Team Brady Pack

Team Leader: Morgan Brady

Other members: Brooklynn Bentley, Elliott Brady

Experience Level: Novice (Start Date: November 28, 2023)

Normal Coverage Area: Southern Indiana

Status: Active


Meet Morgan, a Halloween enthusiast who discovered her love for haunted houses in her early teens while growing up in Western Kentucky. Now residing in Southern Indiana with her loving husband Elliott, the pair, married for seven years, eagerly load up their van each Halloween season for thrilling adventures through various haunts. Despite being the most easily scared in their crew, Morgan relishes every spine-tingling moment with friends and family. Embracing her “witchy” side, she delves into crystals, candles, tarot cards, and more, adding a touch of magic to her everyday routine.

Meet Brooklynn, Morgan’s younger sister, who eagerly joins their annual haunted house adventures with Elliott. Living in Southern Indiana, she’s been part of the spooky tradition for a few years now. Despite trying to keep a straight face in each attraction, Brooklynn trembles on the inside. Halloween holds a special place in her heart, and she adds her own mix of courage and excitement to the spine-tingling festivities shared among the trio.

Meet Elliott, the Halloween aficionado and group critic. Halloween tops his holiday list, and he thrives on exploring the intricate details of haunted attractions. His favorite part? Watching his wife run for her life at the sound of a chainsaw revving up. A nature lover at heart, Elliott maximizes his time outdoors. He considers himself a bit witchy, and his favorite items to collect are animal bones. Above all, his deep love for his wife shines in every shared moment—be it in spooky haunts or the tranquility of nature.

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