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Haunt Name: Haunted Majestic
Review Team: Team Teachers of Terror
Review Date: October 29, 2021

Final Score: 5.07

Cast (15%)
1: Did it seem like there were enough actors? (20%) 5
We did encounter some actors but also ran into a bit of dead space. This is an issue many haunts have and will require a lot of thought and creativity to seem fully staffed.
2: How believable / convincing were the actors? (30%) 5
The zombie limped and growled as a zombie should. The asylum characters screamed as one would expect a lady would when caged. The clowns giggled some. Some creepy staring characters are ok, but when short staffed, there needs to be more interaction and less staring to fill those voids and make the experience more meaningful.
3: How interactive were the actors? (20%) 4
4: How creatively & appropriately did they use dialogue? (15%) 4
With a show like this, many customers will need to feel like their interactions with the actors are personal, like they are being singled out somehow. One way to accomplish this is to have staff talk with us and banter when we reply. For example, we encountered one actor who said lines to us, but no one “played” with us in terms of improv.
5: Was there a good variety of characters? (15%) 5
Cast Score: 4.65

Costuming (15%)
1: How complete / finished did the costumes appear to be? (15%) 5
2: How creative / detailed were the costumes? (25%) 4
The zombie had a bloodied costume, but we saw a lot of street clothes that can’t be considered costumes.
3: Was their makeup creative? Detailed? Realistic? (20%) 4
Makeup seemed rudimentary. We know the zombie was a zombie from actions, costume, and the treatment on his face, but its application was a bit below standard compared to other techniques that we often see.
4: How effectively did they use masks (if used)? (15%) 5
We saw a nice jack-o-lantern scarecrow. Other masks seemed small, and at times, we could see hair poking out of them.
5: How appropriate were the costumes for their scenes & themes? (25%) 4
For an ex-military haunted hospital boat, there was no military presence. We saw general haunted house characters, but very little specific to the “haunted boat” history. We were unsure what to make of the red-caped lady at the last scene of the boat twirling in bubbles.
Costuming Score: 4.3
Customer Service (10%)
1: How easy was it to locate the attraction, park and navigate the premises? (25%) 7.5
We received a quick run through directions on the trail, but we remained confused as to when exactly we were to stop to wait for our guide. The tiki tourches helped to a degree, but were spaced far apart, just enough to make us second guess ourselves.
2: How safe was the attraction? (30%)

In addition to telling those in line to watch their step, we feel that adding lights to uneven thresholds would help visitors see where they are placing their feet. Those in the middle or back of our line often did not hear the guide’s warnings.
3: How professional, helpful and friendly were the staff members? (25%)

The staff on the boat are young. We felt that they often ignored their visitors and had non-in-character conversations while we were present, taking us out of the moment. At one point, we witnessed staff completely stop the haunt and have a conversation with a patron about their costume, and none of the non-acting staff were dressed in any costume or makeup.
4: How easy was it to find their information before you arrived? 10
Customer Service Score: 7.88
Atmosphere (10%)
1: How obvious was it that you were at a haunted house before entering? (60%) 7.5
2: How well did the atmosphere prepare you for what you experienced inside? (40%) 7
Atmosphere Score: 7.3

Special Effects (15%)
1: How effective were the sound effects? (20%) 3.5
We heard very few sound effects at all in the haunt.
2: How creative / original were the scenes & props? (20%) 5
3: How well were the scenes detailed? (20%) 4
We felt that many of the scenes and props on the boat were basic and appeared staged rather than realistic. For a quick example, the mannequins were stiff and weren’t fooling us into thinking a person might be under the costumes. Also, some of the details didn’t make a lot of sense, like fluorescent food. This could’ve perhaps been explained with some creative dialogue or themeing, but these were also mostly absent from our experience.
4: How well did they achieve & maintain the suspension of disbelief? (25%) 4
We felt rushed and unable to really get into the moment before we were whisked away. Inside, we saw orange cords plugged into electrical sockets halfway up the wall, an open storage door with paint supplies inside, and a mannequin at the pipe organ with about 5 inches of a metal rod exposed in the “neck” area.
5: How effective were the SFX at providing scares / entertainment? (15%) 4
Our guide struggled several times to activate the room and the animatronics. There were several [animatronics] that also looked as though they should move but didn’t.
Special Effects Score: 4.1
Theme (5%)
1: Could you tell what the theme was? (30%) 5
We were told about the boat and the reason it is haunted. However, the trails didn’t go into much detail to tell their unique story about the haunted ship or the dock area.
2: How well was the theme carried throughout the attraction/s? (50%) 4
To help bring this theme to life, we felt that the haunted military hospital needed haunted staff from the military and hospital. The other creatures on the boat helped to create variety amongst them, but the addition of a few main characters could really help sell the story to customers.
3: How well does their location authenticate the theme? (20%) 6
Theme Score: 4.7
Scare Factor (15%)
1: How scary was it? (30%) 4
There were some scares, but the lengthy dead spaces between them were the primary reason for this score.
2: How well did they provide scares to the entire group? (15%) 4
Actors followed us some, but few people in our group got any attention. The entertainment that we did get mainly targeted the front.
3: How predictable were the scares? (25%) 4
We did catch a couple of characters unprepared for us, and some got out of character before we left the area. Others never were in character. The actors were our main focus for this score since the props and animatronics weren’t providing many startles during our visit.
4: How well did they provide a wide variety of scares? (15%) 4
With low staff and little interaction, there wasn’t much variety in the scares.
5: How strong was the ending / finale? (15%) 4
The finale didn’t stand out from the rest of the attraction.
Scare Factor Score: 4
Entertainment & Value (15%)
1: How satisfied are you with the entertainment received during the main attraction/s? (30%) 4
2: How satisfied are you with the entertainment that’s available with the ticket price, excluding the main attraction/s? (25%) 7
3: How appropriate is/are the ticket price/s? (30%) 5
4: Have they effectively used their available space? (15%) 4
Entertainment & Value Score: 5.05

More Info:

Total Time (Minutes): 20
General Admission: 20
Ticket Prices: Ticket prices: General Admission $20, Fast Pass $30, Season Pass $60
Paranormal Investigation after hours $20
Minutes Per Dollar: 1

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