Haunted House Attraction Awards

641 Awards Given Since 2012

In 2016, our “Scream Teams” visited 111 haunts and gave out 173 Awards. Congratulations go out to these talented performers and attractions; they’ve earned their place on this page!

Amhurst Asylum
Asylum Haunted Scream Park
Backwoodz Oddities: The Last Carnival Haunted House
Bloodshed Haunted Attraction
Dayton Scream Park
Dead Acres Haunted Hoochie
Edge of Insanity Haunted Attraction
Face Your Fears Hotel of Terror
Factory of Terror OH
Fallsburg Fearplex
Faristons Haunted Forest
Fear Fair
Fright Manor
Frightmares IN
FriteLodge Haunted House
Grim Trails
Haunted Angelus House
Haunted Hills Hospital
Haunted Hotel 13th Floor
HellsGate Haunted House
Hill of Terror
Horror Hike
House of Trepidation
Hundred Acres Manor
Hysterium Haunted Asylum
Lake Hills Haunted House
Land of Illusion
Literally A Haunted House at Culbertson Mansion
MadWorld Haunted Hosue
Necropolis Haunted Attractions
Netherworld Haunted House
Night Terrors Haunted Farm
Nightmare Forest Haunt Park
Nightmare on Edgewood
Nightmares Gate Haunted House
Niles Scream Park
Over the Edge Fear Factory
Reapers Revenge
Sandyland Acres
Scarevania Haunted House
Scareview Grave Schoul
Shadow Asylum
Shattered Nightmares
Sheer Terror Haunted House
Skeletons Lair Scream Park
Slenderman- The Live Action Experience
Son of Scarevania
Springboro Haunted Hayride and Black Bog
Statesville Haunted Prison
Stillwell Manor
Terror in the Trees Haunted Attraction
The 7th Street Haunt
The Asylum House
The Baxter Avenue Morgue
The Dent Schoolhouse
The Devils Attic
The Dungeon Haunted Attraction
The Final Resting Place Haunted Junkyard
The Haunted at Shireman Homestead
The Haunted Hotel KY
The Haunting at Shireman Homestead
The Mayhem Mansion
The Stitch Factory
Trails of Terror
USS Nightmare
Wells Township Haunted House
Wicked World Scare Grounds
Wisconsin Fear Grounds