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Akron Haunted School House and Laboratory is a Haunted Attraction located in Akron, OH.

1300 Triplett Blvd, Akron, OH 44306
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This attraction was reviewed on October 9, 2020 by Team Jefferson Starship.

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Final Score: 8.77

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Akron Haunted Schoolhouse and Laboratory, a staple of Northeastern Ohio haunts since 1974, is open and running with extra COVID-19 precautions to protect its patrons. It is recommended that all customers buy tickets ahead of time online as tickets are slated for time slots and they can sell out early. This year, they are running a reduced show to make sure they have time to fully sanitize and clean and are only opening one house a night on Fridays and Saturdays. Despite these precautions, the Akron Haunted Schoolhouse and Laboratory packs a ton of scares into whichever historical building is open that evening, and every night they are running their lively Midway which now features a beautiful church bar and a number of festival foods.

We attended both haunts over one weekend. This year, Friday nights feature the Haunted Laboratory while the Haunted School House is open on Saturday nights.

Cast: 8.53

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Because of COVID-19 restrictions, there are fewer monsters in certain areas to control risks to both actors and patrons. Despite these restrictions, the ghouls of the Schoolhouse and Lab are high energy and ready to scare. Creatures in the Lab fell deeply into the theme of the house, revolving around experimentation and medical horror. Both nights our team was delighted to quickly run into Ron who gave us all the regulations for the Lab and then sent us directly to detention in the Schoolhouse.

In the Lab, we were threatened with the worst of physical exams by a doctor with a fairly reasonable co-pay, a lurking monster that offered borrowed parts to passers-by, and a horrifying sing-along through a dangerous web. In the Schoolhouse, a multitude of monsters came at us with groans, screams, and sacrificial dreams. Big shout out to the cook in the cafeteria who had a fully developed menu with the meat on hand. Banter is limited in both houses, but the dialogue that’s used is fun and edgy.

Lab: 8.38
School: 8.68

Costuming: 8.8

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Costumes in both houses are restricted by the themes and very different from each other. In the Lab, monsters fit the theme perfectly. There are few masks to be seen, but a lot of carefully applied and balanced makeup. Prosthetics are also on display, adding an otherworldliness to the creatures stalking the floors of the Lab. In the Schoolhouse, there is a larger collection of costumes, masks, and other monster varieties. Some masks are a bit ill-fitting, but all of them work in the settings they are placed in. A murderous clown, a dangerous demon, and a crazed cook were all standouts in the Schoolhouse. Miss Alma, the Schoolhouse’s old-schoolmarm, did make an appearance Saturday night much to the delight of the crowd. There are also amazing costumes on the monsters walking the Midway, and these monsters rotate with the houses each night so that the theme is universal inside and out.

Lab: 8.83
School: 8.77

Customer Service: 9.52

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The Akron Haunted Schoolhouse and Laboratory is impossible to miss as both buildings loom large over Triplett with their impressive and historical facades. Parking is generous and attendants are on top of their game making sure that the traffic moves smoothly and that everyone is respectful of each other. Signage is clear for every step of the way and lines are well-marked.

Inside, the houses’ emergency exits and directions are clearly marked and there are no dangerous scares on the stairs. For 2020, all customers are required to wear masks at all times unless drinking or eating in the midway. COVID staff come through to clean areas, and while some guests were not following the rules there were plentiful sanitizing stations and an attempt to enforce social distancing from the lines outside to the end of the house. Employees handling ticketing, merchandise, and the bar and games in the Midway were all friendly and helpful.

Lab: 9.55
School: 9.49

Atmosphere: 8.89

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With large buildings looming over all that dare enter these two historical haunted houses, it is hard to not immediately know that you are entering a haunted attraction. The Midway between houses is open both nights and has a high energy atmosphere in line with a haunted fair. The addition of the spooky church fa������ade on the Midway bar really ups the ante on how enchanting and inviting the Midway section can be.

