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SKreamZ Haunted Attractions is a Haunted Attraction located in Fairfield, CA.

1795 Pennsylvania Ave, Fairfield, CA 94533
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Haunted House


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Free Parking, “Old-School” (Low Tech), Original Characters, Indoor Waiting Line

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This attraction was reviewed on October 12, 2018 by Team In-Corpse-A-Rated.

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Final Score: 8.59

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Skreamz returns to the small town of Fairfield, California to scare up some fun for the local community. They are a single haunt attraction that changes their theme every year. This year they are the ‘Fearfilled Hotel,’ an obvious pun on their hometown.

Our review team was a little bit skeptical when we found out they had set up in a closed down Chinese buffet building, but we were impressed on how they decorated the place enough to allow us to suspend our disbelief. We received several scares and had a good time.

Cast: 8.59

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Skreamz had plenty of actors to get the job done and they were convincing. Everyone fulfilled their roles and no one broke character. The cast was very interactive with us and managed to catch us off-guard on several occasions.

At the beginning, the front desk directed us to Room 13 where we waited for an undead housekeeper to let us in. She then proceeded to greet us and explained the history of the hotel, she gave us information on our room and fellow guests. When we got to Room 13, we found the door to be locked and an actor startled us unexpectedly, telling us the room wasn’t ready. There was a girl lying in a bed and when we walked by, she rose and the bed moved towards us, making us walk around. In the dining buffet area, Grin the Clown welcomed us to dinner. Another scary clown that was on stilts moved towards us in the back kitchen and a chainsaw maniac chased us as we exited the back door. The Fearfilled Hotel offered a good variety of spooky characters throughout the haunt.

Costuming: 8.54

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Skreamz had several good costumes, which were appropriate for the hotel theme, such as the housekeeper and the psycho chef. The most unique and well-executed costume was the young boy in an all-black full body spandex jumpsuit, as he blended in with the dark and surprised us as he approached.

Most characters with makeup sported the ghostly dead, grey complexion. There were a few masks used and the most memorable was Grin the Clown with his large, sharp teeth and the clown on stilts. The chainsaw maniac had a simple mask, which was enough to portray a mysterious killer. For the most part, the costumes were appropriate for their respective scenes. Clowns in a hotel may be an unlikely combination, but within the crazy hotel theme, we felt that it worked.

Customer Service: 9.63

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Skreamz is very easy to find, as it can be seen from the street and the giant spider on the roof does draw attention to itself. There were plenty of parking spaces and the front double doors are easy to find to get to the ticket counter and entry to the haunt.

Skreamz is very safe and we couldn’t find anything dangerous. The staff was friendly, respectful and easy to find. Information on the haunt was also easy to find on their webpage and various social media accounts.

Atmosphere: 8.1

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It was obvious to see that we were at a haunted house before entering. From the Skreamz banner hanging above to the giant spider on the room complete with cobwebs, we knew something spooky was taking place here. The outside didn’t have any actors or entertainment, so there wasn’t a sense of insight to what we would find inside.

Special Effects: 8.74

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Skreamz is an old-school haunt that has basic special effects. The most noticeable sound effects were creepy music in the background. The scenes and props were specially made in the hotel rooms, but in the restaurant buffet, we recognized the various rubber skeletons, rats and human body parts and centipedes. The scenes were well detailed, especially the hotel rooms. Each room had an individual theme, like the creepy doll room and the room with mannequins each dressed with a burlap sack over their heads (similar to Jason in Friday the 13th Part 2).

We applaud the crew of Screamz for transforming a closed restaurant into a haunted hotel. The hallways and the hotel rooms looked real, and they used the existing buffet stations and backrooms for the hotel restaurant. We felt the special effects worked well together to provide a scary and entertaining experience.

Theme: 9.05

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Skreamz has a clear, focused theme within the Fearfilled Hotel and it was obvious throughout the haunt. The hallways and guest rooms, the buffet stations, dining room, meat locker and back kitchen all made sense to us and made it feel as if we were in a hotel. The location only partially authenticates the theme, since it’s located at the closed restaurant. The hotel restaurant scenes used the existing structures to great effect!

Scare Factor: 8.58

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Skreamz had several scares in it. The girl above Room 13 caught us off guard, the boy in the black spandex surprised us, a dead body hanging upside down in one of the rooms dropped and startled us, and the girl in the moving bed was memorable. They provided scares to everyone in our group and the majority of them were startles from hidden corners.

They had a strong finale that started out with shooting an air compressor gun at us as we were about to exit the back door but when we stepped outside, a chainsaw maniac chased us to the parking lot. A double whammy!

Entertainment & Value: 8.33

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We were satisfied with the entertainment we received in the haunt. It’s a small haunt but for the price of $12, 7 minutes still seemed fine with us.

Outside the haunt, there wasn’t much for entertainment, other than the decorations for viewing. We felt this was a fair price for the entertainment and the charity to the Police Activities League (PAL). They used all available space to full effect and there were no dead zones.

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