The Haunted Road – Orlando, Florida Media Night Preview

The Haunted Road – A Drive-Through Halloween Experience in Orlando

Team Floridead was invited to the Media Preview for The Haunted Road on Tuesday, September 20th, 2022. The attraction first began in 2020 in the middle of the global pandemic while businesses were trying to find safe ways to bring haunted attractions back. It’s a contactless drive-thru Halloween experience and one of the most unique attractions in the Central Florida area.

For 2022, The Haunted Road has expanded and is now a three-part experience:

It’s recommended you save 1.5 hours to experience the entire haunt unless you add on the VIP Ghost Tour upgrade, which is an additional 30 minutes long. On the tour, you’ll “explore the resting sites of The Haunted Road’s most infamous serial killers with a Spirit Tour Guide and express entry to the bar & Human Slaughterhouse.” Tickets for the main event begin at $19.99 and the VIP upgrade starts at $25.99 per person. Keep reading to learn more about The Haunted Road and our experience at the Media Preview!


We signed up for an 8:00 PM arrival time which was perfect as the sun had just set. Upon pulling in, we were ushered behind a line of cars while we waited for our next steps. Unfortunately, Orlando had seen some very heavy rains the past few days so we quickly learned the road was flooded. Instead of driving down The Haunted Road, we got to walk it!

The Afterlife Party

We ventured out into the darkness and down a dark path where creatures from the road began to stalk us. We ended up in the main hub of the attraction: The Afterlife Party. Music was playing, food and drink vendors were set up around the area, and we ran into a few inhabitants of The Haunted Road.

The first food item we sampled was a BBQ Sundae from Brothers-N-Arms BBQ. Pulled pork, mac and cheese, and baked beans were layered on top of each other for a moment of pure heaven. If you attend The Haunted Road this year, we recommend checking them out!

Next up, we sampled themed cocktails courtesy of Bar-Tini Orlando. During the event, Bar-Tini will be serving three specialty cocktails and three specialty shots. We tried Butcher’s Blood and The Surgeon’s Passion and loved both.

Human Slaughterhouse

With a little liquid courage and some pulled pork in our bellies, we were ready to experience Human Slaughterhouse. The barn which houses the haunt is located right next to The Afterlife Party so, you can’t miss it. Eerily lit and surrounded in fog, we made our way up the entrance and were let in immediately. We won’t give away the specifics but, you can expect a 5-minute haunt with some deranged animals, jump scares, and a little murder. It will make an excellent nightcap for your evening on The Haunted Road.

The Haunted Road

Following our experience in the Human Slaughterhouse, we were given booties and escorted out to Scene 5 on The Haunted Road for a little sneak peek at what guests can expect for 2022. We quickly understood the severity of the flooding as the water on the road was as deep as our ankles in certain places. When we arrived at Scene 5, we encountered a man held captive by a maniacal pig. The scene was foreboding and certainly piqued our interest. We watched the scene unfold for a few moments and were escorted back to The Afterlife Party.

Haunt Market

Before leaving for the evening, we swung by the Haunt Market to check out some unique gifts ranging from The Haunted Road T-shirts to themed purses, earrings, and even dolls! It was a nice touch at the event, and we recommend ending your night by checking it out before you leave.

We can’t wait to go back and visit The Haunted Road when the flooding subsides. It’s a nice change of pace from many of the local haunts in the area and provides a welcome variety of things to do for a fun, interactive, and scary night out. The event begins on September 21 and runs through November 6. For more information, visit The Haunted Road.

Thank you for having Team Floridead out, The Haunted Road!

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