Due to COVID-19 precautions, there were fewer entertainers inside the Schoolhouse working the line, but commercials for the Schoolhouse and Lab as well as their sister haunt the Factory of Terror kept the energy high and set the tone for what was to come. At the entrance of the Lab, monsters with giant needles and other medical paraphernalia roamed the area and terrorized those waiting for entry.

Lab: 9
School: 8.78

Special Effects: 8.86

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Show Sfx Scores

Both the Schoolhouse and Laboratory are filled to the brim with a mixture of old-school and modern animatronics, effects, and scares to keep patrons on their toes. Sound bleed is mostly contained with a labyrinth of dark hallways separating rooms and scenes. In both houses special effects speak to the themes and are aided by the realism of their respective settings.

In the Lab, a one-of-a-kind Tesla Coil, a terrifying drop towards propellors, and a large number of animatronics bring to life this horrifying misuse of science. Screams echo in rooms and electric shocks, drills, and groaning permeate the atmosphere. In the Schoolhouse, the variety of scenes carry with them sound effects fitting of all the different stories being told. Swamp creatures growl and chirp, haunting old melodies drift through ancient rooms, and night denizens cry in outdoor scenes. Perhaps one of the most impressive effects is the old-school building that leads you into a torture dungeon unlike any other. Fog is heavy in this house and water effects lend a perfect echoing terror to the environment.

Lab: 8.79
School: 8.93

Theme: 9.17

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There are two major themes that are strictly enforced between the two haunts and each is backed up by the authenticity of its setting.

The Laboratory is focused on science experiments gone wrong and features a large number of scenes and creatures that relate to the premise. Here the theme is immediately evident and well-developed as it tells the story of the horrors of bad science, invasions, and undeath.

In the Schoolhouse, the theme is broader as it covers the nightmares collected by Ms. Alma in her library books. Even though the page dividers for these rooms have been lifted out of pandemic safety necessity this theme is thickly layered from floor to floor. Guests are sure to find at least one thing that will scare them into hurrying along towards the exit.

Lab: 9.32
School: 9.02

Scare Factor: 8.68

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On Friday and Saturday night our group found that either the group in front of us or the group behind us would crash into each other either from fear of moving on or rushing forward to escape. There was no shortage of people running and screaming both in the houses and in the Midway. Because the majority of the line for the Laboratory is outside, monsters were able to have more fun with the customers in the line than those handling the indoor crowd for the Schoolhouse. Despite limitations and requirements for safety this season there are a large variety of scares that rely on both technology and good old-fashioned acting.

Lab: 8.67
School: 8.7

Entertainment & Value: 8.26

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For the reduced season, the management of the Akron Haunted Schoolhouse and Laboratory have also lowered the prices to reflect the shortened walkthrough time. Fridays are dedicated to the Laboratory and admission is $23.95 online. Saturdays belong to the Schoolhouse and admission is $24.95 online. General Admission is $25 per person, and there are options to add fast pass or get a season pass that has unlimited entry for both houses and their sister haunt the Factory of Terror.

Again, it is highly recommended that you buy online this season since tickets are restricted to time slots and can sell out before that time slot. It took us 16 minutes to go through the Lab and 20 minutes to get through the Schoolhouse. The Midway offers a ton of fun, food, and a great place to relax and watch the Halloween fun.

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Guest Reviews
Guest Average: 9.5 out of 10

Sara L – 10/10October 13, 2023
Once you get past the steps…… it’s on! Didn’t disappoint! Just so many visual effects & sounds, …show more super overload on attention to detail! It’s totally worth the price! Enjoy!

Randy – 9/10October 9, 2021
Going through the School House and Laboratory takes about 2 hours of walk through time. I cant …show more express enough how much they seem to pay attention to detail. Some scenes are simply breathtaking. The actors are very energetic and true to character and the props are outstanding. The immediate or fast pass is worth every penny.

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