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This attraction was reviewed on October 2, 2020 by Team NecronomaPeach.

Final Score: 7.92


Team NecroNomAPeach was so very lucky to get to visit Atlanta Mobile Escape Room: Curse of the Mummy on its very first night open!

Indeed, the talented set builders of Paranoia Haunted House had put the finishing touches on this mobile five-minute escape room only 18 hours before! Three Egyptian themed puzzles reveal keys that allow you to retrieve the ankh and escape!

Atmosphere & Customer Service: 8.8

The Curse of the Mummy was located by the carnival games at the end of Paranoia Haunted House. As Paranoia is very easy to get to, I’m sure there would be no issues finding this on its own.

The escape room is in a small black trailer with its name and logo very clearly printed on the sides. Large signs and banners were set up as well. When we approached, the staff greeted us excitedly and explained the room and the rules very clearly. As the room was reset from the previous group, we were given clue sheets and the simple rules of the haunt.

Immersion: 7.17

The interior of the room was wonderfully decorated in its Egyptian theme. The floor was covered with sand and littered with the pieces of the puzzles we were meant to solve. The room was centered around the third puzzle, which is a chest-high pyramid with glowing symbols around it. The pieces and keys all fit with the Egyptian theme.

The lighting was low and set the mood very well, but not low enough that we struggled to see the puzzles. The walls were textured and decorated to make it look like the inside of a sandstone tomb. Everything else was wonderfully decorated to give the feel of being closed in a stone room.

Gameplay: 7.7

The puzzles were separate, not needing to be solved in any particular order. They were simple enough to be solved in five short minutes by two people but involved enough to give us a clear sense of urgency trying to get them done.

The clever use of magnetic locks lent a sense of magic and mystery to the experience. While this was a five-minute escape room, there was no timer or leaderboard available. At one point we paused and felt stuck, but a quick word of encouragement from the game master told us that we were on the right track and got us going without problems.

Entertainment & Value: 8

At only five dollars per person, this five-minute escape room was a great value. Our team only had two people, but the group before us had six!

The decor and interesting mechanisms made this short, fun experience very easy for Team NecroNomAPeach to recommend! There was no gore and only small surprise pops of things opening as we completed puzzles, so this is a very family-friendly room. We look forward to coming back and seeing how the Atlanta Mobile Escape Room evolves with experience and polish.

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