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SKreamZ Haunted Attractions is a Haunted Attraction located in Fairfield, CA.

1795 Pennsylvania Ave, Fairfield, CA 94533
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Haunted House


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Free Parking, “Old-School” (Low Tech), Original Characters, Indoor Waiting Line

Team In-Corpse-A-Rated reviewed this attraction on October 20, 2017.

Final Score: 6.6


As far as Team In-Corpse-A-Rated is concerned, SKreamZ Haunted House is our local neighborhood haunt. We’ve attended for several years, curious to see what our neighbors have created. SKreamZ is a small business that has a single walk-through haunt. Last year, they hit a home run with their ‘Laffco Toy Factory’ theme, and we were looking forward to this year. As you may have heard, several wildfires plagued the Northern California area, and even our hometown was under an evacuation watch. SKreamZ had to find a location and build under these circumstances, and sadly, it shows in the final product. This year, SKreamZ shoots below their potential.

Cast: 8.29

The cast was believable and enthusiastic. The girls in the playroom were verbally interactive with us. One girl asked if we wanted to play, so we asked, ‘What do you want to play?’ She excitedly responded, ‘Play with dollies!’ which was an answer we didn’t expect. As we walked out of the play room, the girl got mad and raised her voice at us, ‘Come Play With Me! Come Play With Me!!!’ The majority of actors were silent, but used their surroundings and props to generate scares. There was a patient on a gurney who lunged at us, but under the cloth covering it, a second actor reached out at us. An odd moment was seeing an actor revving up an ATV. The final actor chased us out with a chainsaw. All of the actors did stay in character, they fulfilled their rolls, and there were enough actors in the haunt, so there were no dead spots.

Costuming: 7.7

The costumes were complete and believable. The majority of actors wore medical scrubs, and most had blood stains on their faces, except for the girls in the playroom who dressed as black and white clowns with makeup. The costumes looked authentic, and were appropriate for the characters they portrayed, but the actor in scrubs revving the ATV was a bizarre pairing. We didn’t see any masks used in this haunt.

Customer Service: 7.75

SKreamZ is a safe haunt to walk through, and we found no hazards. There is a doorway threshold as we entered the haunt, but the staff member who admitted us in pointed it out. Navigating to the haunt was not difficult because when we got to the street it’s located, there are sidewalk signs pointing to the building. There is a large parking lot across the street for guests to use. There was no queue entertainment, so while waiting in line, there’s only the decorations and the House Rules sign to bide the time. Management told us that the audio system was not working when we arrived. The staff was friendly, professional, and willing to answer questions.

Atmosphere: 5.33

There was no music or sounds outside, nor any actors or visuals other than the banner above the front door that had the haunt’s name.

Special Effects: 5.94

There are no sound effects other than the revving of the ATV and the chainsaw. The most prominent special effect was the air compressor that blasted us when we first entered, which gave us a good startle. SKreamZ uses the interior of a brewery for ticket purchases and waiting in line, but the haunt itself is outdoors, utilizing cloth walls to divvy up the different scenes. Upon entering the haunt, beer kegs are visible from the brewery. Across the threshold, there are numerous hospital walkers to suggest a medical theme. As well as the cloth walls, there are two areas where wooden walls were setup as blackout rooms. As a result, most of the rooms are bland, but the playroom was the most colorful with colored balls from a children’s ball pit strung together and hung like garland. Lighting was used subtly to light each scene, with the exception of the blackout rooms.

Theme: 5.85

This year’s theme is called ‘Chaos.’ It’s such a loaded name, and not necessarily in a good way. With the hospital walkers and the actors in scrubs, there is some sense of a medical theme threaded through the haunt, but the playroom and the ATV being revved up, just trying to interpret it all is chaotic. We wish they chose a more solid theme like the Toy Factory from last year.

Fright Effect: 7.25

SKreamZ has a few decent scares in it. The air compressor blast at the beginning was completely unexpected, so that made for a good scare. The second actor under the gurney gave us a good startle. The blackout areas did help build some tension. The chainsaw maniac at the end gave us a startle as well. The actors made an effort to scare everyone in the group. They did use distractions, and they mostly lunged at us from hidden corners.

Value: 4.67

It took 5 minutes to walk through SKreamZ. At a General Admission rate of $12, that calculates to 0.42 minutes per dollar, which is too low. Even though they had limited space, we saw areas that could have possibly been used for the haunt. Hopefully, they secure a better location next year so they can unleash their full potential.

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Phonzy – 10/10October 31, 2015
I was scared to hell

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