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Terror at the Warehouse is a Haunted Attraction located in Florence, CO.

109 W. Front Street, Florence, CO 81226
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Free Parking, “Old-School” (Low Tech), Uncovered Outdoor Waiting Line, All-Indoor Attraction

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This attraction was reviewed on October 14, 2023 by Team Hauntarama.

Final Score: 7.54

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The future looks bright for Florence, Colorado’s shuddersome and sinister Terror at the Warehouse. Located in the heart of the city and just down the street from lively businesses and the bustling Main Street, this older, historic pillar marks the perfect location for this relatively new haunt.

Terror at the Warehouse comes complete with newspaper headlines of mysterious and gruesome disappearances, a full level of frightful twists and turns, and the added benefit of supporting the 14 and under softball team, champions every day, Velocity Fastpitch Softball. This haunt is bringing fear to Florence and plans to be a staple of fright-filled nights for years to come, with big plans for future years.

Cast Score: 6.91

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Cast Review:

Shout out to the Velocity softball team, while absent from the night’s thrills, played perfectly into the missing person’s reports of the warehouse. Will they ever be seen again?!?! Even short a team of people, the cast came together and gave a delightful performance. Warehouse fiends came in all forms, from tall and dynamic to small and spine-tinglingly scary.

Cast members who could speak beyond a shriek or howl had fantastically fitting quips that brought both chills and laughter. Hauntgoers will notice these interactions play off the surrounding spectacle and other monsters in the room, making for an entertaining trek through the warehouse labyrinth.

One actor really stood out, expertly imitating an animatronic doctor in a glassed-in office and doing such a tremendous job that we were all shocked when he turned and dashed at us from the open door, sending us skittering into the next room! That level of dedication to both the animatronic ruse and the speed with which he dropped the charade provided one of the most memorable moments of the night.

Costuming Score: 6.91

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Costuming Review:

Costumes were as varied as the scenes and the creatures that resided inside the warehouse. The masks and costumes dutifully performed the jobs needed, whether hiding in the shadows or blending in with the setting. Werewolves were where you expected them, though maybe not in the corner you first thought, the doll collection that was more alive than inanimate, and the masked murderers meeting you just when you thought you had escaped.

While we’ve all seen what theater-quality head-to-toe makeup, costumes, and masks bring to a haunt, even the simplest cloak and mask in Terror at the Warehouse suited the scares just fine. Most of the cast donned masks, but there was at least one, a clown, with really well-done makeup that complimented the scene beautifully.

Customer Service Score: 9.5

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Customer Service Review:

Customer service is nothing short of wonderful! This passionate team wants nothing more than to scare joy into you, and they’re doing a tremendous job of it. While standing outside of the haunt catching up with the mastermind behind it, we saw a few other groups come and go, and every single one left with a huge grin splitting each face, their excitement visible. Communications are spot on, and safety was never a concern. Parking is free on the street near the haunt, which was clearly lit. The ticket table, Terror at the Warehouse signage, and haunt background information leave little to be desired. Hauntarama’s youngest team members were even invited back inside for a photo opportunity in the Stranger Things universe with a masked, demented creature. A rare treasure they’ll keep, along with the knowledge that they escaped the warehouse two times in one night.

For folks looking to visit, finding information online was a little more challenging than anticipated, but all the pertinent details are available on the Velocity Fastpitch Facebook page, including the address, hours, and cost of admission, and, of course, plenty of information about the haunt’s benevolent existence: helping the team travel for games and tournaments.

Immersion Score: 7.14

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Immersion Review:

With news headlines clearly posted, hauntgoers know with utmost clarity they might not escape the warehouse, much like their predecessors. Within those first steps, hauntgoers are transported from Florence’s quiet night scene and into the universe Terror at the Warehouse has created for them. All you can do is embrace being taken from one world to the next as you traverse the expansive collection. While one scene doesn’t necessarily connect to the last, and the walls are obviously the well-designed labyrinth of the Terror at the Warehouse’s creator, hauntgoers will be fully immersed in all things Halloween every step of the way.

Each scene is unique to the decorations and the characters it holds within. Some critters might even follow you past the threshold, adding suspense until the next frightening setup is ready. Guests like us become so immersed in appreciating the mechanical monsters that the live ones are able to get the jump scares that only well-planned distractions can cause. Hauntgoers are truly walking through a warehouse of haunt treasures, and the beasts held captive within.

Special FX Score: 7.23

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Special FX Review:

It’s been said before: this haunt collection is something to be marveled at, being jam-packed with years’ worth of animatronics from Spirit and other retailers coming from the haunt operator’s personal collection. The effects range from tried and true animatronics to detailed artistry from the owner’s wife.

Sounds and lights play into every room’s creation, with the added allure of darkness bringing a taste of sensory deprivation. Terror at the Warehouse is new to the game, only opening at this location recently, but the use of special effects to scare, the placement of narrow walls and webs, and the passion that clearly suffused the place speak to the years of an intimate understanding of what makes a great haunt on display.

Scare Factor Score: 7.15

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Scare Factor Review:

The Terror at the Warehouse gives scares the whole family can enjoy! Our team escaped the Warehouse with sheer excitement, buzzing from the jump scares and ghastly scenes held within. Hauntarama’s whole team experienced scares in various ways, and jump scares were not limited to the front of the line and cast interactions from start to end. Some scares are understandably predictable, but the fun comes when attentions are drawn one way, only to be met with a scare in the other direction.

As the end comes into view, haunt-goers will feel that fresh, cold night air before enduring one last scare just as you think you’re in the clear. This haunt has something for everyone: familiar characters and displays from our favorite movies and shows, spider nests, witchy dens, monsters of the night, and so much more. You’ll want to visit again and again just to appreciate the magnitude of this collection’s frights for sure!

Entertainment & Value Score: 8.56

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E&V Review:

Tickets for the Terror at the Warehouse are very reasonable, with adult tickets at $10 and kids at $5, and how can anyone go wrong in supporting the local softball team? They even offer family days with earlier times at $5 each for all ages.

Located near so many closely surrounding cities, this haunt is well worth the visit to experience the skillfully derived setting arrangements, artistic creations, and fun for all ages. The creator of Terror at the Warehouse has haunting in his blood from generations back, and we can only expect to see more terrifyingly great things in Terror at the Warehouse’s future!

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