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Terror on Route 66 is a Haunted Attraction located in Sullivan, MO.

1143 N Service Rd E, Sullivan, MO 63080
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Haunted House


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This attraction was reviewed on October 6, 2023 by Team Zombillies.

Final Score: 8

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Out on the endless stretch of highway known as ‘The Mother Road,’ we embarked on a mysterious journey down the historic Route 66 just southwest of St. Louis, Missouri. Our destination? A haunted house we’d only heard rumors about. As our truck rumbled down the darkened road, a colossal, luminescent pumpkin suddenly emerged, its orange glow casting a Halloween spell over the autumn night. We knew we had arrived at the fabled Terror on Route 66 Haunted House, and the anticipation coursing through our veins was electric!

To our surprise, we discovered this haunt had only recently embarked upon its second season. Uncertainty tingled in the air as we approached. What would this new adventure hold for us? Our expectations were a foggy mix of curiosity and excitement.

But from the moment we stepped inside, it was clear that something special awaited. The cast’s energy surged around us with a contagious determination to send shivers down our spines in the late-night hours. The haunt revealed meticulous attention to detail, with intricate designs that whispered dedication and passion for the art of fear.

With ten realms of terror, we were ready to face our fears!

Cast Score: 7.25

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Cast Review:

Amidst the haunting cast of characters that populated the scenes, we were immersed in a diverse array of eerie encounters. There remained pockets, however, where we felt additional actors could have enhanced the experience. The degree of authenticity ebbed and flowed, but it was no surprise, given that many of these performers were new to the art of spooking. All things considered, we tip our hats to their efforts!

A multitude of interactions punctuated our journey. Some of the denizens played motionless parts only to spring to life when we least expected it. Others pursued us relentlessly, brandishing chainsaws, making threats, and even entertaining the idea of feasting on our flesh. They growled, snarled, and spoke, creating an unsettling symphony of terror. Yet, amid the chaos, some characters delivered generic phrases like, “Wanna play?” “Fresh Meat,” “Have Fun!” and multiple “Get Outs.” Injecting more creative dialogue would increase the believability and uniqueness of these characters.

In the dark maze, a shadowy figure slithered through the obscurity with uncanny skill. At the cemetery’s edge, a cloaked assailant possessed a spine-tingling growl, charging us with a command not to flee – yea, right! An enraged medical practitioner unleashed their fury on a metal tray, sending it crashing across the room in a fit of disdain for our intrusion. The kitchen’s resident, a hangry hostess, proudly displayed the gruesome remnants of her last unfortunate guest, spurring us forward with a newfound urgency. And then there was the crazed cannibal, her appetite unabated, who, upon our offer to find her a meal, promptly accused us of being the dish du jour—an unexpected comeback!

Although generally super effective, the ghillie-suited character suddenly yelled at us while hitting a barrel, revealing their location without utilizing the camouflaged costume. We suggest deploying this stealthy figure strategically within the wooded expanse for maximum impact. After all, bushmen do not need to bellow and bang; their strength lies in the element of surprise. Nonetheless, this momentary lapse set the stage for a subsequent distraction scare.

As we ventured deeper into the outside darkness, Chainsaw Sam-E and her chainsaw-wielding cohorts exhibited unhinged madness that sent us scrambling for safety. Their wild brandishing of the chainsaws left us no choice but to flee in terror.

And a word of caution: if they beckon for “Piggy” to join the fray, brace yourself for the unexpected!

Costuming Score: 7.63

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Costuming Review:

The costuming matched the scenes rather well. Some of them were more simple than others, but none of them appeared freshly store-bought. We recommend that some of them go through a few more distressing stages to appear more worn, customized, and realistic, especially the zombies.

A medley of masks and makeup adorned this creepy cast. We noticed a few masks that seemed too large for those wearing them. We also saw what appeared to be masks reminiscent of both Freddy Kreuger in a latex style and a modified Pennywise face mask, where more unique choices would have better suited the characters wearing them.

A creepy grin mask on the lady in the book room left us with chills as we had no idea this character was even real! Outside, the masks we noticed were effective and added an intimidating element to those wearing them.

The makeup ranged from what appeared to be airbrushed applications to peeling skin and areas where makeup was needed on bare skin. We noticed some bare skin beneath masks, and a cloaked villain didn’t appear to have hardly any makeup on their face at all. However, there were more intricate details, such as scissors protruding from an actress’s head, a zombified lady who looked dead, and a few characters who were clearly wearing someone else’s skin!

