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The Scare Factor’s Review Teams

The Scare Factor’s reviews are written by a network of professional “Scream Teams” from across the country. These teams are made up of haunt and escape room enthusiasts who personally visit each of the attractions they write about. They have also been trained on The Scare Factor’s centralized review criteria, so you can rest assured that their reviews are fair, honest, and accurate.

The Scare Factor’s review teams are passionate about haunted attractions and escape rooms, and they want to help you find the best experiences possible. Their reviews are comprehensive and informative, and they cover everything from the scares to the special effects to the overall atmosphere.

Whether you’re a seasoned haunt-goer or you’re just looking for your first scare, The Scare Factor’s review teams can help you find the perfect attraction for you!

Here are some of the benefits of reading The Scare Factor’s reviews:

  • Get a fair, honest, and accurate portrayal of each attraction.
  • Learn about the different types of scares and special effects that each attraction offers.
  • Get an insider’s perspective on the atmosphere and overall experience of each attraction.
  • Find the perfect attraction for your scare level and interests.

Visit our reviews page today to read reviews from their team of professional “Scream Teams” and find the perfect haunted attraction or escape room for your next adventure!

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Below are the ONLY active Scream Teams that are authorized to provide reviews for The Scare Factor.

Haunted House Review Teams

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Meet the Professional Review Teams

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Team Mysterious Misery
Team Zombillies
Team Jefferson Starship
Team Hauntarama
Team Houdini
Team Michigan Macabre
Team Floridead
Team California Cadavers
Team Lone Wolf
Team Hell Hounds
Team Creepy Clowns
Team Jackalope
Team Crypt Seekers
Team Brady Pack
Team Brewhaha
Team Cleaverland
Team Enchanted Seance
Team Fright Life
Team Graveyard Shift
Team Kiss of Death
Team Living Dead Duo
Team Salt City Slashers
Team Skelegore
Team Skulleton Crew
Team Teachers of Terror
Team Terror Techies
Team White City Devils

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Contributing Authors

These Teams provide blog articles and other content for The Scare Factor outside of the regular reviews that we publish during haunt season.

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