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Haunt Name: Seeking Sasquatch at Puzzle Room Pittsburgh
Review Team: Team Houdini
Review Date: August 16, 2020

Final Score: 9.42
Atmosphere & Customer Service
1: How easy was it to locate the attraction, park and navigate the premises? (25%) 9.65
We liked that the reminder email provided a link to google maps for directions.
2: How safe was the attraction? (30%)

Nothing major for safety. Due to the darkness of the room (lanterns are provided) I could see a customer having an issue. Possibly with the waterfall someone could slip, but it seemed pretty stable when I was in it and I did not slip.

Great Covid procedures.

3: How professional, helpful and friendly were the staff members? (25%)

Very welcoming and kind.
4: How comfortable & welcoming is the lobby area? 10
The most comfortable couch ever. The lobby was like an art exhibit.
5: How well did they promote a puzzle-solving environment? 5
No puzzles to play with beforehand, due to Covid?
Atmosphere & Customer Service Score: 8.88
How well was the room detailed? 9.5
Room had impeccable details, it felt like being outside. The waterfall feature was great. Very well done.
How well did they use sound effects? 9.25
Sounds were simple and effective, nature sounds, plus the sound from the waterfall. Cool sound effects with some of the items you interact with. Also the growling was a nice touch.
How well did they use lighting effects? 9.5
The lights were dim and the lanterns were helpful, it fit the camping theme. The lights in the cloud sky were excellent and played to roles as they provided light and the timer.
How creative and original is the story? 10
We have not encountered a Big foot or an outdoor theme before.
How well was the them executed? 10
Theme was perfectly done.
How well did they achieve suspension of disbelief? 9.63
Near perfect, I only noticed one area by the waterfall where light from the outside was leaking in from a seem in the wall. The tent was a great touch. Maybe some scents would have added like some simple pine scents would have kicked it up a notch. Having the cloud lights dim as time went on was great.
Immersion Score: 9.65
1: How logical were the clues & puzzles? 9.25
The clues made sense and fit the theme. They were very original.
2: How helpful was the Game Master and any hints, if provided? 10
Once again Jess did a great job as game master. Only providing subtle hints and pushes.
3: How interactive were the clues and puzzles? 9.75
The puzzles required teamwork and communication some required us to work together to complete.
4: How creative and original were the clues and puzzles? 9.5
The puzzles were original and most we had not seen before.
5: How easy was it to keep track of your remaining time? 9.38
This was a mixed reaction for the team. We thought it was genius having the daylight turn to night but we didnt pick up on it until the lights got darker. I thought it was natural and felt perfect for the theme, others did not like the fact they did not know the exact time we had.
Gameplay Score: 9.63
Entertainment & Value (15%)
1: How entertaining was it, given the ticket price? 9.75
The best room hands down. Worth the price of admission.
2: How accurately was the room’s difficulty advertised? 9.25
The intermediate room great puzzles that are challenging but not impossible.
Entertainment & Value Score: 9.5

More Info:

Total Time (Minutes): 60
General Admission: 30
Ticket Prices: 30
Minutes Per Dollar: 2
The intermediate room great puzzles that are challenging but not impossible.

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