The Ringleader costume, chainsaw wielders, the bloody welder with a welding hood and gloves, and Piggy were some of the standout looks.

Customer Service Score: 9.56

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Customer Service Review:

As we drove down the darkened Route 66, a searchlight circling in the sky caught our attention, so we knew we were getting close! Regardless, our Google Maps app took us right to the place, confirmed by a giant pumpkin, lights, and a sign on the building.

Free parking was available in a large lot behind the building, and helpful parking attendants guided us to an open spot. For a second-year haunt, they even knew how to get people to the haunt and in and out in an orderly fashion! For customer convenience, several porta potties were stationed near the waiting line and one out in the parking lot.

Although we weren’t sure where the ticket booth was, we headed toward the waiting line and found a marked ticket booth tucked in a corner with multiple windows to purchase tickets. More friendly staff were stationed in the line, at the door, and inside the ticket booth, and everyone was very friendly and more than happy to answer any questions we had. From talking to these folks, it was clear they genuinely love their job and have a great passion for the haunt industry!

The attraction routes through indoor and outdoor portions, and it was very smooth and easy to navigate. There were a few darker transitions between areas, but fencing or lights helped guide the way. If you get too far off the path, we’re sure a friendly guy with a chainsaw will politely route you back on track—Wink wink.

Before visiting, we checked out their website and social media presence for information about our visit. We were impressed by some of the images and information they provided. Ticket prices, hours, and attraction information were easy to find on their site.

Immersion Score: 6.95

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Immersion Review:

Upon arrival, it was evident something spooky was getting ready to go down. The bright, illuminated words reading “Haunted House” on the side of the building were all the convincing we needed. We were going in, whether at the right haunt or not! Once we parked and got out of our car, sounds from inside the haunt poured into the parking lot, piquing our haunt goer interest. What was going on in there? Is that a junkyard? What the?

As we made our way to the entrance, a cheerful clown suddenly greeted us, giving us a scare before we made it to the ticket booth! Soon after, another interactive character joined her, targeting those waiting to enter.

Although there isn’t an enveloping storyline, the haunt contains ten different realms of terror or ten themed areas: Twisted Midway, The Doll House, Toxic Terror, Pitch Black, Laser Swamp, The Laboratory, Within the Woods, Zombie Graveyard, Chainsaw Alley, and The Junkyard. Each area hit on the theming well; we could pick each one off immediately. However, some transitions felt oddly executed, such as the swamp that led straight into a room in the asylum.

Inside, the detail and scenery worked hard to immerse us in another world, and through many scenes, it worked well. However, outside the cage maze and cemetery, the neighboring highway took us out of the haunt experience.

As we neared the exit, we were spit back out into the parking lot. There was no midway, gift shop, or additional activities like free photo ops or games after exiting the haunt.

Special FX Score: 8.7

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Special FX Review:

This is truly an area where this haunt shines brilliantly!

As we embarked on our journey, the auditory landscape began as a subtle whisper, barely registering on our senses. But as we delved deeper into the heart of the haunt, a crescendo of spine-tingling sounds gradually enveloped us. The moment we truly became attuned to this auditory symphony was within the confines of The Doll House. The soundscape came alive there, striking just the right chord at a reasonable volume. From that point forward, the soundscape proved to be an exceptional companion. A monstrous rat screeched from within the walls, its bone-chilling cries echoing. In the carnival area, eerie music surrounded us, intensifying the atmosphere. The junkyard echoed with machinery clanging, adding an industrial discord to the setting. Although there was occasional sound bleed, overall, these auditory elements enriched each scene, granting them an extra dimension of realism.

The scenes bathed in a haunting, multicolored glow, conjured by a dance of floodlights that painted the darkness in eerie hues. These spectral shades mingled and swirled red, green, yellow, and blue, lending a mysterious, otherworldly aura to the nightmarish sights that unfolded before us. But here’s where the artistry truly came alive—the light wasn’t just an illuminator but a trickster, weaving illusions that hid the sinister secrets lurking behind and beneath its shifting embrace. The St. Louis area haunts seemed to have a taste for effective laser swamps, and this haunt was no different. The fog was super thick, and the laser beams were stacked, making it impossible to see anything lurking beneath our waists.

