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Factory of Terror OH is a Haunted Attraction located in Canton, OH.

4125 Mahoning Road NE, Canton, OH 44705
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This attraction was reviewed on October 10, 2020 by Team Jefferson Starship.

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Final Score: 9.22

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We could be in the kind strange eons where death may die, but the screams at the Factory of Terror are eternal. With the help of a dedicated staff of monsters, COVID-19 precautions, and the long-standing reputation of scaring anyone willing to try its twisting and turning halls, Factory of Terror is open this year with a reduced schedule but a consistently terrifying haunt. Customers are highly recommended to buy tickets online as all ticketing is scheduled by time and the Factory sells out early almost every night. Of the five fear-packed houses that make up the Factory’s line-up, visitors can see three different ones each Friday and Saturday night in an effort to ensure that the only danger patrons face inside the Factory is the monsters inside. The Factory has also added two new bars this year and food trucks for fair-style concessions.

During Friday nights, visitors will venture through 1300 Lost Souls (a somewhat traditional haunted house), Lafayette 13 (a decrepit cemetery in the Louisiana swamps), and House of Nightmares (a strange place where the surroundings come alive).

Saturday nights, the show consists of Industrial Nightmares (the old core of the factory), Lafayette 13 (a decrepit cemetery in the Louisiana swamps), and Massacre on Mahoning (a somewhat traditional haunted house).

Friday’s overall: 9.21
Saturday’s overall: 9.23

Cast: 9.32

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Our team had a consistent experience with the monsters inside the Factory on both Friday and Saturday night. Monsters are on point, offering the gamut of interactions from silent stalking to witty banter. This year Factory cannot be a touch house, but they’ve found workarounds to keep scaring patrons despite COVID-19 restrictions.

Lines are actively being scared by actors both inside and out, and our team had a delightful time watching a punk rock demon send multiple victims running each night in terror despite remaining socially distanced. A Parisienne Princess fell in love with Doug and offered raunchy banter before falling back to send customers screaming, a towering clown wielded a hammer with speed and skill, a priest offered final absolution, and one brilliant actor pulled off sneak attacks that were on par with any movie ninja. On Saturday we spotted a gigantic maniac jester dancing nimbly in a tutu that managed to delight and terrify. Our team also spotted one of the most topical and hilarious monsters of the year, Covid Karen, working the lines and enforcing the rules.

F: 9.3
S: 9.34

Costuming: 9.1

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Due to safety restrictions, this year monsters were not allowed to sport fake blood or latex add-ons. Despite this change, the Factory brought strong and well-thought-out costumes and makeup. Big thanks to the magic of Julie, Zoe, Hannah, Cole, and Caitlynn who went over the restrictions and steps with us.

Masks to protect the monsters from pandemic exposure were blended seamlessly into makeup or worked into larger masks to hide them completely. New characters were added and layered onto and each fit within their setting inside of their house. Temperature reactive masks, unique character/costume concepts, and carefully layered effects really set some of these monsters apart.

Customer Service: 9.61

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Show CS Scores

Despite having to pare down on some of their regular offerings, the Factory of Terror stepped up its excellent customer service game this year. Increased lights and signage to highlight the fa������ade, clearer parking directions and dedicated assistants, and all digital ticketing make the Factory more accessible than ever. On top of all of this, they have added food trucks and a new mobile bar called Thirsty Tim’s at the entrance and the All-American Axe Bar at the end that offers axe throwing, darts, pool, and other games to offer more entertainment beyond the haunt.

COVID-19 protections are plentiful, with clear markings to keep social distancing, long times between groups, dedicated COVID staff that enforce mask-wearing, and a ton of sanitizing stations.

Atmosphere: 9.16

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Show Atm Scores

Every year the Factory of Terror cheats at atmosphere by having the good sense to place their haunted factory inside of a haunted factory. With the addition of Thirsty Tim’s and the fair food options, the front of the Factory has seen an uplift in spirits, both literally and figuratively.

