Team Crypt Creepers

Team Crypt Creepers – The Scare Factor’s New York Halloween Haunted House Review Team

Team Crypt Creepers

Team Members: Johnny “Nightmare” Rios (Team Leader) & Valerie “Holly Ween” Kuna

Team Crypt Creepers

Experience Level: Veteran Team (3rd year)

Normal Coverage Area: “Anywhere in the 5 boroughs, Long Island and New Jersey”

Background: Johnny has worked in various haunts located around NYC for around 6 years and been visiting haunts for even longer. His love of scaring evolved into a love of finding out how a haunt goes from concept to nightmare-inducing horror house, which led him down to places such as Busch gardens (VA and FL), and Universal Studios (FL and CA) to learn how they make their haunts!

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