Yet, the enchantment of this haunt was not solely a creation of its lighting. We discovered a realm of awe-inspiring intricacies within its shadowy depths that left us utterly astounded. Frankly, we hadn’t anticipated encountering such a virtuoso display of detail in a haunt so fresh and youthful in its existence. We soon learned that the mastermind responsible for these remarkable intricacies had honed their craft over an extensive period in the industry. Their expertise had been carefully woven into the scenes, breathing life into a haunt that felt far older and more seasoned than its years.

Grungy walls, peeling wallpaper, book-lined walls, portrait-hung halls, rooms filled from top to bottom with objects, windows with screens shining through, and lots of grunge and layered filth on the walls and objects in the scenes left us gazing at the things around us in astonishment. Inside, every surface, every object bore the weight of time and history, layered with grunge and filth that clung like ancient memories. Each detail had been meticulously tended to, cleverly placed, or thoughtfully altered, forging an immersive experience that enveloped us completely. We found ourselves in a mesmerizing world where every nook and cranny whispered its chilling story, leaving us in rapt astonishment.

Beyond the confines of the indoor horrors, the outside world unfolded with its compelling tales to tell. We journeyed through a meticulously designed cemetery that bore the marks of masterful craftsmanship. The outdoor freakshow area beckoned us with the allure of realism.

Many of the scenes consisted of static props, but there was also some effective animatronics weaved in between.

Scare Factor Score: 8.05

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Scare Factor Review:

Time for the ultimate question… Was it scary? Yes! This haunt caught us off-guard quite a few times! Between the cast members, eerie sounds, dark spaces, and timbered paths, we jumped, screamed, and even high-tailed it through some spots.

Several sudden blasts of air, suspenseful sounds, and good hiding spots kept us on our toes. A popping electrical box and a skeletal surprise had perfect timing. A lunger came at us from above at one point, and we were totally not expecting that! We were trapped between a giant rat (large enough to swallow us whole) and a hard place at one point!

In addition, they utilized other scare tactics to target the members of our group, such as loud horns, a double-tap in the clown area, a few stalkers, aggressive behavior, a claustrophobic passage, a dizzying walkway, and the pitch-black regions. If you have a weak stomach, they will also target you with lots of gore!

At the exit, a towering chainsaw assailant wearing someone else’s fresh skin came in for the kill.

Entertainment & Value Score: 8.13

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E&V Review:

It took us a staggering 27 minutes to complete this attraction, which was not evident by the size of the building or what we could see from the road or parking lot at all! This was also a pleasant surprise! The general admission price of $20 brings their minutes of entertainment received per dollar spent (MPD) to 1.35 – which is well above the average of 1 minute per $1 that we see most often! Cash or cards are accepted at the ticket booth.

While we waited, the several playful characters who interacted with us helped pass the wait. We did not notice anything else included in the admission price other than the attraction, which was well worth the admission price.

This fresh haunt left us, seasoned haunt enthusiasts, utterly taken aback, and the anticipation of returning is already coursing through our veins. We’ve eagerly shared our spine-tingling tales with numerous others already!

Nestled not too far from the heart of St. Louis, they beckon all who dare to venture their way. So, if you find yourself in the vicinity, do yourself a favor and pay them a visit. They’re eagerly awaiting the chance to cross paths with fellow thrill-seekers like you!

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Guest Average: 9.5 out of 10

Alicia Atwood – 10/10October 21, 2023
This is one of the best around!! Scared From start to finish!! It was about an hour long!! We have …show more went to several including the darkness, Lemp and creepyworld and this one ruled number one in our book!!

Tailin Snyder – 9/10October 21, 2023
Me and my family have been doing a haunted house house tour this year of all the haunts in the St …show more Louis area. And outside of The Darkness in downtown St Louis (which is only because we haven’t gone yet) this place was hands down the best so far. The minute you get in line to buy tickets they come for you. Your not even safe in the bathroom as they wait for you to come out. There was male clown with an evil cotton candy hand you was fully committed to his job and he did it well. We weren’t 10 feet in the front entrance and my brother jumped right out of his shoes. Every set had great attention to detail and the spook factor was at a 10. The characters did a great job of scaring the bajesus out of us all the way to the end. And dear Lord the giant rat had my big old hubby stuck in a corner afraid to move. I will go back again next year and the year after. And you can’t beat the price 20.00 for a scare that outdid the likes of Creepy World, The Cobb Factory and The Lemp Brewery. Great job guys!!

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