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This attraction was reviewed on October 12, 2019 by Team NecronomaPeach.

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Final Score: 7.42

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Customers are stalked like the corn in Beck Mountain Haunted Corn Maze! This haunt was full of energetic people, passionate about the haunt season and the fun of their customers. The owners told our group that they are always trying to improve and add to their haunted attractions and this was evident with some of their more innovative props.

In 2019, the location has three attractions, a spooky hayride, the Murder Manor, and the Haunted Cornfield. Each haunt was unique and appealed to different aspects of horror and scariness. This haunted attraction collection was a lot of great fun and the energy within them was contagious at Beck Mountain Haunted Corn Maze.

Hayride: 7.35
Murder Manor: 7.81
Haunted Maze: 7.12

Cast: 7.59

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Beck Mountain Haunted Corn Maze gets its soul from its cast. The array of characters were diverse across the three haunts. The Hayride started our experience and we had to appreciate the physical effort the actors were putting forth. Multiple characters climbed up the side of the moving ride to get great scares that were alarming to all on the trailer. Once off the ride, we were confronted with the Murder Manor. There was a huge variety of characters within the two houses that made up that haunt. The characters were creepy and interactive. We loved the IT clown, as he was both funny and had great timing to be scary. The little girl within the doll room was also a great character as her creepiness was on point. Overall, the cast had pretty unique dialog and really customized the haunt for our experience. Once we survived the Murder Manor, we had to face the Haunted Corn Maze. Within the cornfield maze, we encountered lots of characters. Given that the corn maze was designed to be a maze, the characters didn’t have much dialogue beyond yells and growls. The maze still had plenty of actors in various outfits that were lurking to pounce and scare our group. Some of the cast even anticipated where people would look and one cast member hung a coat so it appeared that he was on one side, then scared us on the other which was devilishly clever.

Hayride: 7.53
Murder Manor: 8.25
Haunted Maze: 7.00

Costuming: 7.23

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Beck Mountain Haunted Corn Maze showed their various abilities with costuming, makeup, and masks. The Hayride and the Haunted Maze leaned heavier on masks. They had some truly spine-chilling masks out within the corn but the outfits with the masks were typically camo, gilly, or basic black. This was effective and showed off the mask details, but was simple. Murder Manor had a lot of different characters with different costumes and makeups. While those costumes and makeups were rudimentary, they were complete from head to toe and helped to establish at a glance who their character was. This is especially true for the IT clown since he’s playing a well-known movie character who needed to be on point. There were a few masks within the Manor, and those were just as amazing as the ones within the corn. Despite being slightly basic, the costuming in all three haunts were good and clearly identified who the character was and aided in making the scenes mesh.

Murder Manor:7.48
Haunted Maze:7.10

Customer Service: 8.7

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At Beck Mountain Haunted Corn Maze if the cast is the soul of the haunt, then the crew is the heart. The crew is exceptionally friendly and helpful. They have a deep passion for serving and helping their customers. Whether it was the crew members at the tickets and concessions or the crew manning the haunts themselves, each one was eager and had a strong emotion for the haunt.

Everything at the area was clearly labeled so there was no confusion about where to go next. The haunt itself had plenty of signs to aid people to find them, and our GPS took us straight to them. While the haunt doesn’t have an individual site or social media separate from the main Beck Mountain Corn Maze that hosts daytime events, they still had tons of information and the haunt information is clearly marked. Everything about Beck Mountain Haunted Corn Maze has had deep attention to deals and was set up with care.

Murder Manor:8.8
Haunted Maze:8.5

Atmosphere: 6.87

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Beck Mountain Haunted Corn Maze had very cute decorations themed for the Halloween season around their ticket area. Since they were cute and child-friendly, it didn’t build up tension for the haunts. This is understandable, given that the sight does daytime family activities and hosts school field trips.

