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Haunt Name: Underhill Haunted House
Review Team: Team Terror Techies
Review Date: October 1, 2021

Final Score: 5.7

Cast (15%)
1: Did it seem like there were enough actors? (20%) 5.67
2: How believable / convincing were the actors? (30%) 4.67
Most actors only had an opening line and failed to follow up which felt like a failed chance for some clever improv.
3: How interactive were the actors? (20%) 5.33
4: How creatively & appropriately did they use dialogue? (15%) 6
5: Was there a good variety of characters? (15%) 6
Cast Score: 5.4

Costuming (15%)
1: How complete / finished did the costumes appear to be? (15%) 5
2: How creative / detailed were the costumes? (25%) 4.33
There were quite a few actors in just black clothes or costumes with very little detail added.
3: Was their makeup creative? Detailed? Realistic? (20%) 4.67
Makeup seemed minimal. However, a lot of the details could have been lost in the dark scenes.
4: How effectively did they use masks (if used)? (15%) 6.67
5: How appropriate were the costumes for their scenes & themes? (25%) 6.33
Costuming Score: 5.35
Customer Service (10%)
1: How easy was it to locate the attraction, park and navigate the premises? (25%) 3.67
It was hard to find where the entrance of the haunt was until we started asking staff where we needed to go.
2: How safe was the attraction? (30%)

3: How professional, helpful and friendly were the staff members? (25%)

4: How easy was it to find their information before you arrived? 7.33
Customer Service Score: 6.45
Atmosphere (10%)
1: How obvious was it that you were at a haunted house before entering? (60%) 3.67
We would have liked to see queue line actors or some type of entertainment while we entered. This was still before the haunt officially opened to the public so we just might have missed it on our visit.
2: How well did the atmosphere prepare you for what you experienced inside? (40%) 6.67
Atmosphere Score: 4.87

Special Effects (15%)
1: How effective were the sound effects? (20%) 6
2: How creative / original were the scenes & props? (20%) 7
3: How well were the scenes detailed? (20%) 7.67
4: How well did they achieve & maintain the suspension of disbelief? (25%) 6.33
5: How effective were the SFX at providing scares / entertainment? (15%) 6.33
Special Effects Score: 6.67
Theme (5%)
1: Could you tell what the theme was? (30%) 6.67
2: How well was the theme carried throughout the attraction/s? (50%) 7
3: How well does their location authenticate the theme? (20%) 4
The dead spaces unfortunately took us out of the theme. Night Terrors was difficult to tie into one cohesive theme though it did start out strong.
Theme Score: 6.3
Scare Factor (15%)
1: How scary was it? (30%) 4.33
2: How well did they provide scares to the entire group? (15%) 7.33
3: How predictable were the scares? (25%) 5
4: How well did they provide a wide variety of scares? (15%) 4.33
There were mostly two styles of scares throughout.
5: How strong was the ending / finale? (15%) 6
Scare Factor Score: 5.2
Entertainment & Value (15%)
1: How satisfied are you with the entertainment received during the main attraction/s? (30%) 6.33
2: How satisfied are you with the entertainment that’s available with the ticket price, excluding the main attraction/s? (25%) 3
There wasn’t much other entertainment included with the ticket but this also could have been because of when we visited.
3: How appropriate is/are the ticket price/s? (30%) 6
4: Have they effectively used their available space? (15%) 8.33
Entertainment & Value Score: 5.7

More Info:

Total Time (Minutes): 20
General Admission: 25
Ticket Prices: General Admission Tickets $25
VIP Admission Tickets $50
Kids Monster Fest $8
Minutes Per Dollar: 0.8
There wasn’t much other entertainment included with the ticket but this also could have been because of when we visited.

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