Queue monsters are still very active, although now they both terrify and remind about safety precautions. The Factory has also added more scenes at the entryway to enforce social distancing and help with spreading out groups. The atmosphere is firmly haunted house.

Special Effects: 9.23

How Did We Get This Score?

Show Sfx Scores

The special effects at the Factory of Terror are a blend of modified big budget items and uniquely crafted effects by the build team. The uniquely crafted effects are the majority of the haunt, so one of the biggest offerings of the Factory of Terror is that a lot of what you see there you will see nowhere else on earth.

There is little in the way of sound bleed despite the very specific and different sound effects between rooms. Music is paired beautifully with scenery, sound effects compliment monsters and environments, and environmental noises are crafted perfectly for scenes. Props and scenes create a number of other worlds, from the deep bayou of Louisiana to the dusty backwoods cemeteries of Ohio there is a place for every scare and an effect for every place. Make sure to go through on both nights so you can see the entirety of the world Factory of Terror produces.

Theme: 9.2

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Show Theme Scores

From the beauty of the old-school horror scenes in Massacre on Mahoning to the gory realism of the Industrial Nightmares terror, there is a lot to say about the Factory’s thematic dedication. All five houses have a different theme that dictates the scenes, props, and characters. It’s impossible to pick a real favorite, and due to COVID-19 restrictions, a different group of houses runs each night with Lafayette 13 being the only show in common between Friday and Saturday.

It’s highly recommended to go both nights so you can enjoy the full story of the nightmares being manufactured at the Factory.

Scare Factor: 9.11

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There is never a shortage of screams at the Factory of Terror, and our experienced group of reviewers can not get enough of seeing people flee in terror from monsters and effects. Because of the Factory’s varied themes scares come from all sources and angles here. Monsters run the gamut from shrieking nightmares to silent stalkers, special effects creep through the edge of your vision and explode in front of you, and monstrous puppets and effects swing into your subconscious to follow you home.

Big shoutout to the creatures at the end of Lafayette 13, the scenery blending monster in the crypt, and the punk rock demon working the entryway. Also, this year a beloved portion of Massacre on Mahoning received a major facelift that caused one of our members to grab us and shout, ‘Why is it so much scarier?’ Our team was over the moon to see the brand-new finale added to House of Nightmares that will make for an incredible show finale once all five houses can be run as they were meant to. As it stands it certainly sent a large number of patrons fleeing for the exit Friday night.

Entertainment & Value: 9.12

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With a reduced entry price to reflect the COVID-19 precautions the walk through time in the Factory of Terror still easily beats the national standard for dollars per minute. Three action-packed houses for $25 as well as three bars, fair food, hang out and rest spaces, and one of the most unique and densely packed haunted houses in the world make for a great entertainment value. The only thing that is missing this year due to COVID precautions is the legendary mirror maze, but there is more than enough fear to go around without it.

Season passes are still available for $130 which gives endless entry with fast passes for both the Factory of Terror and its sister haunt the Akron Haunted Schoolhouse and Laboratory. Put on your mask, some comfortable shoes, and bring one friend that is slower than you to fully enjoy this epic haunt.

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Guest Reviews
Guest Average: 8.17 out of 10

GuitarDude – 10/10October 12, 2018
This haunt took us well over an hour to complete. The scenery is fantastic and the acting was on …show more point. They have a lot of triggered scares and animation, which I love, but that’s not to say they lack in number of actors. We all loved it and will definitely be back.

Christopher Wood – 9/10October 13, 2018
Pretty awesome!!!! The scare actors and actresses knows their scenes very well!!!! I will come back …show more next season on a weekend when I am not acting at Fear Fair!!! Thanks for the scares!!!!!

DC Books – 5.5/10October 7, 2018
Several generic haunts strung together. Nice props, but mostly just a long screamer without a …show more theme. A fun night out and some good cardio.

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