Once at the Murder Manor, the crew there taking the tickets really built up the tension by telling our group about the corn maze’s frequently seen little girl ghost. While the ghost stories didn’t directly apply to the haunt, it did add a level of creepiness to the whole location. Heading into the Haunted Corn Maze, the ticket taker was very creepy too. He stood there in the eerie lighting and as we entered the corn, he had a chilling laugh. We really appreciated those ticket takers as they built us up for the haunts we were about to face.

Hayride: 6.6
Murder Manor: 7.0
Haunted Maze: 7.0

Special Effects: 6.96

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Beck Mountain Haunted Corn Maze’s three attractions had a variety of special effects. While our group considers these haunts to be ‘low-tech’, what effects they had were good. The biggest effect of the Hayride was that it was a hayride. Performing any kind of haunt with motorized vehicles opens up and an entire list of technical issues that could stop the haunt literally in its tracks, but they made the haunting work fantastically. Of course, within the Murder Manor was when Beck Mountain was really able to shine. They had crawl tunnels, spooky sounds, and great lighting. The placement of the effects was well done as they built off of each other to increase intensity. Our favorite parts were the strobe-lit room with the sheet covered objects that were used as a distraction for the real scare and the fact that that room was after the crawl tunnel made the entire experience more disorienting. The last haunted attraction, the Haunted Maze, is a corn maze, so the use of special effects within the area is limited by power and location constraints. The actors made the special effects by creepy calls across the corn and carrying handheld equipment (like a chainsaw).

Hayride: 6.93
Murder Manor: 7.58
Haunted Maze: 6.38

Theme: N/A

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Beck Mountain Haunted Corn Maze’s three haunted attractions didn’t have an overarching theme, but the fact that they embraced the cornfield in both the Hayride and the Haunted Maze made the haunts more realistic which added to the escapism. In the Murder Manor, while there wasn’t a haunt-wide theme, the individual sets had themes which tied in the characters to the sets and props employed.

Hayride: N/A
Murder Manor: N/A
Haunted Maze: N/A

Scare Factor: 7.25

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Show Scare Scores

Beck Mountain Haunted Corn Maze had some great thrills and chills. This place was so spooky that a girl on the hayride literally jumped off before it even started, too scared to go on. One of the really interesting things with how the attractions are laid out is that once a person gets on the hayride, they are taken away to the darker sides of the haunted areas. The ride starts in a well-lit, family-friendly, ‘safe’ area. As the ride goes into the cornfield, things get darker and spookier. Creatures lurk in the dark corn, leaping out and climbing onto the ride, so even the barriers of the tractor aren’t going to protect their victims. So while the initial scares were jump scares, the psychology of the creatures climbing up and being so close was uncanny. The second attraction, Murder Manor, had a larger variety of scares and scare techniques, mainly because, with it being a house setting, it was easier to do such. The actors reacted to our group and were able to get up close and personal. The special effects in the house added an eerie ambiance that also aided in the overall. One heart-stopping effect was the wall that fell towards our group, it was shocking and our hearts skipped as it fell. Because of how hard the actors were going wild, beating the walls and windows, we actually thought they were taking down the walls. The Haunted Maze, the final haunt, was more rudimentary with the scares. There was a heavier jump scare element and less of the creepiness. However, the timings and the misdirection was still well done. Additionally, being within a cornfield maze was creepy in its own rights.

Hayride: 7.08
Murder Manor: 8.00
Haunted Maze: 6.68

Entertainment & Value: 7.55

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Beck Mountain Haunted Corn Maze was an enthusiastic group that was eager to entertain and scare. Each of their attractions was around 10 minutes each. The hayride’s ticket was $8.00 giving that attraction a 1.25 minute per dollar ratio. The Murder Manor or the Haunted Maze can be added to the Hayride, making a combo ticket of $12.00 or people can get all three attractions for $20.00 which is 1.50 minutes per dollar ratio.

The enthusiasm and care that the crew and cast put into the whole haunt experience is more than worth the price in our opinion and we highly recommend people go get jumped, spooked, and creeped out at Beck Mountain Haunted Corn Maze!

Murder Manor:7.55
Haunted Maze:7.55

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