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Haunt Name: Escape the Undead at Puzzle Room Pittsburgh
Review Team: Team Houdini
Review Date: August 16, 2020

Final Score: 8.95
Atmosphere & Customer Service
1: How easy was it to locate the attraction, park and navigate the premises? (25%) 10
We liked the reminder email had a link to google maps for directions.
2: How safe was the attraction? (30%)

No major issues however the crawling and climbing on the boxes I could see being an issue with certain customers. But we found it fun.
3: How professional, helpful and friendly were the staff members? (25%)

Warm and welcoming, the owners and staff were great.
4: How comfortable & welcoming is the lobby area? 10
the most comfortable couch ever. We loved the lobby decor and art.
5: How well did they promote a puzzle-solving environment? 5
No little puzzles to play with before entering , due t Covid?
Atmosphere & Customer Service Score: 8.8
How well was the room detailed? 9
The room was detailed well and fit the theme well, but nothing outstanding like Seeking Sasquatch.
How well did they use sound effects? 8.75
Sound effects were suitable for the room. The zombie growls were creep and gave a sense of urgency. Perhaps having them increase and become louder as time goes on would add to the effect.
How well did they use lighting effects? 8.63
Lighting was good for the room, basic but nothing over the top but it fit the theme well. The lights on the displays added to the uniqueness.
How creative and original is the story? 8.13
We have seen zombie rooms before although there was a twist that instead of getting out you were trying to get into a safe room.
How well was the them executed? 8.88
Theme was executed well , it felt like an industrial building.
How well did they achieve suspension of disbelief? 9.25
Everything felt realistic.
Immersion Score: 8.77
1: How logical were the clues & puzzles? 8
The clues were logical and fit in the theme. They did not feel as fun as the other two rooms.
2: How helpful was the Game Master and any hints, if provided? 10
The game master did a great job of directing us.
3: How interactive were the clues and puzzles? 8.75
All puzzles were very interactive causing us to work together.
4: How creative and original were the clues and puzzles? 9
The clues were very original and fit the theme.
5: How easy was it to keep track of your remaining time? 9.5
Time was listed on the monitor along with a video of a guy that would provide updates as well.
Gameplay Score: 9.05
Entertainment & Value (15%)
1: How entertaining was it, given the ticket price? 9
We had fun with the room.
2: How accurately was the room’s difficulty advertised? 9.38
This is listed as the hardest room and we did find it very difficult.
Entertainment & Value Score: 9.19

More Info:

Total Time (Minutes): 60
General Admission: 30
Ticket Prices: $30
Minutes Per Dollar: 2
This is listed as the hardest room and we did find it very difficult.

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