adding some details and checking over the props for believability will help.
Entertainment & Value Score: 4.25

More Info:

Total Time (Minutes): 13
General Admission: 10
Ticket Prices: General admission $10
Minutes Per Dollar: 1.3
Outside entertainment and signage was explained earlier. At this point, there was no entertainment outside of the building housing the haunt.

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