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Haunt Name: Maniac Mountain Haunted House
Review Team: Team Teachers of Terror
Review Date: October 9, 2021

Final Score: 8.45

Cast (15%)
1: Did it seem like there were enough actors? (20%) 8.5
2: How believable / convincing were the actors? (30%) 8
3: How interactive were the actors? (20%) 8
4: How creatively & appropriately did they use dialogue? (15%) 7.5
We experienced some fun ad-lib with some of the characters. This is something that will get easier we you get more practice, so that you will have more characters who can create cleaver answers to questions or ask/threaten in creative ways.
5: Was there a good variety of characters? (15%) 8
Cast Score: 7.95

Costuming (15%)
1: How complete / finished did the costumes appear to be? (15%) 8
2: How creative / detailed were the costumes? (25%) 7.5
Costumes were good! Nothing was truly glaring, but there were some costumes we thought could be a little more clear as to who they are or why they were there. The girl at the piano comes to mind.
3: Was their makeup creative? Detailed? Realistic? (20%) 8
4: How effectively did they use masks (if used)? (15%) 8
5: How appropriate were the costumes for their scenes & themes? (25%) 9
Costuming Score: 8.13
Customer Service (10%)
1: How easy was it to locate the attraction, park and navigate the premises? (25%) 10
2: How safe was the attraction? (30%)

3: How professional, helpful and friendly were the staff members? (25%)

4: How easy was it to find their information before you arrived? 10
Customer Service Score: 10
Atmosphere (10%)
1: How obvious was it that you were at a haunted house before entering? (60%) 9
2: How well did the atmosphere prepare you for what you experienced inside? (40%) 9
Atmosphere Score: 9

Special Effects (15%)
1: How effective were the sound effects? (20%) 8.5
2: How creative / original were the scenes & props? (20%) 9
3: How well were the scenes detailed? (20%) 9
4: How well did they achieve & maintain the suspension of disbelief? (25%) 9
5: How effective were the SFX at providing scares / entertainment? (15%) 9
Special Effects Score: 8.9
Theme (5%)
1: Could you tell what the theme was? (30%) 8
2: How well was the theme carried throughout the attraction/s? (50%) 8
3: How well does their location authenticate the theme? (20%) 9.5
Theme Score: 8.3
Scare Factor (15%)
1: How scary was it? (30%) 8.5
2: How well did they provide scares to the entire group? (15%) 9
3: How predictable were the scares? (25%) 8
4: How well did they provide a wide variety of scares? (15%) 7
5: How strong was the ending / finale? (15%) 7
Death Metal was already scary with the guns firing. The metal face guy begging for help was a good scene, just not a grande finale. Chainsaws do get people, but they are used a lot.
Scare Factor Score: 8
Entertainment & Value (15%)
1: How satisfied are you with the entertainment received during the main attraction/s? (30%) 9
2: How satisfied are you with the entertainment that’s available with the ticket price, excluding the main attraction/s? (25%) 7
The fire people were awesome! You could also provide some characters to entertain/scare people while standing in line. Ax throwing is another good addition to the entertainment area.
3: How appropriate is/are the ticket price/s? (30%) 7
No doubt you have a lot invested in this attraction. I hope that you can get to the place where you will be able to lower the price of general admission to be more in line with what others are charging.
4: Have they effectively used their available space? (15%) 9
Entertainment & Value Score: 7.9

More Info:

Total Time (Minutes): 28
General Admission: 40
Ticket Prices: general admission 40
speed pass 60
Minutes Per Dollar: 0.7
The fire people were awesome! You could also provide some characters to entertain/scare people while standing in line. Ax throwing is another good addition to the entertainment area.

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